Teachings Around the Sacred Wheel: Finding the Soul of the Dreamtime

Teachings Around the Sacred Wheel: Finding the Soul of the Dreamtime

by Lynn V. Andrews


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ISBN-13: 9781585425730
Publisher: Penguin Publishing Group
Publication date: 08/16/2007
Pages: 160
Sales rank: 779,453
Product dimensions: 7.49(w) x 9.23(h) x 0.45(d)
Age Range: 18 - 14 Years

About the Author

Lynn Andrews is the author of nineteen books, including the New York Times bestsellers Medicine Woman and Jaguar Woman. A preeminent teacher in the field of personal development and spirituality, she is the founder of the Lynn Andrews Center for Sacred Arts and Training.

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Teachings Around the Sacred Wheel

By Lynn V. Andrews Jeremy P. Tarcher

Copyright © 2007 Lynn V. Andrews
All right reserved.

ISBN: 9781585425730

Chapter One

Opening Prayer/Meditation

Close your eyes. Let your body begin to relax into the vision and vibration of these words. Let your body deeply relax. Notice any places in your body where you feel tension, and feel free to move, to let the tension go.

Life is a circle. We are each unique and specific people, points on this circle. In using this workbook, you will be forming a bond that will continue, possibly beyond the end of your life. Your work together with the work of others using this book will be to shine your individual uniqueness, to develop tools and ways to help yourself and others shine, while developing and strengthening your circle, the bond that is formed. This circle will radiate out into the world, a strong, sacred wheel made up of many shining. crystals, many fine and important human beings, each with a journey, a journey to discover one's own enlightenment and to help heal our Mother Earth.

Imagine yourself at the ocean on the sand before a great sea. See yourself in a circle of many people, all the people whom you love, your circle, each of you joining hands, touching. Don't worry if you do not exactly see this vision; just feel this vision inside you. Now call the powers of all the directions to be with you, to be with you atthe edge of a great sea, which is where you are now -- at the edge of a great sea, the sea of enlightened vision, new insight, the sea of your unknown, wild, unconscious life -- a place where earth and water, conscious and unconscious, meet.

At this new place, I call the sacred powers of all directions to be with you now. Banish any energies that wish you ill will. Call the power of Mother Earth, symbolized by the Great Turtle, the slow one, the necessary one, the one who carries us on her shoulders, the earth spirit who teaches us patience, who teaches us to take one step at a time on our journey here, Powers of the Earth, come in! See the turtle in the middle of your circle, here to guide you in your earth learning.

Powers of the South, Sacred Mouse, come into the center of my circle. Sacred Mouse, Teacher of Trust and Innocence, come in. Teach me today to trust, to find again my innocent eyes, my fresh vision, my childlike wonder of the world. Teach me to see what is right in front of my eyes so that I may gather learning, gather trust, gather the power of touching others in gentle, healing ways. Powers of the South, the Mouse, come in!

Powers of the West, place of intuition, looking within, woman place inside all of us, home of the Great Bear, come into my circle here and now. Bear, bear with your sacred task of hibernation, of dreaming, come into my circle in order to teach me better to go inside and listen. Teach me to go inside all the winter of my life, into the darkness, without fear, with excitement, with your great power, Sacred Bear. I pray that I will learn to be quiet, to hear my inner voice, to distinguish my voice of intuition from the false voices of fear, doubt, and indecision. Powers of the West, Sacred Intuition, Sacred Bear, come into my circle now!

Powers of the North, place of storms of wisdom, mountains of knowledge, home of the Buffalo, come in. Come in, Buffalo, to my circle now. Teach me how to give away, to share what I have learned, to nourish others with the bounty of my beings. Teach me to face the cold, to stand alone when I must, to take care of others like a tribe, like a true circle. Buffalo, Sacred Provider, provide me with wisdom, with knowledge, and with the ability to share what I learn. Powers of the North, come into my circle now!

Powers of the East, come into my circle, be in the middle of my life now. East, place of illumination, light, visionary truth, and experience, home of the Eagle, bird that flies highest and sees farthest, come into the center of my circle and teach me now. Teach me how to rise up above my daily vision, my tired eyes, into new vistas of sight. Teach me to take my vision to my Higher Self. Teach me to let the vision of my Higher Self down into my daily mind and revitalize my life, Teach me to prey upon whatever does not feed my Higher Purpose and to rid myself of false paths that do not serve me. Great Bird of Spirit, Sacred Eagle, Powers of the East, come into my circle now!

Powers of the Sky, Great Spirit, fill my circle now with your great light, as I envision my circle surrounded by infinitely bright yellow light. I am enveloped in your great light, touched deep inside by the power of your healing ways. I stand here in the center of my being and call to each of my brothers and sisters to the center of their being. May the Great Spirit, the One Who Carries Us, the True Guide, nourish our circle, allow the powers of the Earth, the south, west, north, and east to shine in and through us, enlightening our circle and teaching us peace, joy, and wisdom.

May all the powers of all directions guide us and keep us! Ho!

Now, once again place your attention on your body, on your breathing. Let your breath be natural; breathe deep into your belly, the center. Now slowly begin to move your limbs, and at your own pace, get ready to return to this room to do the work we have in this book to do. When you are ready, open your eyes.



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