Teaching Reading Comprehension Processes

Teaching Reading Comprehension Processes

by Judith Westphal Irwin


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Now in its third edition, Teaching Reading Comprehension Processes

is a comprehensive and eclectic text that encourages critical thinking

and challenges readers to examine preconceived ideas about teaching

comprehension. Renowned comprehension expert Judith Irwin presents

an overview of the relationship among the reader, the text, and the situation,

and how it affects the reading process. In light of the increasingly

diverse constitution of the U.S. student body, she suggests that we

view the classroom, the school, and the community as connected parts of a

larger society, and offers a rich collection of studies and research

from over 35 years experience as a wonderful resource for pre-service and

practicing teachers.

New features to this edition include:

• Current perspectives on teaching critical literacy, media literacy,

and computer literacy to highlight the importance of information

conveyed through popular culture, images, and song.

• Updated examples of the effect of the socio-cultural context on reading


• A wealth of practical applications combining holistic practices

with cognitive teaching.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780138952693
Publisher: Prentice Hall Professional Technical Reference
Publication date: 01/28/1986
Pages: 208

Table of Contents

I. Teaching Basic Comprehension Processes
1. Comprehension Processes: An Overview
2. Overview of Comprehension Process Teaching
3. Teaching Microprocesses and Integrative Processes
4. Teaching Macroprocesses
5. Teaching Elaborative Processes
6. Teaching Metacognitive Processes

II. Factors That Affect Comprehension Processes
7. Individual Reader Contexts: Who Is Reading?
8. Text Contexts: What Is Being Read?
9. Situational Contexts: Why, When, and Where Are They Reading?

III. Putting It All Together
10. Asking Questions.
11. Informal Comprehension Assessment
12. Developmental and Remedial Applications: Some Examples.

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