Technical Trading Mastery: 7 Steps To Win With Logic

Technical Trading Mastery: 7 Steps To Win With Logic


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ISBN-13: 9781940262147
Publisher: Carpenter's Son Publishing
Publication date: 02/01/2014
Pages: 224
Sales rank: 688,616
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Chris Vermeulen is an experienced and successful trader, educator and author. Involved in the markets since 1997, he is the author of several financial trading and educational newsletters, and is the founder of the algorithmic investing system.

Chris has been published or been written about in futures magazine, Dick Davis Investment Digest, Financial Sense, and more.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments xi

Foreword xiii

Chapter 1 Introduction 1

Why Are You Reading This Book? 2

What's Your Goal? 3

Be a Master, in Just a Matter of Months 6

The Trader's Litmus Paper Test 7

Chapter 2 Understanding Your Goals 11

Make Your Goals about the Process, not Results 12

What's Your Strategy? 13

Technical Analysis 14

The Bottom Line 19

Chapter 3 Trading With Intention-the Life of a Technical Trader 21

Characteristics of Successful Traders 24

What You Focus on Is What You Tend to Get 30

Create a Habit of Positive Self Talk 35

Your Commitment to the Process 36

The Correct Path Leads to RELIEF 37

The Problem with Technical Analysis 40

Chapter 4 What Kind of Trader are You? 43

The Different Strategies of Trading 44

What Type of Trader Are You? 50

Chapter 5 Your Lifestyle & the Best Strategy for You 53

The Strength is in the Strategy 54

The Secret of Success 56

Trading Psychology 58

Putting the Pieces Together 60

The Bottom Line 62

Self-Assessment On Your Core Beliefs and Strategy 62

Your Beliefs and What To Focus On 66

My Philosophy & Results 67

Quick Start Checklist Questions to Consider for Your Trading Plan 68

Chapter 6 The Four Stages of the Market 71

The Four Stage Model 72

Emotions and Cyclical Analysis 74

Chapter 7 Single Market Analysis-Trading With Laser-Beam Focus 79

Traders Need To Put On Their Blinders 80

Chapter 8 Only Price Pays 85

Chapter 9 Inner-Market Analysis 89

So What is Really Going on Here? 94

Chapter 10 Identifying Trends 99

Characteristics of Trends 100

Trend Identification Part 1-Moving Averages 102

Trend Identification Part 2-Cycles 105

The Only Leading Stock Market Indicator That Works 108

What Creates Stock Market Cycles? 110

Cycle Lengths To Focus On 113

Understanding Cycle Skew in the Stock Market 118

Understanding Cycle Damping in the Stock Market 119

How to Forecast with Cycles 121

Turning Cycles Into Profits 122

What are the Key Benefits to Using Cycle Analysis? 123

Chapter 11 Volatility is Your Friend 125

How Volatility Affects Price 126

The Fear Index 126

The Most Accurate Volatility Index 129

The Second Measure Of Volatility-Standard Deviation 130

The Hybrid Indicator: Volatility + Standard Deviations 131

Chapter 12 Volume = Power = Sentiment 137

The NYSE's Secret Weapon: Using its Volume to Your Advantage 138

Pyramid Up During Fear & Greed 142

Chapter 13 What to Trade & the Correct Instrument 145

How Do You Know What Investment Vehicle to Use? 147

Trading Instruments 148

Index Trading with Exchange Traded Funds (ETF's) 148

Options Trading on ETF's & High Beta Stocks 151

Dynamic Mutual Funds-RYDEX 153

High Beta Stocks 154

Alternative Trading Instruments 157

Chapter 14 Trade Management Strategies 161

Mastering the Runner 162

Your Exit Strategy 163

Trade Management 165

Chapter 15 The Pardigm Shift from Financial Advisors to Algorithmic Trading Systems? 167

Be Aware of Paradigm Paralysis 172

The Shift Is Happening Now 172

What Is An Automated Trading System? 173

Server-Based Automated Systems 178

How to Take Advantage of the Trading and Investing Shift 178

Chapter 16 Where Do You Go from Here? 181

Appendices: Inner-Market Analysis Forecasting Tools & Benefits 189

Rules, Tips & Tricks 193

Key Technical Trading Rules 195

Top 16 Trading Tips 199

Trading Resources 203

About the Author 205

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