Tempting Luck

Tempting Luck

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Tempting Luck by Emma Nichols, Monica Corwin, Theresa Troutman, Amanda Heartley

I needed a little "luck of the Irish" on my side. 
Doesn't everyone?
But I had no idea that a little luck could mean bad luck too.
What started as a perfectly polished plan turned tainted and tarnished.
I was just trying to get back on my feet, back to the lucky side of life.
But then everything changed...
One look, one touch, one taste,
And now, suddenly, my luck is improving.
This just might be the trip I'd wanted all along.

In this 21 author-book boxed set, find out just how lucky you can be with just one click. You'll be packing your bags and hoping Ireland will have just that sexy sort of magic you've been looking for.

Contributing Authors: 

Theresa Troutman

Amanda Heartley

Andie M. Long

Maggie Dallen

Emma Tharp

Rachelle Ayala

Josie Kerr

Heather Young-Nichols

Tee Smith

Bethany Lopez

Tracy Lorraine

Ja'Nese Dixon

Monica Corwin

Caitlyn Lynch

Eva Winters

K.L. Shandwick

Alyson Reynolds

Taige Crenshaw and McKenna Jeffries

Aaliyah Burke

Marissa & Thomas Dobson

Emma Nichols

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BN ID: 2940155378297
Publisher: Emma Nichols
Publication date: 03/13/2018
Sold by: Draft2Digital
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 16,178
File size: 2 MB

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Tempting Luck 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 12 reviews.
KDRBCK 5 days ago
Natalie and Carson are back. For Eternity by Bethany Lopez is book 7,5 in the A Time For Love Series, a novella. Natalie is divorced from her abusive ex. She has build a new life, has a job she loves, great friends , her own apartement. Carson Brandt is a self made businessman, he's CEO of Brandt Industries. He has nearly everything. Except something that only Natalie can give him. For Eternity is a sweet novella, a quick, short read, well written with a beautiful HEA. For Eternity is part of the Tempting Luck Anthology.
MaryJoMI 16 hours ago
From the selection of stories I’ve had time to read so far, this is a sexy, fun and exciting collection of romances. The Luck Maker is sexy, drama-filled fun. Anna is Dublin for her hen’s weekend and having a blast until her fiancé butt dials her. Wow, what an expect way to crush a relationship. She randomly danced with Cillian at the club and kissed him, leaving an impression on both of them. When they cross paths with Cillian the next day, Cillian smartly connects with one of her friends, needing to find a way to stay connected to her. As Anna nurses a broken heart, will Cillian be the remedy to push her in a new direction? Cillian is still living at home; will Anna be the needed influence for him to realize what he truly wants in life? For Eternity delivers a sexy boss romance that provides a perfect escape. Natalie has rebuilt her life after a bad marriage and has unknowingly caught the bosses eye, Carson, in the process. Carson is a wonderful prince charming as he orchestrates a trip to Ireland for “work” allowing him to court Natalie. The Temptation is a fabulous teaser for the full story of Sage and Merrick. I enjoyed the chemistry and banter between Sage and Merrick as they are both caught up in family expectations and needing to be true to themselves instead. Merrick seems to be lost a bit and being around Sage, a successful businesswoman, seems to be the push needed to figure out what he wants in his life.
Alwaysahappyeverafter 22 hours ago
For Eternity by Bethany Lopez - A lovely story. I would have been more invested if I read the other books in the series and knew the characters better. But an nice story nonetheless.
SuperReaderChick 5 days ago
Review of "With a Little Luck" by Theresa Troutman This story begins with a life changed and some time away to try to get back on track. Sigourney and Aiden had such an easy chemistry on the page. I was very eager to see where things would go for them. I was totally along for the ride as they got to know one another and Aiden worked his magic to break down the walls Sigourney had put around herself. The line "I want to experience something you love" had me falling head over heels for Aiden Darcy myself. This was a beautiful story and I loved these characters. Troutman has done it again!
CrystalsBookWorld 5 days ago
For Eternity by Bethany Lopez Review: For Eternity is my first book I read in this series. Now I am intrigued and need to add the previous books to my TBR asap! Carson and Natalie had a slow burn romance. The attraction was always there but, due to Natalie's circumstances Carson has to stay away. A chance has now come for these two to see where things lead. Natalie definitely deserves true love and Carson is the one that can make it happen. For Eternity is a great short Romance story that is perfect for a weekend read. You definitely can get lost in the book world with this book!
singneon 6 days ago
Yuki's Luck by Ja'Nese Dixon These two are destined, he's just waiting for her to realize it. Short, sexy read. Dylan wants his woman and he's tired of patiently waiting. As luck would have it, taking their friendship to the next level is a very realistic adventure.
Laura_F 6 days ago
So far, I've read For Eternity and The Luck Maker in this anthology and both were so amazing!! For Eternity: After reading the last few books in the Time for Love series, I *needed* Natalie's story in my life and it is just as amazing as I knew it would be. Being wooed in Ireland by a practically perfect man is any lady's dream and Natalie definitely deserves a HEA. The Luck Maker: There aren't many authors that can have you laughing while also feeling like you've been gut punched by Ms. Long achieves that in almost every book of hers I've read. The Luck Maker was funny but also pretty inspiring for anyone who has ever had the displeasure of dating a selfish guy who definitely doesn't deserve you. I can't wait to go back and read the other contributions in this anthology. These two books have made me really excited to discover some new to me authors and visit some others I haven't read in a while.
SairaM 6 days ago
So far I have read For Eternity by Bethany Lopez in the Tempting Luck Anthology. Its Sweet, short and to the point. Lovely characters, beautiful setting and a happy ending, what more could you ask for.
JaneN17 6 days ago
Bad Boys for Hire:Liam Reviews! Happy St. Patrick's Day!! This is a great St. Patrick's day romance that is sweet, whimsical, sexy and lots of unluckyness! I really enjoyed Liam and Marissa and all the fun they had getting to know each other! The luck of the Irish is real!!
thicks 6 days ago
Luck is what these folks have in common and hell it doesn't hurt that they have the Luck of the Irish to help them along. I mean whats not to love about all things Irish especially the accent (deep sigh). OK enough about all that. What we have here is a great group of authors some of which I am kinda partial too. Take Amanda Heartley's Irish Affair which is funny and sexy too especially since Amilia has no idea who she has just had a raging rumpling weekend. Overall a great group of authors and some really good books. For Eternity by Bethany Lopez She was recovering from a bad marriage and worked for him but he watched and cared from afar. Now he is ready to take it all the way but first he whisked her off and far away from distractions. Now it’s time to just do them and see if all the infatuation is something worth pursuing. She gets a second chance at life and true love he gets all of his dreams coming to life. A great story of love found and souls healed. This author does love well, especially those that need healing. They get to see a side to each other that no one else does and watch as love grows. The Plan by Tracy Lorraine She is fresh off a broken marriage and he is still dealing with his own past. Something keeps drawing them together. Who he is keeps them apart. Great read from this author who does real love so well and always has characters who work their way under your skin. A Prince for Luck Monica Corbin He is hiding out and she is trying her hand at running an inn. Together they keep warm while it's cold outside. A quick insta love read with loads of passion and a little more. If Wishes Were Horses She's inherited half of an estate in Ireland. He has inherited the other half. What follows is passionate and funny.
Shadowplay4u 6 days ago
Bad Boys for Hire: Liam is an amazingly fantastic story of learning to refocus and reclaim your life in the face of continued opposition and blatant sabotage. This story wound its words and hope around my heart, and it wouldn’t allow me to give up hope no matter how entangled and twisted things became. When I wanted to rest to save my heart from breaking, it pushed me forward into the coming storm, and helped me to brave it. Just the face that the country of Ireland has endured so much tragedy and ugliness and still survives and thrives is enough hope that a new days is on the horizon no matter how long our night seems to last. Marisa is a woman who continually rushes into situations heart first, gives it her all, and then has to pick herself back up off the floor and start over. It is her over eager heart that always seems to let her down. For example, she has just been fired from being a personal nurse to a paraplegic man, and she is under the impression that becoming a contestant on a reality show will help her find love and improve her luck along the way. Everyone can see failure written all over this idea except for Marisa, but with time to burn, she doesn’t see the harm in a little adventure. Will her adventure lead her to good things just like she hopes, or will it show her just how bad her luck can get? Will Ireland prove to be the lucky place that some claim it is, or will she find it too harsh, dreary, and barren to give her anything good? It was such a thrilling pleasure and delight to watch this story unfold before my eyes. This book is one laced with excited hope and high expectation that feels full to bursting if not met as desired. The wonderful characters made this story so vibrant and real for me. They taught me so much in a short amount of time. Their slow yet beautiful progression was sometimes breathtaking and other times cringe-worthy. Nothing too away the blazing hope that dripped from each word as it feel from my lips. That was what kept me going when I thought things were too ugly and painful to continue forward. Rachelle Ayala has written yet another brilliant work of art that will show you that no matter what the state of your life, always know that you can remake it into the stuff of dreams with enough heart, effort, and hope. While we can’t control the influences of others on our life, we can control how we react and the choices we make. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes; just be afraid when you don’t pick yourself up afterwards.
Lashea677 6 days ago
Count on Ms. Ayala to make the eccentricities of life fun. Liam is a story about legends and new beginnings. Marisa made her first appearance in Carol and Nick's journey into love. This time around she finds herself on her own quest for happiness. A foreign land, a crazy opportunity and an out of work actor take her life of cloudy days into what could be a sunny life. If she can relax her mind and follow her heart. Romance, Ayala style is full of wacky moments but never light on heartwarming entertainment.