Tenerife Tall Tales: Set in and Around This Magical Spanish Island

Tenerife Tall Tales: Set in and Around This Magical Spanish Island


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Tenerife Tall Tales: Set in and Around This Magical Spanish Island by Tony Thorne

Top award in the (SF category) New York 'Best Read on the Beach' Festival contest..!
A collection of seventeen speculative SF and Macabre Tales by English writer Tony Thorne MBE, set on, in and even under that magical Spanish Canary Island. The contents include:
SMALLER THAN LIFE - Modifying DNA can produce problems.
EVOLUTION - Things change, so what might come next?
HOLOGHOSTS - A spooky tale, with a scientific explanation?
SALVAGE - Underwater exploration is fascinating around the island.
ARTEFACT - What might be hidden in a Tenerife cave?
BAGGAGE INCLUDED - An unwelcome visitor has to get home.
HILLYBOOTS - Are there too many hills here, for oldies?
RETIREMENT PLAN - I&tacute;s always a good idea to look ahead?
INFORMAL CONVERSATION - A glimpse into the near future?
BLACK HOLE - Where do they put all the garbage nowadays?
HIDDEN RECALL - We all have secrets we want to hide.
MANSLAUGHTER - A very different kind of 'Who-Done-It' tale.
DO-IT-YOURSELF - Beware of unusual second hand garments.
LONG TERM SURVIVAL - An extended look into the far future.

Introduction by Harry Harrison, the legendary author of more than 20 novels, several film scripts, and many collections of short stories. His books have been translated into over 30 languages.
"Tony Thorne has the mind of a scientist and the soul of an artist. His science and technology are correct, his extrapolations wonderful and ingenious. But then - surprise! A blackness may descend - or a brilliant flash of black humour. Read and enjoy ... "

Review by Rhetta Akamatsu, USA, author of Ghost to Coast, a paranormal handbook. She is the assistant editor of The NexusWorld Journal of Anomolous Sciences.
"An exotic island, one of the Canary Islands, Tenerife seems like an appropriate place for adventure; and when a scientist and design engineer with a taste for Science Fiction decides to set his speculative tall tales there, amazing adventures do, indeed, ensue.
Set, for the most part, in the near future, the tales use very believable twists on emergent technology. What Thorne creates in Tenerife is a world where the reader never knows what to expect under the sea, in caves, on the land and in the air. The island becomes, in various tales, a land where animals act as intelligently as humans, where attempts to handle environmental issues have very unexpected results, where exotic locations and experimental science create sometimes dark, sometimes humorous, and always amazing and utterly intriguing results.
Tony Thorne's grasp of the science that looms just over the horizon and his love for Science Fiction come together, in these stories, to create speculative fiction of the very best kind."

Review by Autumn Conley, American author of two novels, numerous articles, and reviews for many USA magazines and newspapers.
"With all the fervor and creativity an author can muster, Tony Thorne MBE has put together a remarkable collection of short stories, inspired by the island he loves and the genre of shadowy imagination that he is so very good at capturing. Thorne's stories are meticulously laced with a perfect concoction of urban legend, scientific precision, and his own edgy yarns to be almost believable, yet far beyond the imaginations of what we know as reality. Anyone who enjoys good fiction with a tinge of daunting possibility should consider Tenerife Tales a must for their reading list"

Review by Dr. Tami Brady, Canada
"At first glance, Tenerife sounds like a vacation paradise. Who wouldn't want to visit a breathtaking isle nestled in the Canary Islands? But you've never been to a place like this. No tales of sunbathing. No cold drinks served while enjoying the warm weather. It would seem that the island has a few secrets. Tenerife Tall Tales with a Twist in the Tail is a collection of witty, ironic, and hilarious short stories"

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781438240602
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 02/24/2011
Pages: 134
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.29(d)

About the Author

Tony Thorne MBE is an Englishman, born and technically educated in London, England, but now living in Austria and in the winters in the warmer (Spanish) Island of Tenerife. He originally qualified as a Chartered Design Engineer and created a well-known British company (now American owned) specialising in Applied Physics and Medical products.

For developments in low temperature (cryo)surgery instrumentation, the Queen awarded him an MBE. Later he emigrated, to Switzerland where he created (and became CEO of) the European Division of an American Corporation specialising in medical laboratory, and computer-related, products.

He now writes speculative short fiction, with a twist in the tail. Earlier in life too he wrote and occasionally sold science-fiction and humorous stories, and has also written technical articles about cryosurgery instrumentation, nuclear protection equipment, very high temperature furnaces and microbiological analysis equipment.

His website, with lots more information is ... www.tonythorne.co.uk

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