Team Up! Find a Better Job Faster with a Job Search Work Team: The Proven Program Used by 300 Career Coaches and Thousands of Job Hunters at the World's Leading Career Company. Studies Document Effectiveness. Team Members Found Jobs 20% Faster.

Team Up! Find a Better Job Faster with a Job Search Work Team: The Proven Program Used by 300 Career Coaches and Thousands of Job Hunters at the World's Leading Career Company. Studies Document Effectiveness. Team Members Found Jobs 20% Faster.

by Orville Pierson


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You already know that job hunting can be difficult. It can be tough in a good job market. In a bad job market, it can be brutal.

You get rejection after rejection. You're constantly faced with the Black Hole of job hunting: You complete applications, post resumes and make contacts, but get no response at all. It can be hard to keep going, and many job hunters have periods of doing far too little - and even slowing down just when they need to speed up.

And sometimes it's hard to know what kind of effort to make. Should you make more phone calls? Use more social networking sites? Find more job boards? Make more contacts?

A professional career coach could assist you with all of this. However, many job hunters are unemployed and not in a position to hire a coach.


But now, there's another solution. Rather than hunker down alone in a home office, you can do your job hunting as part of a Job Search Work Team. Team members do not need to be experts, since they're using a proven system - one that's been successfully used by a 300-office global career services company for over 20 years.

Job Search Work Teams have helped thousands of job hunters find great new jobs faster. Team Up! shows you the university research that explains why and how these teams are so successful. And the book tells you exactly what to do to join, start or lead one of these teams.

Teams have been shown to shorten job searches by 20%. That could cut a five-month search to four months, and save you a full month's salary.


Career professionals who have used Job Search Work Teams are enthusiastic about their value for job hunters. On the first two pages of Team Up!, you'll see endorsements from people with a combined total of 200 years experience as professional career coaches.

On the back cover of the book, you'll see endorsements from leaders of church, synagogue and nonprofit programs that use these teams. In that kind of program, teams are usually led by the job hunters themselves.

The teams have proven successful when led by professional leaders, volunteer workers, or team members. But however they're led, it's important that all team members understand exactly how they work and what to do in meetings to help make every member's search more effective, more comfortable and faster.

Team Up! explains the whole thing, step-by-step, telling you exactly how you can start, join or lead one of these teams.


*** A comfortable, supportive weekly meeting that's focused on making every team member's job search more effective this week than it was last week.

*** Networking assistance, since every member has two dozen eyes and ears on the lookout for job leads and job market information -- not just two.

*** An advisory group to answer questions, enumerate options, and provide objective advice.

*** A simple progress measurement system that allows job hunters to answer three key questions:

(1) "Before you start getting job interviews, how do you know whether you're making progress?

(2) How much progress did you make this week?

(3) Which of your efforts are producing the progress?


+++ How to join an existing Job Search Work Team.

+++ How to start your own team if there isn't one near you.

+++ How to ensure that every weekly team meeting is safe, comfortable and highly productive for everyone in the room.

+++ How to use teams in church, synagogue or community job search assistance programs.

+++ How to make your job search more effective - even if you decide not to join a Job Search Work Team.

The book is written for career professionals as well as job hunters. It includes a message for career coaches and a complete manual/workbook. It is not available as an e-book because it is in 8 ½ by 11 inch format and includes numerous full- and two-page graphics that cannot be viewed on those device

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ISBN-13: 9780615924885
Publisher: Highly Effective Job Search
Publication date: 01/01/2014
Pages: 126
Sales rank: 471,041
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About the Author

Orville Pierson is a top expert in job search assistance. He is the author of three widely acclaimed job hunting books: Team Up! Find a Better Job Faster with a Job Search Work Team, Highly Effective Networking, and The Unwritten Rules of the Highly Effective Job Search, all available through Amazon. He is also is the creator of Job Search Work Teams, one of the most successful programs in the history of job search assistance.


He served for 19 years as Corporate Director of Program Design at the headquarters of Lee Hecht Harrison (LHH), a 300-office global career services program. He led the team that created job hunting programs used to assist over a million job hunters in finding good new jobs.



In that role, Mr. Pierson created the overall LHH job search curriculum and was the primary or sole author of dozens of privately-published LHH books, manuals and websites, including Executive Directions: Creating Options in Life and Work, Managing Your Search Project, a guide used by up to 100,000 job hunters a year and content for the industry's most comprehensive password-protected job hunting website, Career Resource Network. He also designed training materials for LHH's staff and trained hundreds of career coaches.


Mr. Pierson has been in the career services field since 1977 as a program designer as well as a trainer and career coach to hundreds of private clients. He has spoken at universities and business schools, as well as for groups of executives, HR professionals, and college career professionals. He has appeared on radio and TV, and has been featured in many articles, ranging from the NACE Journal to to general audience publications. His education includes a BA from Yale University and training in career-related psychological instruments.

For complete information on Mr. Pierson's experience and expertise, please see his LinkedIn profile and recommendations, or his website,

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