Ten Equations to Explain the Mysteries of Modern Astrophysics: From Information and Chaos Theory to Ghost Particles and Gravitational Waves

Ten Equations to Explain the Mysteries of Modern Astrophysics: From Information and Chaos Theory to Ghost Particles and Gravitational Waves

by Santhosh Mathew


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This book introduces ten equations that transcend the boundaries of time and space. It takes readers through a journey of self-discovery where they will learn the history, science, and significance of these equations in the context of their lives. Moreover, the mathematical beauty of these equations is presented in a profoundly modest fashion to highlight the idea that equations are eternal but humans are transient.

Each chapter offers readers a sublime experience and provides insights into the laws of nature that address the ever-expanding intricacy of our universe. The history of humankind, according to Franz Kafka, is the instant between two strides taken by a traveler. Therefore, what remains eternal when we finish our journey on this tiny rocky planet is our deep desire to connect with everything else in this universe. These equations capture the essence of that aspiration and remain everlasting while we continue our trivial human pursuits.

Additionally, these ten equations change the way we live and view the world and will outlast even the most enduring signs of our civilization. They have the potential to take us from planet to planet and perhaps to make us a cosmic species. They can destroy the last strand of DNA to terminate life as we know it and generate life again from the fundamental laws of nature. While these equations are intangible, they can create a tangible world yet remain truly eternal.

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ISBN-13: 9781627347204
Publisher: Universal-Publishers.com
Publication date: 05/14/2019
Pages: 206
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.44(d)

About the Author

Santhosh Mathew, PhD, is a professor, researcher, and science writer who tries to decode science for those with an aversion to it. He has written extensively on contemporary scientific topics and authored two earlier books. His research interests include developments in modern physics, mathematics, and cosmology. Currently, he is an Associate Professor at Regis College, a Catholic University in Greater Boston.

Table of Contents

Foreword ix

Preface xiii

Acknowledgements xvii

Introduction: the origin of equations xix

Chapter 1: The equation that gave us a digital life 1

What is information theory? 4

Can bit generate it? 7

The equation for eternity rests among the dead 11

Chapter 2: The equation that predicted

ghost particles 17

Why are ghost particles so cool? 18

Why does anything exist? The largest particle physics

experiment since the Large Hadron Collider may answer

the question 24

Searching for ghosts 26

Which came first—the laws of physics or the universe? 28

Chapter 3: The equation that launched

rockets and brought down apples 33

One hundred years of gravitational waves 39

What goes up must come down—really? 43

Gravity and the role of the creator 45

Chapter 4: The equation that tells

galaxies are flying away from us 49

How do astronomers actually measure the value

of the Hubble constant? 54

Looking back in time 58

The myth of hidden scientific wisdom in eastern mysticism 62

Chapter 5: The equation that conceals

a scientific tragedy 69

A bridge between microscopic and macroscopic worlds 71

Philosophy and tragedy 76

Significance of Boltzmann’s work 79

Chapter 6: The equation that stole eternity 85

Social entropy and the second law of thermodynamics 91

Evolution and the second law of thermodynamics 96

Chapter 7: The equation that unraveled

the dual nature of light 103

The dual nature of light 110

Planck’s constant 113

Planck satellite 118

Chapter 8: The equation that reveals the

interplay between mass and energy 123

Too big to succeed—the abandoned Desertron is a bleeding

scar on the heart of American particle physics 131

Star in a jar 134

Can energy turn into mass? 137

Chapter 9: The equation that counts the alien

civilizations 141

Impact of alien contact on human society 145

An alien messenger 149

In the age of Messaging Extraterrestrial Intelligence (METI),

who should speak for Earth? 152

Chapter 10: The equation that tells there is

order in disorder 159

Chaos and universe 163

Chaos theory in modeling brain and climate change 168

Conclusion: the death of equations 177

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