by Lisa Henry, J.A. Rock


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ISBN-13: 9781626492240
Publisher: Riptide Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 03/09/2015
Series: Playing the Fool , #3
Pages: 196
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.45(d)

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Tempest 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
histgirl More than 1 year ago
The word of the day is disguspressed, the act of being impressed while disgusted. Don’t get me wrong I was completely impressed with this book. In no way was I disgusted but I had to try out Henry’s new word and add it to my vocabulary because I just can’t get enough of that loveable con artist. He’s like sugar. You can’t help but become addicted to him, right Mac? Last we left Mac and Henry they were on the run with Viola, off to Mac’s family farm in Altona to hide out while Mac searched for answers regarding who was framing him for the murder of Lonny Harris and why. With Val helping Mac out and Mac’s family keeping them hidden Mac and Henry are searching every avenue they can to figure out what is going but being hidden away on a farm isn’t Henry’s idea of fun. As usual he’s doing everything he can to add some more drama to an already dramatic situation while burying away his feelings but with their lives on the line and things flipping upside down will Henry finally open up to Mac before it’s too late? Will we finally get that moment fans of Mac and Cheese have been waiting for? Come on Henry just say it! I don’t how many ways I can profess my love for the unlikely crime fighting due of Mac and Cheese but I adore these two beyond words. The funny quips that Henry and Mac spout off to one another have me pulling out a pen and jotting them down for future reference so I can one day work them into a conversation. Lisa Henry and J.A. Rock have a magical way of creating scenes that make you feel like your watching a television show live. The imagery of each situation is written so vividly that the emotions feel real and the scenes play through your mind like a movie you don’t want to end. One second you’re gripping your seat in panic at what’s about to happen and the next your laughing hysterically.  I’m expecting the Mac and Cheese TV show to start shooting any day now and for that movie screenplay to be finished soon. The world needs a Mac and Cheese TV series, a movie, action figures, trading cards, lunch boxes, pez dispensers, limited edition packs of skittles and M&Ms with Mac and Cheese printed on the wrappers and special Mac and Cheese donuts.  This better not be the end. We need more adventures of Henry and Mac especially now that Henry is an official consultant to the FBI I imagine the hilarity will jump up a few notches. Also I really need to know how the whole chicken coop is going and would love to see some pictures of the chickens! Copy provided for review. Reviewed by Joy for Crystal's Many Reviewers
Sophia-Rose1 More than 1 year ago
This third and possibly the final installment of the series was much anticipated for me. I have come to seriously enjoy the capers of Mac, Henry, and Vi. Things have led them on a merry chase, but the chase brings them right back to the beginning though the stakes are higher with Mac being framed and Henry possibly harboring information along with a strong itch to run that would help. The series has built to this point and I have to say that it didn't disappoint. Mac and Henry are sent on the run by Val when FBI's internal affairs investigator pins Mac for a murder and finds drugs in his desk. Mac takes Henry and Vi out to the family farm which makes Vi happy and sends Henry climbing the walls. Mac knows Henry has his secrets and knows that Henry is near to unraveling from them as a result, but he stands firm as the only steady part of Henry's life in the midst of the tempest. Henry feels guilty about Vi getting hurt again, he is fearful about Mac being in the crosshairs of both the FBI and some shadowy figure that is out to get him, he is worried that Remy isn't answering his phone, and he is terrified for the time that Mac will have had just about enough of Henry and his swirling issues and need to act as anyone other than himself. Mac made it clear that he wants something real and wants to be in it for the long haul, but Henry can't fathom this so he keeps himself poised to run, hide and start over. Meanwhile, their list of contacts shrinks down even as the gal investigating Mac tightens the noose around them. They can't catch a break to discover who killed the drug dealer and who is after Mac now. And they are after him, one lethal move at a time and anyone Mac cares about is fair game too. Alright, so Henry and Mac and Vi take turns narrating like they do in the last book. Each had strong, clear voices that elicited different emotions and reactions in me. I enjoyed them all as narrators. The blend of exciting suspense and relationship development cruised along at a clipping pace. The characters are the strong point of this series. Mac is settled. He knows what he has to do with the case and he is settled in what he wants with Henry. He is the calm in this storm. Henry on the other hand is just reaching his crisis point. His past, his present and his future are at a nexus. My heart just broke for him as he broke. He was caught between running and staying though he didn't want to go either direction. The sexy times are always raw with emotion on Henry's part. I love the dynamic that Mac is more than fine letting Henry top so he has control after the darkness of his past. I enjoyed the ending and it suited these characters. I was chuckling even before the book allowed Mac to catch on to Henry's latest scheme. I would love to see more of them some time. All in all, this was a wonderful story from cover to cover and from first book to this latest. Those who enjoy M/M Romantic Suspense with unique characters capable of madness and mayhem should definitely give this a go. My thanks to Riptide Publishing for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review.
PansyPetal More than 1 year ago
4.5 out of 5 stars The more I got of this story, the more I loved it.  As with each of books in this series, you can get away with reading each as a stand-alone.  But really, why would you?  Although background is provided in each, the build-up is not to be missed.  I recommend reading each in order so you don’t miss anything. Mac and Henry are just so fun.  Watching an uptight FBI agent who lived for the job and hardly had a life outside of it, fall for this irresistible con man . . . *sigh* it was amazing, and kind of sweet.  Add to that a great crime drama too.  This is something not to me missed. In the first book – The Two Gentlemen of Altona – Mac and Henry just danced around each other.  It was frustrating and a bit irritating.  Made it a bit hard to remember they were hiding from assassination attempts. In the second book – The Merchant of Death – Mac and Henry finally got together but gooey stuff hit the fan.  They find themselves dealing with more than just assassination attempts. Things got a little hairy! Now book three – Tempest – it turns out the gooey stuff hitting the fan is Mac and Henry’s pasts coming together in a head on collision.   The twists and turns this story took were enough to give one whiplash.  OMG!  It got a bit difficult to know who the good guys were and who the bad guys were.  Lines got very blurred.   One interesting question kept coming up though.  How was the sound from Law & Order pronounced?  “Brom-brom.”  Or “Duhn-duhn.”  This most pressing question came up several times and it seemed like everyone had an opinion that did not agree with Mac’s.  It did add some levity at odd moments. Emotions, like the action, were all over the place.  I laughed.  I cried.  I sighed. I gasped.  I held my breath.  I couldn’t put this down until I finished.   I really don’t want to go into any detail because well . . . you know, spoilers.  This is a crime drama.  There are evil doers.  Very bad people who have no problem with murder.  There is death and sorrow.  There is fear.  There is courage, and from unexpected sources.  When you think you can’t hold your breath anymore because of the excitement happening, there is a very satisfying ending.   I was very pleased with the way this ended.  All the loose ends were nicely tied up. But then we were left with idea that we might get to see more of “Mac and Cheese.”    I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.