Teaching and Learning with Technology (with MyLabSchool) / Edition 3

Teaching and Learning with Technology (with MyLabSchool) / Edition 3

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Allyn & Bacon, Inc.

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Teaching and Learning with Technology (with MyLabSchool) / Edition 3

Written by teachers for teachers, this text offers a clear and current look at the range of educational technologies and how teachers can effectively use technology to enhance learning.

Written by Teachers for Teachers, this text provides readers with a clear understanding of educational media and how it can be used effectively to enhance learning.

The text explores the current and emerging technologies and multimedia available to teachers while consistently maintaining an instructional focus.

Pre-service and in-service teachers.

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ISBN-13: 9780205543250
Publisher: Allyn & Bacon, Inc.
Publication date: 03/13/2007
Series: MyLabSchool Series
Edition description: REV
Pages: 512
Product dimensions: 8.40(w) x 10.70(h) x 0.90(d)

Table of Contents

Foreword by David Thornburg


Part One: Technologies for Teaching and Learning

Chapter 1: Theoretical Foundations

What is Educational Technology?

Why Study Educational Technology?

Teaching and Learning: A Closer Look at the Instructional Event

Learning as Communication: A Framework for Exploring Teaching and Learning

Perspectives on Learning

A View of the Learner

A View of the Teacher

Toward a Holistic View of Teaching, Learning, and Technology

Teaching, Learning, and Educational Technology: A Personal Synthesis

Chapter 2: Designing and Planning Technology-Enhanced Instruction

Planning for Effective Instruction

Using an Instructional Planning System

The Dynamic Instructional Design Model

Using the DID Model to Plan Instruction

Creating Lesson Plans from the DID Model

Instructional Action Planning

The Instructional Action Planner: Getting Ready to Teach

Linking Planning, Teaching, Learning, and Technology

Part Two: Applying Technologies for Effective Instruction

Chapter 3: Computers in the Learning Environment

Computers, Teaching and You

Computer Basics

What Educators Need to Know about Software

What Educators Need to Know about Hardware


Networking Computers

Using a School Network

Sharing and Communicating via a Network

Educational Computing

Chapter 4: Digital Technologies in the Classroom

Digital Technologies in the Classroom

Input Devices for Teaching and Learning

Output Devices for Teaching and Learning

Emerging Digital Technologies for the Classroom

From Hardware to Software

Chapter 5: Administrative Software

Understanding Software

Evaluating and Using Productivity Software

Evaluating and Using School and Classroom Management Software

Software, Teaching, and Learning: A Practical Approach

Chapter 6: Academic Software

Academic Software

Desktop Publishing Software

Graphic Software

Reference Software

Tutorials and Drill and Practice Software

Educational Games


Special Needs Software

Integrated Learning Systems

Other Academic Software

Academic Software in Teaching and Learning

Chapter 7: The Internet and the World Wide Web

Connecting to the Internet

Telecommunication Technologies

Internet Tools and Services

Internet Service Providers

The Internet: Connecting Networks to Networks across the Globe

Internet-Based Communications

Other Internet Services

Using the Internet and Web in Teaching and Learning

Chapter 8: Using the Web for Teaching and Learning

Educational Resources

Web-Enhanced Instruction

Class Web Sites

Web Authoring Tools

Moving your Site to the Internet

Internet Issues and Concerns

Using the Web in Teaching and Learning: Final Thoughts

Chapter 9: Audiovisual Technologies

Audiovisual Technologies

Traditional and Digital Technologies in Instruction

Audio in Teaching and Learning

Traditional Audio Media

Digital Audio Media

Visual Technologies in Teaching and Learning

Visual Communication and Learning

Non-projected Visuals in Teaching and Learning

Projected Visuals in Teaching and Learning

Multimedia in Teaching and Learning

Traditional Video Technologies

Digital Video Technologies

Internet Video

Using Motion Video in Teaching and Learning

Part 3: Technology in Schools: Changing Teaching and Learning

Chapter 10: Distance Education: Using Technology to Redefine the Classroom

What Do I Need to Know about Distance Education?

Distance Education: A Brief History

Designing Instruction for Distance Delivery

Support Technologies for Distance Teaching and Learning

Issues in Implementing Distance and Alternative Delivery Systems

Reinventing the Classroom: The Future of Distance and Alternative Delivery

Chapter 11: Issues in Implementing Technology in Schools

Planning for and Implementing Technology

Legal Issues in the Digital Age

Social Issues in the Digital Age

Ethical Issues in the Digital Age

Emerging Technologies

Chapter 12: Technology, Teaching, and You

Educational Technology Literacy

Professional Educational Technology Requirements

Technology Standards

Teaching Professional Preparation for Educational Technology Literacy

Technology Training for Other Educators

Maintaining and Expanding Your Technology Literacy

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