Tell No Lies

Tell No Lies

by Stephen Edger


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Formerly published as REMORSE.
A week ago, John Duggan had it all: married with a beautiful four month-old daughter; career on the up; and nice house in a good area of Southampton. But behind closed doors, his wife is cheating on him; his daughter's relentless screaming deprives them of sleep; and he drinks heavily.

Struggling to maintain balance in his life, cracks start to appear. Unable to deal with the mounting pressure, he hires a private investigator to spy on his wife. He is prepared to do anything to maintain the idyll.

As the conclusion of Duggan's trial looms, he must come to terms with what he has done and why he is facing a life behind bars. He is about to learn a valuable lesson: not every fairy tale has a happy ending...

Betrayal, revenge, regret and suspense: TELL NO LIES is a heart-breaking thriller, exploring what fathers will do when driven to desperation.

What people are saying about TELL NO LIES:
'Well worth reading. Couldn't put it down. A few twists and turns. Did not expect the ending. Very sad. Will look for more books by this author.'
(Lorna Russell)

'It was one of those books where you just have to have a good think afterwards about some of the things that happened and how we should never take our lives for granted. I found this book very nicely written, the words and story just flowed and I couldn't put it down.'
(Mandy Hartley)

'This really is a great read, the tension mounts from the first page...very well written and holds the reader from the first to the last page - I can thoroughly recommend this book.'
(Fran Burke)

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ISBN-13: 9781979643870
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 12/02/2011
Pages: 290
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 1.25(h) x 9.00(d)

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