Teaching Flexibility NTSC Video

Teaching Flexibility NTSC Video

by Human Kinetics

Multimedia(VHS - NTSC)

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Anyone who's tried to teach athletes or clients the importance of stretching knows what a challenge it can be. Teaching Flexibility, Flexibility for Sport and Fitness, and the Flexibility Poster Series provide a comprehensive package for educating and motivating individuals to increase their flexibility for enhanced performance.

Teaching Flexibility shows you how to test range of motion, teach athletes or clients to assess their own flexibility, and teach 14 stretches proven to increase flexibility.

Part I explains how flexibility improves performance while helping to prevent and rehabilitate activity-related injuries. You'll learn about key principles of teaching flexibility, as well as factors that affect range of motion, such as age, gender, joint laxity, muscle balance, type of activity, and, most important, stretching.

You'll get a fascinating look at the physiology of stretching, including what actually happens to muscles and tissues when they're stretched. And, you'll learn how to apply this information-such as the difference between plastic and elastic response and which is preferred.

In Part II you'll learn 13 tests for checking athletes' or clients' range of motion for all major joints-neck, shoulders, back, hips, knees, and ankles. The video explains when and how to conduct each test and provides the normal range of motion for each joint. Other tips include
-how to position subjects,

-how to adjust for individual needs,

-how to pinpoint areas of stiffness, and

-differences in range of motion between women and men.
With these simple tests, you can even teach others to assess their own flexibility. (The related Testing Your Flexibility poster is a handy, quick reference you can provide your clients and athletes.)

Part III of the Teaching Flexibility video reviews principles of stretching, including
-when and how often to stretch,

-how far to stretch,

-how long to hold each stretch,

-how many reps yield best results,

-how to individualize a stretching program, and

-what conditions prohibit a program of stretching.
(For an in-depth look at the underlying principles of stretching, see Science of Flexibility by Michael J. Alter.)

You'll learn how to incorporate these principles into your teaching using the HK Stretch Routine-14 stretches proven to increase flexibility for each muscle group. The video shows how to introduce, explain, and demonstrate each stretch. You'll also find out how to identify and correct common stretching errors.

For each stretch you'll learn
-its intended benefit,

-what the stretch does for each muscle group,

-how long to hold the position, and

-proper breathing and mechanics.
We've also created a separate video for athletes and exercisers: Flexibility for Sport and Fitness. Plus, you can hang the Flexibility Poster Series in your workout room for a quick summary of the basics of the tests and stretches covered in the videos. The videos and the posters together provide a complete, cohesive package for helping athletes and clients increase whole body flexibility for improved performance and reduced risk of injury.

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ISBN-13: 9780880117760
Publisher: Human Kinetics Publishers
Publication date: 05/19/1997
Age Range: 18 Years

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