Ten Zen Seconds

Ten Zen Seconds

by Eric Maisel


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Ten Zen Seconds by Eric Maisel

A powerful, ten-second technique can change stress into calm, strength and a centered approach. The basis of The Ten Second Pause is using a single deep breath as a container for a specific thought.

This technique is simple to grasp, simple to use, simple to practice and simple to master. This technique can be used anywhere, anytime, by anyone and it's profound in its benefits. You'll find yourself able to do things that previously felt too painful or too difficult to attempt. You'll be able to calm and center yourself before an important meeting or conversation. You'll be able to change your basic attitudes about life, becoming calm and positive where before you may have been anxious or pessimistic.

Blending Eastern principles of breath awareness and mindfulness with Western principles of positive psychology, together they offer a powerful antidote to stress, procrastination and anxiousness.

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ISBN-13: 9781402208539
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Publication date: 03/01/2007
Pages: 256
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 7.00(h) x 0.69(d)

About the Author

Eric Maisel, PhD has written more than 20 works of fiction and non-fiction and has 55,000 readers of his monthly column in Art Calendar magazine. He is a licensed family therapist, creativity coach and trainer of creativity coaches. He has a doctorate in counseling psychology. He lives and works in San Francisco, California.

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I am going to teach you a centering technique that verges on the miraculous. You can dramatically improve your ability to center, become more calm and more powerful, and radically improve your life by taking ten-second pauses of the sort that I'm about to describe. You'll be amazed to learn that such a life-altering strategy can come in a span as small as ten seconds, but it can! Hundreds of my clients, and hundreds of volunteers, have used this technique to center, calm, and ground themselves while waiting in traffic, sitting in the dentist's office, preparing to record a new album, or readying themselves to talk to their teenager. They know firsthand that this technique works.
This ten-second technique has two components: a breathing part and a thinking part. The basis of Ten Zen Seconds is using a single deep breath as a container for a specific thought. First you practice deep breathing until you can produce a breath that lasts about five seconds on the inhale and five seconds on the exhale. Learning to do this will take you only a few minutes. Then you insert a thought into the breath, silently thinking half the thought on the inhale and half the thought on the exhale. This, too, will take you only a short time to learn. In an afternoon you can familiarize yourself with the program outlined in this book.

Table of Contents

One. Introducing Ten Zen Seconds
Two. Breathing and Thinking
Three. The Twelve Incantations
Four. Incantation 1: I Am Completely Stopping
Five. Incantation 2: I Expect Nothing
Six. Incantation 3: I Am Doing My Work
Seven. Incantation 4: I Trust My Resources
Eight. Incantation 5: I Feel Supported
Nine. Incantation 6: I Embrace This Moment
Ten. Incantation 7: I Am Free of the Past
Eleven. Incantation 8: I Make My Meaning
Twelve. Incantation 9: I Am Open to Joy
Thirteen. Incantation 10: I Am Equal to This Challenge
Fourteen. Incantation 11: I Am Taking Action
Fifteen. Incantation 12: I Return with Strength
Sixteen. Using the Twelve Incantations
Seventeen. Choosing Incantations
Eighteen. Combining, Customizing,
and Creating Incantations -
Nineteen. Bookends
Twenty. Ten Zen Seconds Centering Exercises
Twenty-One. Introducing the Centering Sequence
Twenty-Two. Practicing the Centering Sequence
Twenty-Three. Customizing the Centering Sequence
Twenty-Four. Centering in Public
Twenty-Five. Centering and Healing -
Twenty-Six. Centering for Performance
Twenty-Seven. In the Vanguard
Twenty-Eight. Your Centering Practice
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