Tender Deceptions

Tender Deceptions

by Sherry Roseberry


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ISBN-13: 9781544921174
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 03/24/2017
Pages: 388

About the Author

Sherry Roseberry was born and raised in a small town in Idaho. There were two things she wanted to be when she grew up, a mother and an actress. While in a seventh grade English class her teacher said that if they ever wanted to write for magazines like The Readers Digest the articles had to be perfect in spelling, grammar, and punctuation. She admonished the students to take English classes seriously.
Roseberry remembers thinking that advice didn't pertain to her because she wasn't going to be a writer. She was going to be an actress. From middle school to collage her focus was drama. Little did she know she would end up writing.
Her drama training hasn't been wasted, though. She's been in several community productions, and written, acted in, and later sold plays to Eldridge Play Company. Three are still in print. She has adapted the acting methods she's learned to accentuate her writing, and has given numerous workshops teaching others the same techniques.
But, she still remembers her seventh grade English teacher. She wishes she'd paid more attention.
If she isn't thinking through the next plot twist, she's probably involved with her friends or family.

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