Tempting Cameron: A Lone Pine Lake Novel

Tempting Cameron: A Lone Pine Lake Novel

by Karen Erickson

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For Cameron McKenzie, Chloe Dawson has always just been his younger sister Jane's best friend—a pesky annoyance who followed him around and acted like he hung the moon. It isn't until Jane's wedding to her firefighter beau Chris that Chloe reappears in his life…and she isn't pesky or annoying anymore. In fact, the beautiful Chloe tempts him beyond reason. But Cam knows he's damaged goods—not nearly good enough for Lone Pine Lake's resident good girl.

Chloe's always dreamed of a future with the dark, brooding Cam, and after they share an explosive kiss, she wonders if her dream could be coming true. Cam's never stuck around his hometown for long, though, so she makes him an offer: one sweet summer romance with no strings attached. This good girl's ready for an adventure…one that just might end up lasting a lifetime.

Each book in the Lone Pine Lake series is a standalone, full-length story that can be enjoyed out of order.

Series Order:
Book #1 - Jane's Gift
Book #2 - Tempting Cameron
Book #3 - Loving Mindy

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781622668779
Publisher: Entangled Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 04/08/2013
Series: Lone Pine Lake , #2
Sold by: Macmillan
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 203
Sales rank: 165,354
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Romance author Karen Erickson writes what she loves to read—sexy contemporary romance and sensual historical romance. She has been digitally published since 2006 and when she's not busily writing on deadline, she enjoys reading, hanging out with her family, and traveling. A native Californian, she lives in the foothills below Yosemite with her husband and three children, the dog, and too many cats.

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Tempting Cameron

A Lone Pine Lake Novel

By Karen Erickson, Stacy Abrams

Entangled Publishing, LLC

Copyright © 2013 Karen Erickson
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-62266-877-9


"Wanna dance?"

Chloe Dawson stiffened at the sound of that voice. Low, husky, thrumming along her nerve endings. His voice, his face, his tall, rangy body had haunted her dreams for years. Years. Like since she was too young to even think such wicked thoughts.

Breathing deeply, she turned, offered her most serene smile to the very man who'd ignored her for what felt like her entire life. "Sorry, I can't."

Cameron McKenzie frowned, which was still a good look for him. After all, it was hard to mar that face, what with his perfectly square jaw, intense green gaze, and lush, beautiful mouth. "Why not?"

"I promised this dance to my date." Her smile felt pasted on, and the corners of her lips started to tremble. How easy it would be to give in and say yes. Give in to all those wishes and hopes and dreams she'd kept close to her chest and finally get a chance to be in his arms.

His frown turning into an intimidating scowl, Cameron crossed his arms in front of his solid wall of a chest. But he didn't scare her. He never had. "Who the hell is your date?"

"Hey, bro." Mac chose that moment to make his appearance at her side, his arm sneaking around her waist. She couldn't have planned it better. "Ready for that dance you promised me, Chloe?"

She smiled at Cameron's brother Mac, her voice soft. "You know it."

Mac took her hand and led her onto the crowded dance floor, taking her in his arms the moment they reached the edge. Chris and Jane's wedding had turned into the kickoff summer event in Lone Pine Lake. It felt like every resident of the small mountain town was there tonight.

Including the man Chloe had crushed on since she was twelve. It was a rare occasion; Cameron did his absolute best to avoid his hometown as much as he could. But the prodigal son had returned for his younger sister's wedding.

Reluctantly, Chloe was sure.

"What was up with Cam?" Mac asked, twirling her around the floor so quickly, she huffed out a shocked laugh. "And don't look so surprised. I have secret moves."

"I don't know what's up with your brother," she said breathlessly, laughing again when he dipped her over his arm. "Have you been taking lessons or what?"

Mac grimaced, then glanced around as if afraid someone might overhear him. "Jane made us take a few." He shook his head and she stifled a grin. "Claimed she didn't want her brothers making fools of themselves during her wedding reception. She says we're all terrible dancers except Dad."

Wow. Her best friend had actually kept a secret. Of course, Jane had been so busy planning and preparing, Chloe hadn't seen her much the last couple of months before the wedding, with the exception of the bridal shower and then the rehearsal dinner last night. "I had no idea. Considering I'm a bridesmaid, I find that surprising."

"Patrick and I swore we would do something far worse to embarrass her if word got out." Mac mock shuddered. "Jane dragged me to a dance class at the community college in Oakwood. Patrick took lessons with his wife where they live."

"And what about Cam?" Her heart fluttered mentioning his name. So stupid.

Infinitely stupid.

"Ha. He told Jane something like, 'make me,' and hung up on her."

Sounded like Cameron. He could be so ... stubborn.

"Jane knew he wouldn't make an ass of himself out on the dance floor anyway," Mac continued. "It's not his thing."

"He asked me to dance."

Mac faltered a step. "He did?"

She nodded. "I told him I already promised you this one."

"You turned him down?" The evil laugh that escaped her friend didn't go unnoticed. More than a few people surrounding them eyed him oddly. "I'm sure that pissed him off. No one tells Cam no."

"Well, I did." Chloe lifted her chin, pride filling her. It felt good, denying Cameron. After all, how many years had he unknowingly denied her? Her snub felt like a sort of payback.

"Huh." Mac twirled her in a circle, her diaphanous skirt flaring about her legs. The bridesmaid dresses they wore were a deep plum color, strapless, unlike anything she'd worn in her life. She felt like a fairy princess — and she wasn't even the bride. "He's watching us," Mac added.

"He is not." She couldn't believe it. Cameron McKenzie watching her? Had hell frozen over?

But when she glanced over Mac's shoulder, she saw Cam, still in the spot where they'd left him. Still with his arms crossed in front of his chest. He'd discarded his tuxedo jacket earlier, the bowtie was long gone, too, and he'd rolled up his sleeves. Revealing tanned, strong forearms covered in golden hair. Arms she ached to feel wrapped around her.

Instead she danced with his brother, one of her dearest, oldest friends. There'd never been anything remotely romantic between her and Mac, with the exception of that one night long, long ago. She'd come home from college, gone out with a bunch of friends at the local Pine Tree Bar, and gotten horribly drunk. Mac had been kind enough to drive her back home to her parents' house. Had leaned over with a goofy grin and tried to kiss her.

A rather ill attempt it had been, with lots of giggling and exclamations on her part, until they'd finally sprung away from each other, laughing nervously. There hadn't been a single spark between them. Mac was like her own brother, if she'd had one.

Besides, she only had eyes for Cam, both back then and now.

So stupid.

"He is definitely watching us," Mac confirmed. "He suddenly got the hots for you or what?"

"Please." She kept her gaze carefully averted, staring at the tiny black buttons that ran down the middle of Mac's tuxedo shirt. "You must be joking. I am not Cameron material."

"I'll say," Mac muttered.

The little sigh that escaped her must've been his first clue he'd stepped in it. "You know what I mean." He laughed nervously, squeezed her hand. "He likes them tall, blond, and dumb."

"And I'm short, brunette, and smart. I totally get it." The song ended and she withdrew from Mac's arms. "Thanks for the dance."

"Chloe, wait a minute. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings," Mac started but she offered him a little wave, desperate to escape.

"See ya." She fled the dance floor without looking back, pushing through the crowds of people who mingled, trying her best to ignore anyone who called to her as she passed.

But it was so hard, considering how many of them knew her name, who waved at her, trying to get her to come over and chat. She'd lived her entire life in this town. Only left for Sacramento to go to college, and even then she'd come home every chance she got until she graduated. Luck had been on her side when she got the teaching job at the local elementary school. The very school she attended from kindergarten through eighth grade.

Her mother had been thrilled to keep her in town, since her two older sisters had left as soon as they could. Both of them lived clear across the country and visited sporadically, whenever it suited them.

Chloe's mom needed her around. Her dad had died a year after she graduated college, had suffered with cancer for two years prior. She'd been there for her parents and was still there for her mom.

Even if she'd wanted to leave, like her sisters, she couldn't have. Guilt would've wrapped too tightly around her heart.

Thankfully, Patrick, the oldest McKenzie brother, volunteered to take her mom home, since he had sleepy children on his hands and her mom's house was on his way home. So she didn't have to leave the reception. She considered staying till the bitter end her duty as a bridesmaid.

Relieved, Chloe glanced around, caught sight of the open doors that led out to the terrace. She needed fresh air. Needed to collect her thoughts, chew on the fact that Cameron had watched her a little too closely, which she still didn't understand. Yet she didn't want to get her hopes up, either.

Maybe by the time she was finished pondering everything, they'd be serving dessert.

If she couldn't have Cameron, then she could at least have a giant slice of wedding cake.

* * *

He followed her. Kept track of her all night despite the warning bells going off in his head. Should've been relieved when his little brother had taken her onto the dance floor in place of him.

Relief hadn't been the emotion flowing like lava through his veins, though. Jealousy, hot and deep, had penetrated him.

Confused him.

Cameron still didn't know what had come over him, asking Chloe to dance. There was something different about her tonight. In the past, she'd always just ... been there. His younger siblings' friend, the skinny, flat- chested girl with braces and glasses. She'd been an awkward mess in her early teens.

And once he'd graduated high school, he'd fled this stifling town and never looked back. He'd wandered at first, done more than a few risky things that would've flipped his parents out if they knew. Ended up in New York with a camera slung around his neck, snapping photos wherever he could of whatever he could.

He had a good eye and was young and eager for any sort of job that would give him the experience to take him further. Some of the jobs he worked had been losers. But eventually he'd caught the eye of a staff photographer at Newsweek magazine who'd taken him under his wing.

A few years later, he'd ended up on the front lines, a freelance war photographer. He was damn good at it, too, his photos appearing in various national magazines. He'd even earned a Pulitzer nom, not that he'd won. Until that last tour of Afghanistan, he'd always defied death, destruction, injury.

That last tour, though, he'd almost gotten himself killed. He still remembered the sound of the gunfire, the bomb going off, the power of it propelling the truck he'd rode in to flip over. He thought for sure he'd been close to death.

Pulling from his grim memories, Cameron caught sight of Chloe, watched as she slipped through the open double doors that led onto the terrace. She'd gone alone, after leaving her mother with Cam's oldest brother, Patrick. Everyone else was still in full party mode, didn't notice she was gone. The champagne flowed, the music was loud, there was lots of laughter and happy, chattering voices.

All the noise made him want to escape. Just like Chloe had.

Without thought he headed toward those beckoning open doors. Why, he wasn't sure. Would he talk to her? He rarely did beyond polite pleasantries. She was younger than him by four years, sweet in that wholesome, too-good way. And he'd caught her more than once looking at him with an uninhibited, adoring gaze. As if she believed he could hang the moon and touch the stars.

The furthest thing from the truth, what he touched usually turned to dust — at least in the relationship department.

But still he went after her, breathing deep the cool evening air when he ventured outside. The scent of pine overwhelmed him, calming and familiar. The bright full moon hung low, obliterating the blanket of stars that usually dotted the velvet sky. A breeze wafted across him, cooling his heated skin, rustling through the trees, and the sound felt like a gentle sigh easing his pained soul.

Cam frowned. Waxing poetic. What he usually did when he wanted to wallow in a dark mood.

He spotted her standing at the very end of the terrace, leaning against the railing, her face tipped up to the sky. The wind swept across her skirts, causing the fabric to billow and swirl, revealing a tantalizing glimpse of leg before it settled into place once more, hitting at mid-calf. Covering those shapely knees.

His skin tightened. She had a great set of legs, long and slender, with gently flaring hips and a nipped-in waist.

Why had he never noticed before?

It pleased the photographer in him to watch people unaware. He could easily imagine photographing Chloe with little direction. The moon lit her pale skin with a luminosity that made her glow. Gilded her dark hair with threads of gold. And illuminated her profile so that she looked the sprite, a pretty, sexy little woodland fairy ...

"I know you're there, Cam." Her soft voice reached him, and he noted the amusement lacing her sweet, lilting tone. "If you're looking for Mac, he's inside. Probably still cutting loose on the dance floor."

He approached her, his steps light and careful, drinking in those exposed slender shoulders with his greedy gaze. Her hair was swept to the side, an abundance of dark waves that cascaded artfully. All the bridesmaids were dressed the same. The dark purple strapless dress, the hairstyle, the flowers, even the damn jewelry — his sister had planned it to the very last detail.

So why did none of the other women capture his attention like this one?

"I'm not looking for Mac." He stopped a few feet from her, still not close enough to touch. Not that he had any business touching her. She was off limits. Untouchable. Forbidden.

Cameron didn't do relationships. He didn't mess around with sweet, beautiful girls who wanted it all when he could offer nothing. And Chloe was the epitome of the sweet, beautiful girl who wanted it all. She probably deserved it, too. Wanting to settle down with a good hometown boy and live forever in Lone Pine Lake, making babies and becoming members of the chamber of commerce or some such crap.

Yeah. The thought alone had him ready to run.

Slowly, she turned to face him, her head tilted to the side. Causing all that pretty hair to tumble farther, falling past her chest. Inviting him to thread his fingers through the strands, see if they were as soft as they looked. "Who are you looking for, then?"

He parted his lips, rationale momentarily preventing him from saying it. This — this feeling he was experiencing was ridiculous, illogical, and a complete waste of time. But the words fell from his lips as if he had no control over them.

"I was looking for you."

Her eyes widened the slightest bit, her jaw dropping. He'd shocked her. No surprise — he'd shocked himself. "Why?"

Cam came closer until he stood by her side, facing the opposite direction, out toward the meadow where plenty of wedding ceremonies had taken place, including Jane's. She and Chris had planned a sunset ceremony, knowing how damn good the spot looked with the sun sinking into the horizon, its golden pink glow casting the thicket of evergreens that lined the property with a pinkish hue that took many a breath away.

It had been a gorgeous ceremony. He was happy for his sister. She deserved this second chance at love.

But was he happy to be back in Lone Pine Lake, even for such a short period of time?

Nope. Not really.

"You cold?" he asked when he saw Chloe shiver. If he still had his jacket on, he would've offered it to her. Draped it over those slim shoulders, his fingers accidentally brushing her skin. Would she enjoy his touch? Or look at him like he was crazy?

That he even contemplated such a thing proved he was crazy.

"I'm fine." She shrugged those very fine shoulders, cast him a sideways glance. Luckily enough she ignored that he'd ignored her question. "We should probably go inside. They might be cutting the cake."

The music still blared. He didn't hear the overenthusiastic DJ announce anything. "They're not cutting the cake."

She nibbled on her lower lip; he caught the nervous gesture from the corner of his eye. It sent a bolt of lust shooting through him and he shoved it down. "I guess we should make small talk, then," she said.

Why did she sound so damn reluctant? "Guess so."

Breathing deeply, she turned to face him, her breasts brushing against his forearm, which he had propped on the edge of the railing. Just like that, his entire body tightened, became achingly aware of this pretty, tempting female standing by his side. "I'm sure you've been asked this a million times already tonight, but how long are you staying in town?"

If he had his way, it would be less than twenty-four hours. But considering he had no job to return to, no home, no prospects, and he was a messed-up head case, he was here for the long haul. "Not sure."

She frowned. "What sort of answer is that?"

"An honest one. I'm not sure."

An irritated sigh left her and she mimicked his position, leaning against the railing, her elbow bumping his. "You've always been a man of few words, haven't you?"

"As few as possible." He shrugged, looked at her. "It's worked for me so far."

Her gaze met his, pretty dark brown eyes studying him. Looking right through him. He wanted to squirm where he stood. "It's always driven me crazy."

"What's driven you crazy?" It startled him, that revelation. He irritated her? How? He rarely saw her now, and when she was younger, he'd merely tolerated her. Even though there had been those times she and Jane had been such thorough pains in his ass, he'd been tempted to take a long drive and leave the two giggling girls in the middle of nowhere. Hope like hell they'd find their own way back.

"Your lack of communication," she answered, training her gaze once more on the meadow instead. "You never want to talk."

"Talk can sometimes be meaningless."

"I love to talk." She smiled, bright and sunny, full of bubbly happiness. "It's part of my job, a part of me. I've been told I have excellent communication skills."


Excerpted from Tempting Cameron by Karen Erickson, Stacy Abrams. Copyright © 2013 Karen Erickson. Excerpted by permission of Entangled Publishing, LLC.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Tempting Cameron: A Lone Pine Lake Novel 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 26 reviews.
Cheryl-S More than 1 year ago
This is the second book in the Lone Pine Lake series and it was fantastic! I love the wounded broody guy who falls for the girl next door. The way this story progresses is perfect. The journey was a rough one but the lessons were learned. Read this awesome book and find out for yourself! You won't be sorry :) Thank you Karen Erickson for a wonderful read! I can't wait for the next book!
In_My_Humble_OpinionDA More than 1 year ago
This book takes place in the same world as Jane’s Gift but can be read stand-alone. Cameron McKenzie is back in town for Jane’s wedding.  He left town when he was 18 and hasn't looked back. He is a gifted photographer who has traveled the world.  Chloe is his little sister Jane’s friend a good girl schoolteacher who has always had a crush on Cam.  Chloe is all grown up and Cam has noticed even though he doesn't feel like he should.  He is a good time guy and she is a forever kind of girl.  When Chloe asks Cam for a chance to walk on the wild side he knows he shouldn't take her up on it but he can’t seem to say no to the good girl all grown up. This is a sweet romance with an emotionally scarred guy and a woman who will give all for love without being a total pushover.  A fine line but Ms. Erickson walks it well.  Every time I wanted to kick Cam’s butt Chloe brought something out in him that made me want to go cuddle him.  Well played.
SunMtnReviews More than 1 year ago
If you are looking for a "feel good" light romance, then this is a book you'll enjoy. The story's main conflict is whether Chloe Dawson can convince Cameron McKenzie to open his heart to her. Providing alternating point-of-views from Chloe and Cam gives readers an in-depth look at the realities each face in life and their struggle to find love and acceptance from each other. Cameron McKenzie left his hometown right after high school graduation, determined to escape the small town lifestyle that has always stifled him. His career as a freelance photographer has enabled him to travel all over the world, giving him an excuse not to have to return home. While working as a war photographer in Afghanistan, Cam is wounded and his sister Jane's wedding provides an opportunity to return home to heal the emotional and physical scars that plague him. It also provides an opportunity for him to realize that his sister's friend Chloe is no longer "...the skinny, flat-chested girl with braces and glasses." Now, Chloe has blossomed into an attractive young woman, who in Cam's mind is "...the epitome of the sweet beautiful girl who wanted it all." That is reason enough for him to stay away from her. He isn't the type for relationships, and he knows that, if he pursues Chloe, it will only end with her getting hurt. It's been years since Chloe has seen Cameron, but, when she sees him at his sister Jane's wedding, she realizes she still hasn't outgrown the crush she's had for Cam since she was twelve-years-old. Although she tries not to be obvious about her feelings for Cam, he is already aware of her attraction to him. Cam is an enigmatic, mesmerizing character, whose quiet, sullen nature keeps most at a distance. He has a reputation as someone who runs; when situations become difficult, he leaves. However, through his point of view, readers are able to look beyond his aloof exterior to see a man who has been both physically and emotionally wounded. Chloe is such a wonderful character. She's kind-hearted, open, and giving to others. Her personality, as well as her status as an elementary teacher, has made her a beloved member of the community. Although she is relatively content with her lifestyle, she can't help but feel that she's missing out. Her revelation becomes the impetus for Cam to move beyond polite conversation and kiss Chloe. Yes, good girl Chloe becomes a temptation that he tries so very hard to resist. Being around Cam brings out an uninhibited side of her that others never see. When she boldly suggests that they could have an intimate adventure together, he realizes that, although he would enjoy a fling with her, he would ultimately leave again, letting her and his family down. The temptation to be with Chloe is so great that Cam forces himself to say hurtful, cruel things about Chloe's crush on him to further discourage her. His callous words have the intended effect, and an angry, tearful Chloe leaves feeling utterly humiliated. When Cam discovers that Chloe has had a car accident soon after she leaves him, he blames himself. Interestingly, when Chloe awakens in the hospital, she is unable to remember most of the events leading up to the accident. Cam spends time with Chloe partly to assuage his guilt, and partly because he's attracted to her. He knows he needs to confess what happened between them prior to her accident, but he keeps putting it off, telling himself he'll wait until she fully recovers. Although Chloe knows Cam will leave as he always does, she still propositions him for a summer romance, only she's smart enough to know that becoming intimate with him will surely break her heart. Although Chloe is willing to jump into a "no strings attached" relationship with Cam, she does make the stipulation of no sex. The plot of the story moves at an effective, smooth pace detailing the "adventures" of Chloe and Cam and their evolving relationship, which starts out with Cameron "courting" Chloe just like in the good ole' days, where they just talk and smooch. Their friendship deepens as they begin to confide their doubts and insecurities to each other. Chloe is patient, forgiving, and nonjudgmental, which is exactly the type of woman Cam needs, as he struggles with past emotional and physical scars. Yes, he does act like a jerk at times, but Chloe is always right there, persistent in tearing down the barriers he has erected to protect himself. Yet, how far can their relationship go, as long as Cam continues to hide the truth from Chloe? He knows he needs to confess, but now he is too afraid he will lose her, if he does. When the truth finally is revealed, Chloe is devastated, thinking Cam has only been in her life out of guilt. Can Chloe ever forgive him for what happened the evening of the accident? Or, will she even get the chance, since Cam's first inclination in dealing with conflict is to run? The author does an excellent job of showing the complexities of a real romantic relationship.
Lori-Gonzo More than 1 year ago
I loved this book.  It pulled at my heart strings from the start.  I loved the confidence that Chloe had despite her vulnerability that she felt.  The way she stood up for herself, so strong and brave.  Then there was Cameron.  Oh he made me mad with his wishwashiness.  He seemed to have a tender heart but let his brain get in the way.  It was nice to see them come together, even with the condition Chloe placed on him.  It was sweet the way he went along with her wishes. The journey of the two of them figuring out how they fit each other perfectly was heartwarming my sweet.  And I laughed at the surprise announcement at the end, but fit Chloe and Cameron to a T. I have read several of Karen Erickson's books and am never disappointed.  She is such a phenomenal writer and look forward to reading more from her.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Disappointing read. The story lacked any heat whatsoever. Cameron, the male lead was completely unlikable. Chloe, the female lead was nice, but seemed too much of a doormat for him. No depth. This love story seemed completely one sided. Too many glossed over details. Actually surprised for this author. Hate to say i will think twice before buying her a again.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Sweet story but nothing like Lessons in Indescretion!!!!! I was ok with the story but no explicit sex scenes!!!! Thoroughly disappointed!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
breadandbutter22 More than 1 year ago
Great story! This author has always been one of my favorite. Always very well written books
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
13gpb28 More than 1 year ago
Great characters, great story, and quick read! Worth it! Cameron is a tortured soul, Chloe is a sweetheart. She always had a crush on him but he has issues. She gets her man and her HEA.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Really enjoyed this book. Felt the characters were interesting and realistic, always a plus.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
shannschoice More than 1 year ago
Tempting Cameron by Karen Erickson tells a story about redemption, forgiveness, and old acquaintances turned new loves. Cameron, the hometown wanderer, comes back from his travels for his sister’s wedding and runs into his sister’s friend, Chloe. Chloe is the towns golden girl, elementary teacher and all around good girl, who has always dreamed about a seemingly impossible future with Cameron. After a couple of close encounters Cameron has to decide if he wants a future while Chloe has to decide if she is willing to continue to risk her heart over Cameron. The story itself was interesting, with a couple of plot twists I did not see coming that keep the story moving. Although this wasn’t a big problem, there was a bit of an issue with the characters’ personalities. Cameron was a bit too selfish in the beginning, toward both family and friends, which almost made his turnaround a bit unbelievable. Because of this fact, Chloe was seen as a bit too invested in a guy that wasn’t invested in much else besides his career. He does turn it around toward the end, but it is almost too little, too late. Despite that fact, the story was a nice, quick, lighthearted read.   Reviewed by Lucy for Cocktails and Books
RomanticReadsandSuch More than 1 year ago
Tempting Cameron    Tempting Cameron is the perfect read for those looking for a moody, difficult, flawed but loving hero and the wonderful woman who understands him.  Full review available at BookTrib or romanticreadsandsuch (dot) wordpress (dot) com 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
grandmareads102 More than 1 year ago
Karen Erickson has written a sweet, sexy romance that leaves you with a happy afterglow. This is the second book in The Lone Pine Lake series. The first is Jane's Gift. Jane is Cameron's sister. Chloe has always loved Cameron but he never noticed her. Once he graduated, Cameron left this small town to escape his family. Now he has returned broken and disillusioned by war and death. After Chloe has a serious accident, she asks Cameron to give her a sweet summer romance and out of guilt he agrees. Their time together helps him recover his sense of self. Will he be able to keep Chloe once she knows the truth. These characters are so engaging that you want to help them find their HEA. I do hope that their are more books. Lone Pine Lake is a very special place. You really should visit.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Very sweet love story!! Love Karen Erickson!!
ToshyBell2010 More than 1 year ago
Loved the sweetness of the story Cameron & Chloe can make you believe in love after a struggle.  Cameron was always running away from everything and everyone, and never stayed around long enough for anyone to get too close. He put on a superior attitude and only let people see what they wanted to see.  Chloe was the sweet girl whose heart was given away even before she knew it. She fought for a man she didn't know she had to fight for and brought him to believe and trust in himself, as well as others.  Their journey made them learn a lot about themselves. This story was sweet and taught about growing up & letting yourself be loved. 
ljtljtljt More than 1 year ago
Karen Erickson is one of my favorite authors and I truly enjoy reading her books. This was a quick, engaging read and I found this story to be "sweeter" than some of her other works. Tempting Cameron is wonderfully written and flawlessly flows from beginning to end. Tempting Cameron is a sweet romance with splashes of sensuality. The two main characters, Chloe and Cam are real and likeable. Most readers will be able to relate in some way to their experiences of longing and love that they undergo. My heart actually ached for Chloe and Cam when their relationship was on shaky ground. I look forward to reading another great book from Karen Erickson.
Charlotte97 More than 1 year ago
what a great story with a flawed hero and the heroine who shows him how to reach him and show him love.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Kisses you goodnight i love u baby
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great, easy read. Cam is one of my favorite heroes. He's moody, dark and sexy. Excellent, romantic story.
Gina04 More than 1 year ago
Cameron is the run away guy that seems to always find a way to run. Until he goes home for a visit and that bothersome little girl next door that gave him the puppy dog eyes back in the day aint that little anymore. I started this book this afternoon and just finished it not even 10 minutes ago. I really liked this book and hope to see more in the Lone Pine Lake series. It will have you laughing and tearing up and there are a few places in there that have you saying **^%$$#* what were you thinking!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago