Tentacle Sex Monster from Outer Space (Alien Bondage Erotica)

Tentacle Sex Monster from Outer Space (Alien Bondage Erotica)

by Annabeth Lake

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Tentacle Sex Monster from Outer Space (Alien Bondage Erotica) by Annabeth Lake

When aliens land on Earth and demand beautiful women, Alison is both excited and frightened. She is chosen to be sent to the aliens, but what do her new masters really want from her? A life of sexual servitude and a monster with six tentacles await her on the alien ship, and even her strangest fantasies can’t prepare her for what’s to come!

This 4600 word story contains bondage, reluctant stripping, and oral and tentacle sex.


I hit the floor hard, hurting my knees. Sentries grabbed me and pulled me to my feet, allowing me no time to recover. They shoved me into the room so hard that I fell and slid across it. The door slammed shut.

The room was fully mechanized. As soon as I tried to stand in the center of the chamber, panels in the ceiling and floor opened. Ropes of a strange material I’d never seen before emerged from these openings and, accurately as if they were alive, caught my wrists and ankles. My limbs were jerked apart, my arms spread over my head, my legs drawn so wide that my thighs couldn’t close. With a mechanical ratcheting sound, the ropes bound my body into an ‘X,’ leaving me unable to defend myself against anything the aliens might do, unable to even cover my most secret parts.

I struggled against the ropes. They were flexible enough to allow me to turn my wrists, but they were far too tight for me pull out of, and far too strong to be broken. Nevertheless, I tugged at them. If I could just get a little slack, I fooled myself into believing, I could wriggle free.

The ropes pulled taut once again, and I could move no more.

I stood there, held in the obscene ‘X’ and cursing my fate. Even as much as I’d accepted (and even anticipated) that the aliens wanted my body for sexual purposes, this wasn’t at all how I’d imagined it. But then, what had I expected? Certainly not this sense of shame that filled me, this vulnerability. My breasts felt heavy in this pose, my pink nipples jutting out into the air. The air of the chamber was cool between my legs

The sound of the walls moving startled me. Raising my head, I saw that large panels along three of them were retracting, revealing windows. On the other side of these windows was what appeared to be a great amphitheatre. A cluster of aliens sat in rows in the brightly lit room. Their long faces were impassive as they peered in at me. Watching them nervously, I was reminded of the medical theatres where students observed procedures.

A sense of horror settled in me. But I had no time to truly experience it. With a quick rush of air, the door to the chamber opened and an entirely new kind of monster appeared.

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Publisher: Annabeth Lake
Publication date: 01/02/2013
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About the Author

Annabeth Lake is a former Southern belle turned international traveler. She has a special fondness for erotica that flirts with the taboo and unusual.

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