Ten Days in Tuscany

Ten Days in Tuscany

by Annie Seaton

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ISBN-13: 9781633752184
Publisher: Entangled Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 04/14/2015
Series: Men of the Zodiac , #4
Sold by: Macmillan
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 250
Sales rank: 143,587
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Annie lives in Australia, on the beautiful north coast of New South Wales. She sits in her writing chair and looks out over the tranquil Pacific Ocean. She has fulfilled her lifelong dream of becoming an author and is producing books at a prolific rate to make up for her late start. More books to come in 2015, including her first print single title with Pan Macmillan Australia.

She writes contemporary romance and loves telling the stories that always have a happily ever after.

She lives with her very own hero of many years and they share their home with "Bob" the dog, and two white cats, who hide when the grandchildren come to visit.

#1 bestselling author in Amazon Romance series. Author of the Year Winner 2014 Ausrom Readers' Choice.

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Ten Days in Tuscany

A Men of the Zodiac Novel

By Annie Seaton, Erin Molta

Entangled Publishing, LLC

Copyright © 2015 Annie Seaton
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-63375-218-4


"Another month, bro." Antonio's voice held suppressed excitement.

Nic Baldini held the phone to his ear with one hand as he turned the key in the massive timber door. "Disappointing, but I suppose it works. It'll be a couple of weeks before I'm back in Florence." He stepped through the door of what had once been his father's family villa and stood observing the wide foyer in front of him. "So why so upbeat? What inside info have you got?"

"You're the favorite for the position. There's a guy from Sweden who supports upcoming artists, but they say you have the edge."

"They?" Nic tried to focus on the conversation as a burst of color met his eyes.

Antonio had his finger to the pulse in the city. Most of the women he dated — and they were many—had connections to the higher echelons of Florentine society.

"Isabella for one. She's executive assistant to the director of the Uffizi Gallery."

Nic turned his back to the room. "So, she thinks I'm in?"

"Very close. If you can just do something to show you're prepared to keep sponsoring local artists. Apparently there was some speculation that your focus on the hospital charity may have replaced your interest in the art scene."

"How much will it take?"

"Uh-uh. Not money this time. Your recent protégées haven't had successful shows, and the word is you may be moving on to other interests." Antonio's voice was muffled as he spoke to someone else. "Have to go, Nic. But listen. Don't worry. It should be okay. If I hear anything more, I'll call."

"Good. But that's all. No work calls."


He ended the call and lifted his gaze to the amazing room surrounding him. The builders had done a great job. Since he'd bought the old villa from Baldini Enterprises last summer, he'd directed renovations from afar, and this was the first time he'd seen the work himself. The photographs he'd been emailed as the work progressed hadn't done justice to the changes they'd wrought in the building that had stood in this spot —owned by the Baldini family—since the sixteenth century.

He bent down and ran his fingers over the smooth surface of the pristine white marble, an insanely expensive product direct from the family's marble concern at Carrara. Nic grinned. He'd purloined half of the shipment that was headed for a home show in New York for the renovation. One of the perks of being the boss.

He straightened and stepped down into the grand living room adjacent to the foyer. The eastern wall had been ripped out and replaced with sliding glass doors that opened to the incredible view of the vineyards below. Beyond the vineyards, on the back acreage, the old stables had been converted into a block of light-filled studios, and the first group of art students would be here this summer. As a benefactor to three of the art schools in Florence, this project was one of his babies.

He'd put aside his original plan to build a retreat for the established artists he took on as protégées because he'd been let down too many times. Why was it that they always saw the money and didn't get that he was trying to help them grow further? It was disillusioning. No more. It was time to focus on his art in different ways. On those young students who had their careers ahead of them and were prepared to focus on their art ... and not what he could do for them. He'd wasted too much time, energy and money, trying to discover the next big name. But he wanted that board position more than anything, and Antonio's call had been encouraging. If these few days turned out as he hoped, he would walk away from Baldini Enterprises and devote his time to philanthropic endeavors. But he would think on that later. He turned away from the window and walked back through the sun-filled room.

Keeping with the original design, the archways and walls were painted a rich terracotta. Small tables were placed beside the enticingly soft sofas. The caretaker had even placed fresh lilacs in the antique vases, bringing the scent of spring into the open space.

He didn't care much for the flowers or strategically placed bowls of fruit—to his artist's eye, it screamed paint by numbers—but he had to admit the contractors had nailed this renovation. At any moment, he expected Diane Lane to come twirling out of the giant kitchen like a scene straight out of Under the Tuscan Sun.

He smiled at the notion. And, not for the first time since returning to Tuscany, thought of his mother. She would've adored the changes to the villa. She would've loved the lilies and fruit bowls, and teased him to paint an Impressionist still-life like her favorite artist, van Gogh. Hell, she would've wanted them to sit in those soft sofas and watch that silly chick flick together. She would've been so delighted to see Nic in Tuscany. And she would have been proud of the philanthropic work he was doing with the young artists. She'd be down here with them making coffee, entertaining them when they were painting, and most importantly encouraging their talent

But she was gone.

The pain of her loss clung to him like the mist that hovered around the blue hills in the distance.

He pushed down the pain and continued through the house. When he entered his bedroom, he stopped in his tracks. The finer details of the decor had been left in the hands of Alessandro, one of the top designers in Rome, and the builder had been given carte blanche, but the ornately covered mirrors on each wall were not what Nic had expected. Shaking his head, he turned slowly and smiled. Alessandro had nailed this room, too. Rather than being tacky, the gilded mirrors lent a studied elegance to the large room. He walked over to the bed that was strewn with dozens of cushions in jewel-like colors, and sat on the scarlet cover, his reflection grinning back at him. Yes, it was superb, but this room was more suited to a Sultan's harem than a Tuscan villa. A decadent but wasted sentiment. He didn't want company in this house—not this trip anyway; it would interfere with his painting.

He could almost hear his mother giggling beside him at the over-the-top decor. She had been the one to foster his artistic side. When his father had refused to let him go to the Florence Art Academy to take up the place he'd been offered, she'd been the one to make him promise that every year, he'd come here, shedding the stresses and trappings of work, to devote his time to indulging his dream. It had taken five years after her death for him to honor his promise. He was thirty; it was past time. Now ten days in Tuscany, this summer, would be spent following his dream, and he would keep her memory alive. The way his father acted it was as though she had never existed and that pissed Nic off royally.

So here he was. His father could take care of the export side of the business for ten days. Nic didn't intend to think about work at all. When the rest of Italy shut down in the summer, he worked and this reprieve was long overdue. He opened each door along the wide hallway and nodded with satisfaction at Alessandro's touch. Each bedroom was decorated in a different style. And every room, including the mirrored bedroom, illustrated the sophistication and elegance he'd expected. Finally, Nic hesitated at the final door before taking a deep breath and pushing open the ornately carved door into the studio he had designed himself.

Every instruction had been carried out to the last detail.

He turned to the canvas waiting for him on his easel beside the window. His finger trailed across the blank white surface. He glanced at the paints laid out on the table beside the easel.

For the next ten days, he was going to indulge himself. Forget the details of the business export deals and the issues at the quarry and indulge the creative muse that had consumed him for as long as he could remember Then, when he received that phone call from the gallery, his father would soon discover that Nic didn't need his approval to realize his dreams. He could have it all.

For the first time, in a very long time, Nic wondered what his life would be like if he stepped away from the world of finance and gave into the creative desire that shaped him. Spent his life doing what he wanted to do, not what duty ... and his father ... decreed.

Coraggio. His fingers traced the tattoo on his chest. It would take courage to step away from Baldini Enterprises. He smiled as he turned to the window and peered at the Arno valley below. The Italian cypress trees swayed in the late afternoon breeze. These ten days would be a time for considering his future. He couldn't prove it to his mother, but he could prove to himself he had courage.

Maybe his father would finally realize that he would choose his own path in life.

* * *

Gia Carelli slammed the door shut, grabbed her bicycle from the wall next to the stone sink where her paint brushes soaked in a dozen glass bottles, and pushed it to the gate. As the wheels crunched over the loose white stones on the narrow path, a soft hiss came from the back tire.

"Dio, no." She groaned as she looked down at the old bicycle. The back tire was beginning to deflate. She squeezed her eyes shut and hoped that when she opened them maybe she'd imagined it. Her father's face would be filled with the usual disappointment when she was late for work at the family restaurant, and her brother would have that long suffering expression that he had every time he looked at her lately. Gia had been immersed in her painting and had lost track of the time, as she always did. Of course, when she looked for her work clothes, they were in the laundry basket —dirty. She picked up the set she'd worn last night, pulled her skirt around, and twisted it to the side so the sauce stain was almost hidden. Sometimes, she wondered why she bothered. No matter what she did, she never measured up to her family's expectations. If it were up to her parents, she'd be happily married to some nice Italian boy from their village and raising a tribe of bambini. Gia shivered. She couldn't think of anything worse.

Being the baby of the family made life so hard.

She bent to better examine the tire. Out of luck. It was going down, but slowly. If she pumped it up, she'd be late. On closer inspection, she decided to risk it. She didn't have far to go, and shredding a tire if it decided to give up the ghost was better than facing her brother's sarcasm when she was late –again. Lovely. Damned if she did, and damned if she didn't. Story of her life.

No matter how much she hated it, Gia had to work in the family business. It was just the way it was and what was expected of her. And, yes, that notion sounded as antiquated as the fortified walls of Castellina, but such was the way of life in her little corner of the world. Her parents meant well. Truly, they did. But would they support her? Not a chance.

She glanced down at her watch; she had eleven minutes to reach the restaurant. Eleven minutes on a bike as antiquated as the village, and with a half-flat tire. She could walk. Hell, she'd walk ten times that distance over the next few hours. But she was not going to be late. The bike would have to get her there. She opened the gate and pushed it out onto the road. There had been a light shower of rain that afternoon, and the leaves in the olive grove on the other side of the narrow road glistened in the late afternoon sunlight.

Oh no, the olives! She was supposed to pick up the olives for the restaurant from Zio Luigi. She ignored the way the light played on the trees as a silver ray of sunshine poured down on the top of the hill. But she stored it in her memory.

No time to get the olives. Gabriel will be pissed. The words ran around Gia's mind in time with the wheels as she pumped the pedals and rode up the slight incline toward the village. Once she reached the top of the first hill and headed down to the bottom, the bike whizzed along the cobblestones, past olive groves and vineyards, toward the final hill before the village. She stood and pushed the pedals down hard as she neared the crest of the second hill, the muscles in her calves screaming with the effort. Thank God, she was fit from running around the restaurant most nights. When she cleared the crest, Gia turned for a second, looking over her shoulder to see how the tire was holding up. Good. Still half full of air. As she turned back to face the road ahead, a horn blared from her left. On reflex, she cut to the right side of the road, bouncing over the curb and narrowly managing not to tumble over the handlebars. The half-flat tire wobbled precariously, and she jumped off the bike as soon as she reached the grass verge. The bike fell to the ground as a low slung sports car pulled to a halt mere inches away from her legs. The back wheel of the bike continued to spin slowly, catching the last of the afternoon light on the chrome spokes. It all happened in slow motion, like that art house movie she loved to watch some nights when she couldn't sleep. What was it called? The one with the clouds and the cityscapes? She stared at the car as the door opened.

"Idiota," she muttered beneath her breath. Summer was coming and the road was busy with damned tourists roaring though the village. Folding her arms, she watched as he climbed out of the car.

No, not climbed. More like he uncoiled his long lean body from the car and walked over to her, his face etched into a frown.

"Hey, calm down." Okay, so he'd heard her mutter about him being an idiot. He held his hands up as he spoke, and the last flash of sunlight caught the bike wheel as it stopped spinning.

"Koyaanisqatsi," she muttered. That was it. She loved that movie.


Olive skin against a black button-down shirt filled her vision and a deep, sexy voice filled her ears. "I almost ran you down. Are you okay?" She stood there for a second catching her breath. The close call had rattled her but at least she was unhurt. Okay, it was time to put Mr. Sexy Voice out of his misery.

Before she could speak, strong hands reached for her shoulders and he gripped her firmly. "Are you dazed? I didn't hit you, did I?" He sounded more agitated than he had a few seconds ago—but the voice was still like ... like what? It was like melted chocolate oozing through her senses.

"I'm sorry. I have caused you a flat tire on your bike."

His full lips closed tight and a frown furrowed his brow. For all his brooding, he was a very handsome man.

Gia stifled a giggle. Very Heathcliffish and Wuthering Heights. She felt like a damsel in distress.

Maybe I am dazed from the close call. She was content to spend the rest of the night staring up at the gorgeous dimple in his chin while he talked to her in that beautiful voice. A sexy hint of a warm, woodsy fragrance drifted down to her as she met his worried gaze.

He abruptly pulled her closer, and all thoughts ceased as her breasts pressed into a rock-hard chest. Her nipples tingled and she drew a short breath as the tingling travelled down to her belly. When she tipped her head back for a better look at him, her clip broke and her hair tumbled from its ponytail over her shoulders. "I thought I was sure to run you down. You scared ten years off my life when I came over the hill." Now the voice held more worry than promise and she came to her senses with a jolt as his hands ran down her shoulders and held her hands. "You should know better," he said, his tone chiding. "It's foolish to not pay attention to your surroundings."

Oh no he didn't! She put up with enough coddling and chastising and censure from her family. She'd not stand here with some stranger—albeit a very very attractive one—and be subjected to another lecture. She already had Gabriel criticizing every breath she took.

She tried to pull back from his grasp, but he held onto her fingers. The anger that had been simmering in her chest ever since she'd had to put her paintbrush aside and leave for work finally boiled over.


Excerpted from Ten Days in Tuscany by Annie Seaton, Erin Molta. Copyright © 2015 Annie Seaton. Excerpted by permission of Entangled Publishing, LLC.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Ten Days in Tuscany (Entangled Indulgence) 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 19 reviews.
ToryMichaels More than 1 year ago
This was a great book by Ms. Seaton. There were a few weaknesses in it for me (the slightly over-the-top protectiveness of the dad and Gia's weakness when it came to what she believed/thought), but other than that, I enjoyed it. Gia - Such a sweetheart. I really liked her, and the development of her over the course of the book (aforementioned weakness issue notwithstanding). I loved watching her flourish in her art and the solidification of knowing what she wanted to do with her life (paint). Nic - I liked the growth of his character over the course of the book, his discovery of something about himself that he'd never really realized, thanks to his interactions with Gia. He really did grow and I appreciated the fact that it didn't seem forced at all. So, overall, I really liked this book and I continue to enjoy reading books by Ms. Seaton. So glad she's with Entangled. Book provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
lizkeysmash More than 1 year ago
 Nic is hot, and Gia is a sweetheart, but I may have overdosed on "seems meek, is really a firecracker" ladies lately. I'm also really over dudes telling what they see as harmless lies to ladies because they're worried about their reactions to the truth. But to each their own. If you don't mind those things, the rest of the book is lovely. The setting is beautiful, and man do I want to see Gia's art with my own eyes. She really is a doll, and I was happy for her professional progress in the book. Their chemistry is out of this world, too. Seriously, super hot. The scene in the studio ... no spoilers, but you'll see what I mean when you read it.
IreneC More than 1 year ago
4 stars I really enjoyed Ten Days in Tuscany. The writing is well done and the chemistry between the characters is smoking! You will definitely want to read this one, I highly recommend it.
Cheryl-S More than 1 year ago
4.5 Stars Gia Carelli is a waitress at her family's restaurant but she's an artist at heart.  When Nic Baldini vacations in Tuscany and meets this beautiful budding artist, he realizes he must help bring her to the attention of the world of art.  He's learned from her father that the Baldini name is not welcome in their little village because when he remodeled the family villa, he hired craftsmen that were not local.  He has to keep Gia from finding out who he really is.  How can he do that when he finds himself spending every moment he can with her, in and out of bed. Gia's family is extremely overbearing.  They act as if she doesn't have the capacity to form thoughts and make decisions for herself.  These two people are struggling to find their way and accomplish their dreams as their families discourage them at every turn.  The way this author writes makes me feel like I'm in the story watching it unfold.  I can picture things like the roads, the fields, Gia's cottage, and her family working in the restaurant.  I love it when an author pulls me into their story so completely.  I can't wait for the next book from this amazing author. Received a copy in exchange for an honest review.
megpie93 More than 1 year ago
3.5 stars I really liked this sweet love story that took place in Tuscany. I will admit I don’t read a lot of books set in different countries, but this one I could just picture the scenery as it was described. I liked Gia and Nic. I thought that their characters were great together. Although, I did like them, I also had a few issues with both of them. They were small, sorta, but they also made me like the book less. First off, Gia really needed to stand up to her family. I can’t tell you how many times I just wanted to hit her in the head tell her to take charge of her own life. And when she finally does it pretty well too late because you don’t actually get to see how they will react to that. And the thing with Nic that I did not like was how he handled some things. Let’s just say that at the end of the book it should have been him begging for her back and not her being the one apologizing to him. So, yes, the ending was not my favorite. I could have been better. And another thing that I would have probably liked more about the book would have been if it was just about maybe her wanting her own restaurant or something like that. I’ll be honest here; I don’t really know anything about painting. It doesn’t interest me in the least. So yeah, maybe setting this book around something else besides panting or art work I might have liked the book more than I did. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed this book, I enjoyed Nic and Gia (Mostly) but I think with a different plot besides painting I could have enjoyed this more, but then maybe not? Who knows? Overall thoughts… Overall I was a pretty solid book. Sure, it could of have a few improvements but overall I enjoyed. I mean I was set in Tuscany. Who would not enjoy read a book set there? I did. The question is would I recommend this book? The answer would be yes. I had a few problems with the book but overall I enjoyed. I loved where it was set in Tuscany. And I felt like I could picture being there when they would describe something. Sweet romance with some conflict set in Tuscany. If that sounds like something you would be interest in then, well go purchase this book. Happy Reading ¿
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Nice fast read
Jasmyn9 More than 1 year ago
I have a problem with lies - especially from my main characters. But I get this one!!! It did not bother me at all. His lie was not an attempt to trick the girl into thinking something else, but a way to stay under the radar while he was on vacation. But of course, one thing lead to another and now how do you tell her who you really are??? Nic was a pretty good guy. A little too caught up in work - but it seems like that's what makes a man rich. I loved his passion for art. It was something a little different than what I see in a lot of characters. Gia was a little less likable for me. She had some self-esteem issues that just didn't fit in with the rest of her out going personality. She just didn't believe in herself as an artist. Nic sees her talent immediately though (and that leads to another lie that I wasn't as forgiving of) and tries to help her with an art show. There's a lot of on again off again in this story. Some of it was believable and some of it wasn't. What really drew me into the story was Gia's traditional family and their expectations of her. The setting was also amazingly beautiful. I really want to go to Tuscany now - take in the sites, eat some food, and meet a millionaire. *This book was received in exchange for an honest review*
aprilrenee1976 More than 1 year ago
good cowboy romance ***A gifted copy was provided by the publisher for an honest review**** This was a good story it didn’t have the oomph to hold my attention through the story.  This is the story of Levi and Carrie. High school sweethearts, when Levi joined the Marines he left Carrie behind. He hated doing it but he did it anyway, breaking her heart in the process. Now they are both back in the same town – he is a veteran, recovering from the war and she is home to help her father with his ranch. Meeting up is going to happen and when Levi makes it VERY clear that he wants a second chance, Carrie has to decide if she can trust him once again and open her heart. At time this story felt like it was going very slow and then would go fast. I did like the interaction between the main characters and I enjoyed this was a second chance love story. I wish their could have been less lag and more smoothness but overall this was a good read.  My rating: 3.5 stars ***
JackiesBookWorld More than 1 year ago
Ten Days in Tuscany is a story about new beginnings, and love. I really enjoyed reading the story, it was full of chemistry between the characters, and their back stories just grabbed my attention that made it impossible to stop reading the story. Gia Carelli is a dreamer at heart, she is smart, noble, and a natural artist. With that said, she pours everything into her art, and her personality reflects that. Having always lived in her small Tuscan village, Gia has always known in her heart that she is meant to do bigger things outside the village where generations of her family have lived before her. Not wanting to disappoint her family, she has always been the obedient one, but she can't help herself for wanting something more. It all soon changes when she meets Nic Baldini, the one that has promised her to make her famous in the art world, and the one that by chance steals her heart.  Nic Baldini has been finally decided to take a vacation in the small Tuscan village. After so many years of neglecting what he always wanted to do the most, he is determined to put work aside and let the artist in him out. Having prepared his villa for his arrival, he is excited to start working on his art, but that immediately changes when he meets Gia Carelli, the women whose art speaks to him more than he could have imagined. Now he is determined to get close to her, enough to let him see more of her art. After all, plans change all the time, and when a series of events lead him to hide his true identity, he will have to find a way to let Gia know the truth before it's too late.  Like I mentioned before, Ten Days in Tuscany is a story of new beginnings, both characters have struggled to get the approval of their families, and instead they are both doing things to please others instead of themselves. Art is what is keeping the both alive in a sense, it represents something different for each one that made it that much more interesting to read. I liked how their relationship progressed, and how as readers we get to see the dynamic between Gia's family. It explained why she desperately wants to move away and start a career of her own. I did liked Gia's personality as well, and her passion for art. The setting played a huge part on their relationship that was very well described in the book. On the other hand, Nic has a sad past that involves his mother, and how he was raised. It is evident that he is trying to please his father, and his approval means the world to him. When he starts to see what he really wants, Nic realizes that some things are worth fighting for no matter what anyone thinks. Overall, I enjoyed the book, I would highly recommend it to those that are looking for a quick romance full of chemistry, and an amazing setting. :) *ARC provided by Entangled Publishing in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.*
Nicolerko More than 1 year ago
Take a journey to Tuscany. Sometimes fate puts people in our paths at right moment. This happens for Gia. The moment Nic steps into her life is that life changing moment. Gia has passion for her painting, but no one in her life takes it seriously. Nic recognizes the talent she has and he wants to do everything he can to see her succeed. He keeps his true identity and the reason he wants to help a secret we know that will come back to bite him in the butt. I really enjoyed watching Gia blossom with her art. Nic is all business and needs to learn to slow down a bit to enjoy life and honor his mother's life.
weluvdopey More than 1 year ago
Great Book! This is another great book by Annie Seaton. Gia is an artist who dreams of moving to Florence Italy and getting away from her overbearing family who wants her to marry a local boy. When she meets a sexy, rich stranger Nic, she is hoping that her luck is going to change. Nic is on a much needed vacation and also trying to run from his responsibilities with his family. When he meets Gia he wants to help her but he lies to her to gain her trust. If you love a good romance then you need to read this book. I also loved that it is set in Italy, one place I would one day love to visit. I am looking forward to the next book by this author.  A Review copy was provided to me in exchange for a fair and honest review. The free book held no determination on my personal review.
Lori-Gonzo More than 1 year ago
Oh the Italian hot male definitely lived up to the reputation in this book.  Nic was unbelievably hot, from his good looks to his fast car to the passion he had with Gia.  Yowza!  I liked Gia for her passion and her loyalty to her family, despite their treatment of her.  But being the baby in the family, it is hard to lose that image.  When she did though, it was fun and smoking.  Together they saw the other's real person and helped to inspire their real selves.  So sweet, so passionate, so loving.   This was a very enjoyable read that I finished quickly since I could visualize the scenes so clearly in my head.  The words were vibrant and full of life. I received this book in exchange for an honest review from the publisher.
Splashesintobooks1 More than 1 year ago
Superb - highly recommended! Gia Carelli is a talented artist but her family don’t acknowledge or respect her skills, nor will they help her go to Florence to study. Instead she waits tables in the family restaurant but paints whenever she has the opportunity to do so. She’s late getting to the restaurant for work after spending more time that she should have painting – again! With a puncture in her bicycle tyre, she stops to examine it. That’s when Nic Baldini, a patron of the arts, millionaire tycoon and business man, nearly runs into her. Her fiery reaction to him is intriguing, especially when he later sees her at the restaurant where she seems very quiet, shy and docile – the antithesis of how she reacted to him! After her father makes disparaging remarks about the Baldini family’s lack of support for the local community, Nic uses his mother’s surname instead of his own, especially when he sees examples of Gia’s artwork on display in the restaurant. Can Nic enable Gia’s dream of becoming a full time artist come true? How will she react to his true identity? Will their fiery reaction to each other lead to love or will the lies and deceit prevent it developing? Can they both achieve their HEA – and will it be together or with others? A lovely addition to this series, another great read that I thoroughly enjoyed. The plot seems straightforward and simple but the twists, turns and obstacles on the path to true love make this an intriguing and enjoyable read. Thanks to the author, publishers and NetGalley, too for letting me read an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.
WinnieL More than 1 year ago
I received this from Netgalley/Entangled Publishing in exchange for an honest review. What I liked about this book was the in-depth writing and the descriptions of the village which Gia lived at. I have always wanted to visit Tuscany and after reading this book, it made me wanna go there even more. For someone reading Annie Seaton's book for the first time, I think you'll enjoy it very much. But for those who have read most of Annie's books, I think they will find that the storyline is somewhat similar to some of other Annie's books. When I read this book, I was somehow reminded of Brushing off the Boss and I thought they shared several similarities. I think Annie is capable of coming out with fresher storylines and I sure hope she will.
busymama49 More than 1 year ago
What a wonderful, romantic, love story! Once again, Annie Seaton has transported me to Italy to the beautiful Tuscan countryside, and woven a love story to swoon over. Gia is on the edge of discovering her true worth as an artist. She just needs the extra push and kind support of someone who understands her need to paint and share her art. Being the youngest, she is protected and sheltered by her entire family. It is now time for her to spread her wings and expand her horizons. Nic is super rich and in charge. He is in full control but not necessarily living his life to his fullest. He is also struggling to find himself and what his passion is. Once he meets Gia, his whole life changes. This story reminds me of the stories about the love thunderbolt. Once it hits you, you will fall head over heels and your entire life will come into focus. There is one person that completes you, if you are lucky to find her/him. Once you do, you better not let go and hold on to this love for life.
Bette313 More than 1 year ago
I really loved this book! I found the whirlwind romance of Nic and Gia touching and thought both characters became better, stronger people because of the love they found. Nic has everything, rich, strong family, good business sense, but it all seems to be strangling him. For a much needed break he goes to a small village in Tuscany where he meets the incomparable Gia. She is an amazing artist but is working in her families restaurant rather than pursuing her artistic desires. Nic works to convince Gia that the world needs to see her art but never once does he reveal his true identity to her. When the secrets are revealed their new love will be put to the ultimate test. This is a good one, I definitely recommend it!
grandmareads102 More than 1 year ago
Gia Carelli lives for her painting, but her family only wants her to marry and have babies. Frustrated by their attitude, she's determined to break free of their hold. Then she meets a handsome tourist, Nic Baldine. He's amazed by her talent and wants to showcase her work. He's, also, attracted by her beauty and her kindness. Does he have an ulterior motive? Can she trust him? This story is a sweet romance of two people who want to break free and achieve their dreams. Gia and Nic are strong, compelling characters. They are well written and realistic. It's easy to be drawn into their romance. The setting provides a beautiful and tranquil background to their passionate relationship. The dialogue is crisp and the characters pulled at my heartstrings. Annie Seaton has written an entertaining story that left me smiling. Ten Days in Tuscany was a rewarding read.
Lashea677 More than 1 year ago
I fell deeply in love with this sweet love story. I received an ARC of Ten Days in Tuscany by Annie Seaton for an honest review. Gia and Nic meet in one the most romantic locations Italy. Searching for a way to pursue her dream of being an artist, Gia crosses path with Nic who is intrigued by her. Nic is incognito while in Italy taking a much needed break. Drawn to Gia and her plight he offers to help not revealing who he truly is. Although somewhat predictable, I enjoyed and would definitely recommend.
My_Peace More than 1 year ago
Annie writes so vividly that she took me right to Tuscany in Ten Days in Tuscany.  I loved her descriptions of the place, the paint, and the people. Gia and Nic are main characters who are both unhappy where they are in their lives, living how other people think they should.  After a chance meeting, they connect strongly, and a love of art is what initially brings them together, and a powerful chemistry makes it all the more fun.  Nic can see all the potential Gia has but that she can't see.  Spending time together brings them much closer together, and their whirlwind relationship is quick but believable.  I really liked Gia and could feel for her...wanting to please her family, but having her own desires too.   It is a fine balance to try to achieve both, and she just might have to start thinking of herself first.  Nic is a big help for Gia, he inspires her, makes her feel, and makes her believe in herself.  I liked how Nic and Gia gave each other strength...and I couldn't wait to see if they would both also find the courage to do what was right for them.   I wasn't as fond of Nic because I felt that he was keeping a secret that would hurt not only him, but Gia as well.   I liked how Annie wrote in the family dynamics in Ten Days in Tuscany, and how this plays a big role in the plot.  I like how she wrote it, how it was dealt with, and how the family's ended up being. Being who you need to be for yourself is difficult sometimes, but a bit easier when you have someone by you side.  Ten Days in Tuscany has is a great, flowing book and it was easy to stay in the here and now of the story!  I'd recommend Ten Days in Tuscany to any romance reader looking to be swept away in an artfully set romance!