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The Temptress Four

The Temptress Four

4.5 9
by Gaby Triana

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Four best friends, one graduation cruise, a week of partying.

Eight days of strife and storms . . .

It's supposed to be the best eight days of their lives.

Bonds will be broken...

But when a fortune-teller predicts trouble the night before their trip,

One of you will not come home...

Fiona, Killian, Alma, and Yoli are left on


Four best friends, one graduation cruise, a week of partying.

Eight days of strife and storms . . .

It's supposed to be the best eight days of their lives.

Bonds will be broken...

But when a fortune-teller predicts trouble the night before their trip,

One of you will not come home...

Fiona, Killian, Alma, and Yoli are left on edge, wondering what it could all mean.

Gaby Triana gets right to the heart of that thrilling, nerve-wracking, exhilarating, terrifying, amazing time that comes right after graduation, when the big question is: Where do we go from here?

Editorial Reviews

Children's Literature - Diane Carver Sekeres
Breezy and taut, spiked with the sexual novice's angst about relationships, Triana's third novel is a headlong rush into self-discovery. For the past three months, four friends have planned to cruise to the Bahamas on the day after they graduate from high school. But Fiona, the narrator, cannot get out of her head what the fortune teller at the fair told them: one of them will not be coming home. Nothing about the trip happens the way Fiona pictured it. Each girl celebrates this time between the past and future in a different way, creating tensions between the friends and heightening the sense of fear that nothing will ever be the same again. Timid Yoli spends a night out without telling her friends where she went. Farseeing Alma pushes Fiona to see her relationship with her boyfriend for what it really is. The foursome—friends Fiona, Alma, Killian, and Yoli—splinters and reforms, and then the fortune teller's words strike the future into being. This book is not predictable. Triana captures teens in the fast-paced action and deft characterizations—their language, inexperience, surprising wisdom, and desperate hopes. She answers the perennial question, "What comes next?" with a hopeful and engaging story. Reviewer: Diane Carver Sekeres, Ph.D.
KLIATT - Claire Rosser
Triana is good at these trendy, hip YA stories, having also written Backstage Pass and Cubanita. She is from Florida, and so are the four friends in The Temptress Four, who decide to go on a cruise to celebrate their graduation from high school. Each girl is heading in a different direction from the others when the summer is over, and they want to have one last special time together. Of course, there are college boys on the cruise, and other handsome men. The narrator, Fee (Fiona) has been with Lorenzo for two years, and he is mad at her for leaving him behind to go on the cruise, just as he is not happy that she is going to attend a chef's school in the fall, going away from him for a year or so. (We quickly see that Lorenzo is a controlling person Fee would be wise to get away from.) Then there are also the personalities of Alma, Killian, and Yoli to contend with, as each one is looking for something different on this cruise. Light, entertaining chick lit, easy to read and fun to imagine, but with realistic scenes of the dangers of drinking with strangers. Reviewer: Claire Rosser
School Library Journal

Gr 9 Up

Four best friends-Fiona, Killian, Alma, and Yoli-plan to take a celebratory cruise after their high school graduation. On the eve before their voyage, a midway fortune teller makes a dire prediction: there will be eight days of strife and storms, bonds will be broken, and one of them will not come home. The warning hangs over the girls like a black cloud throughout their trip, and unexpected things begin to happen. Did Madame Fortuna know their fate or is their fear creating a self-fulfilling prophecy? Bad boys, careless actions, stolen kisses, emotional turmoil, jealousy-what could cause this faithful (until now) foursome to split up? Fans of Lynda Sandoval's Chicks Ahoy (S & S, 2006) will enjoy this read-alike. It's a fun, flirty, and frank take on teens cruising for self-discovery, but readers may be slightly disappointed not to see more character growth in Killian and Alma by the book's end.-Terri Clark, Smokey Hill Library, Centennial, CO

Kirkus Reviews
Four best friends decide to take a cruise together during the summer before they head off to different colleges. On the eve of their departure, Fiona, Killian, Yoli and Alma visit the fortuneteller's tent at their end-of-year carnival. There they receive a disturbing reading, foretelling a difficult and tumultuous voyage and culminating in the prediction that one of them will not return home at the end. Shaken, the four girls resolve to travel anyway. Whether it is the salt air or the warm nights, the cruise inspires changes in each of the friends as well as in their friendships with each other. While the story is clever and funny at times, it also tips into cliche, robbing it of freshness. Hip dialogue and the mystery of the prophecy keep the plot rolling forward, but chick-lit predictability and flat characters keep the tale from reaching its potential. Entertaining but uneven. (Fiction. 12+)

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The Temptress Four

Chapter One

The night before Bay High Graduation Fair—

Things were about to change.

How I knew that, I don't know, but during the closing hour of the fair, I felt different. Very different. Maybe it was the heavy June humidity, or the lights and screams from the midway, or how the four of us clung together, laughing too much, like nothing would ever come between us, but something big was going to happen. It had to—high school was officially over.

We were standing in front of the Ring of Fire, watching the last of the seniors sneak in a final ride, when I saw it, tucked away behind an elephant ear stand. A blue-and-yellow tent with a hand-painted sign: Madame Fortuna Can See Your Future! 5 Tickets!

"Let's do this," I told the girls. It was either that or the basketball toss, the only two things we hadn't done yet, and basketball tosses were so rigged.

Killian scoped the landscape for any eye candy she might have missed, but it was getting late. All the cute guys had left for the parties around town. Her gaze fell on the sign I pointed out. "A fortune-teller, Fiona?" She reached out to grab my hair, twisting it into a tight coil.

I counted the tickets I had left. "Come on, I've never been to one."

"All right, it might be fun," she said, letting my hair fall against my back. "I love your hair. I'm going to dye mine reddish brown like yours."

"Don't you dare," I told her for the millionth time in eight years. Switching from natural golden blond to brown was crazy talk. But then, Killian was always crazy talk.

"Auburn. Reddish brown is auburn,"Alma corrected, drawing on her cigarette. "I'm game for the fortune-teller thing, Fee, but can I finish this first?"

"If you must." I wished she wouldn't smoke so much, but I knew better than to tell her anything. Both her grandmother and mother were smokers too.

"What about Mo's party?" Yoli whined. She looked especially cute tonight, short shorts with a tight tank that hugged her petite frame.

"We can't. We have to get up early," Alma reminded her.

"We'll leave right after we do this." I watched Mr. Sanders bite into an ear of buttered corn. It was always weird to see teachers outside of school, having fun with other teachers, playing hooky from responsibilities. Reliving glory days or something.

But for me, these really were glory days, and I was painfully aware of that. I kept staring at everyone, trying to record each detail and not let go. I even stared at Missy Fulton, absorbing everything about her: her plus-size jeans, the pimples on her face, her thick wrists, the way she laughed with her friends. What would she look like at our ten-year reunion? Would I ever see her again?

"I can't believe tomorrow's the day," Yoli said, breaking my trance.

Killian stared deeply at the midway as we wandered toward the fortune-teller's tent. "How long have we been waiting for this cruise already?"

In the morning, we were setting sail on the Temptress—the newest ship from Caribbean Cruise Line. A celebration for graduating, for staying friends through the years somehow. It was going to be the most amazing, memorable trip, I just knew it.

"Since March." I watched the double Ferris wheel lunge forward with only one couple on it. "Three . . . long . . . months."

From the roller coaster, a shrill cry descended as the train made the steep drop. Killian's hazel eyes reflected the bright white bulbs of the pizza stand. "I hope it'll be fun."

"It better be." I searched the girls' faces. My voice wanted to waver, but I held it steady. I was not going to cry. "It's our last chance to be together."

Yoli looked wounded. "Fiona, that is not true, and you know it. We will see each other. School will keep us busy, not apart."

I wanted to believe her. From the time Yoli and I became best friends in Mrs. Perry's fourth grade class, I figured we'd always be together. We were in the same after-school class, too, where we met Alma and Killian. We started a club called Tough Cats. Stupid, because we were neither tough nor cats. So we changed it to The Foursome, but Derek Pickney kept asking how much to watch, which was considerably annoying, even though we didn't know what he meant at the time.

"Yoli, don't get your hopes up. We're going to be spread out all over the place," Alma said, digging a hole in the muddy grass with the toe of her overworn black boot. Black boots in June—so Alma.

"Speak for yourself." Killian was the only one without college plans. She'd be the only one still home in August. Although her parents' money could get her into any school she wanted at the last moment. If she wanted to, that is.

Yoli tucked her loose brown curls behind her ears. "Well, I don't know about you, but I'm coming home every holiday, and long weekends too."

"Yes," Alma said, shifting from one cool pose to another. "But Tallahassee is closer to home. I'll be in Rhode Island, Fiona in New York, Killian who knows. . . ."

"Whatever, chicas," I said, wishing Alma would finish the cig already so we could get our fortunes told. "We'll work something out."

"So, what do you think this lady will say?" Yoli asked, bouncing around like a little kid.

"Maybe you'll meet a guy on the cruise and do him on the first night," I said, knowing the chances of such a thing happening were slimmer than Yoli's size-two jeans. I looked over at her and saw her cheeks were pink. "Ha-ha, just messing with you, Yoli."

"It could happen." She smiled, but I could see I'd hit a nerve. Not that any of us were sexperts or anything—well, at least not Yoli, Alma, or I—but it was fun to watch Yoli squirm.

The Temptress Four. Copyright © by Gaby Triana. Reprinted by permission of HarperCollins Publishers, Inc. All rights reserved. Available now wherever books are sold.

Meet the Author

Gaby Triana is the author of three other novels, The Temptress Four, Cubanita, and Backstage Pass. She lives in Miami, Florida, with her husband and their four children.

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Temptress Four 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
( keeps hum.ping Adara their pus.sys rubbing each other )
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Puts my arms around you
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I know i not talking about the book ,but i know gaby shes my moms friend , i know gaby she wouldnt write abad or boring book. So trust me and read this book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!you wont regret ittttttrrr
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
TeensReadToo More than 1 year ago
Fiona and her three best friends are about to embark on a graduation cruise to the Caribbean, one last adventure together before they head their separate ways. On a whim, they agree to have their fortunes told by Madame Fortuna at the senior fair the night before departure. Madame Fortuna predicts strife and storms. Then, after turning over the DEATH card, she proclaims, "One of you will not come home."

With trepidation, the girls set sail on the Temptress the following morning, each with their own expectations of what the week may bring. On a ship where no one knows them, they're free to step out of their comfort zone and take risks. But will the bonds of their friendship be strong enough to hold them together through the storms and strife to come?

What follows is a delicious romp through a week of ship's parties, dances, scrumptious food, and romance, even if it's forbidden. The girls shop, they get a little sun, they indulge in full body massages, and, oh yes, attract a lot of attention. Imagine: four beautiful, sexy, young women trolling the decks for fun.

Gaby Triana has done a beautiful job of creating four distinctly different, yet fascinating, characters. That they are so close is both surprising and completely believable. I was intrigued when I read the blurb about the book at Ms. Triana's website and was not disappointed.

With plenty of laughter, love, and tears, this is an engaging story of a voyage into adulthood and independence that should not be missed.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Best friends Fiona, Alma, Killian, and Yoli have just graduated high school. In celebration, they embark on a Caribbean cruise, and they are determined to have the time of their lives before splitting ways. But a visit to a fortune teller at a carnival forewarns danger for their trip. Alma and Killian dismiss the prediction as a trick to scare them, but Fiona and Yoli can't help but be frightened that one of them will not come home, as foreseen by the fortune teller. The Temptress Four is a fun story about the interwoven lives of four best friends and they struggle to find out what they want to do with the rest of their lives. It is a question many teens wonder about, as do Fiona, Alma, Killian, and Yoli on their fun cruise. The girls change and grow on the trip as they learn about themselves and what they want in life. The story was not as meaningful as it could've been, but the message did get across to me. The seriousness of the question is offset by the tropical setting and fun opportunities provided by the cruise, which lightened the mood of the story. I would have liked the story to be told in alternate narrations between the four friends, but it was only told from Fiona's point-of-view. This one aspect would've made the novel much better, because I felt that I didn't get to know any of the characters except Fiona. Despite its few drawbacks, The Temptress Four was a fun read for me, and got me in the mood for summer vacation. I recommend this novel for a light, fun read, possibly as a book you take along to the beach or pool on a sunny day.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Thhis book was a lot of fun to read. It took me right back to those days after graduation. The author makes 4 girls personalities all come through. They go through a lot of things together and the ending was a nice surprise. Really great and fun. I'd recommend it to anybody who wants somthing fun and light but with a nice message.