Teleconned, Vol. 1: We Want the Airwaves

Teleconned, Vol. 1: We Want the Airwaves


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Teleconned, Vol. 1: We Want the Airwaves

A benefit compilation for the Americans for Radio Diversity group, Teleconned Volume 1: We Want the Airwaves is a strong collection of unreleased tracks from some of the more notable names on the contemporary alt-rock scene. The disc is rewardingly diverse, spanning from the psych-pop noise of His Name Is Alive's "Jump the Boy" to the energy of Ani DiFranco's live "32 Flavors" to the slowcore beauty of Low's "Blue Eyed Devil"; not everything works, but the wealth of unissued material alone makes the set a worthwhile experience.

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Release Date: 05/05/1998
UPC: 0035058938029
catalogNumber: 89380


  1. Lazy Bones
  2. Songs for the Gang
  3. Blue Elektra  - Matt Wilson
  4. Shake
  5. Underwear
  6. Jump the Boy
  7. Feel
  8. Thirty Two Flavors  - Ani DiFranco
  9. I Still Love You, Judas  -  Firewater
  10. What I Want for Christmans (And Other Holildays Where We Speak of Dead)
  11. Blueeyed Devil
  12. Theme from Doctor Pyser
  13. Made of Trouble
  14. Erasable You
  15. I'll Be Famous
  16. Crybaby Crusade

Album Credits

Performance Credits

His Name Is Alive   Track Performer
Firewater   Track Performer
Walt Mink   Track Performer
Ani DiFranco   Track Performer
Kristin Hersh   Track Performer
Low   Track Performer
Soul Coughing   Track Performer
Lorenza Ponce   Violin
Jane Scarpantoni   Cello
Triple Fast Action   Track Performer
Thrush Hermit   Track Performer
Dead Hot Workshop   Track Performer
Magnatone   Track Performer
Dylan Hicks   Track Performer
Nicole Blackman   Track Performer
Ben Folds Five   Track Performer
Dylan Williams   Viola
Matt Wilson   Track Performer

Technical Credits

Joe Henry   Producer
Kevin Cole   Liner Notes
Low   Engineer
John Agnello   Producer
Zach Danziger   Contributor
David Gardner   Engineer
Tom Garneau   Producer
Doug Henderson   Producer
Billy Moss   Engineer
Hahn Rowe   Contributor
Sebastian Steinberg   Contributor
Mark de Gli Antoni   Contributor
M. Doughty   Contributor
Yuval Gabay   Contributor
Kristin Mooney   Contributor
Ben Folds   Contributor
John Munson   Contributor
Tod A.   Producer
Thrush Hermit   Producer
Dylan Hicks   Producer
Candice Belanoff   Contributor
John Kimbrough   Contributor
Wes Kidd   Contributor
Robert Benvie   Contributor
John Guion   Contributor
Robert Sledge   Contributor
Alan Sparhawk   Contributor
Brian St. Clair   Contributor
Jacques Wait   Producer
Paul Wallfisch   Contributor
Johnny O'Halloran   Contributor
Terry Eason   Contributor
Robin Rimbaud   Engineer
Laurence Currie   Engineer
Mark Herr   Contributor
Mimi Parker   Contributor
Kyle Young   Contributor
George Javori   Contributor
Brent Babb   Contributor
Curtis Grippe   Contributor
Darren Jessee   Contributor
Ryan Young   Contributor
Kevin Tihista   Contributor
Cliff Gibb   Contributor
Brian Griffith   Contributor
Oren Kaplan   Contributor
Zak Sally   Contributor
Tom Rosenthal   Contributor
Angela Carlson   Contributor
Matt Wilson   Producer

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