Teply and Whitten's Civil Procedure, 3d Edition, 2008 Supplement

Teply and Whitten's Civil Procedure, 3d Edition, 2008 Supplement

by Larry L. Teply, Ralph U. Whitten

Paperback(New Edition)


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ISBN-13: 9781599414867
Publisher: West Academic Publishing
Publication date: 05/23/2008
Series: University Textbook Ser.
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 224
Product dimensions: 6.37(w) x 9.72(h) x 0.37(d)

Table of Contents

Preface     iii
Introduction to Civil Procedure and Practice     1
The Role of Civil Actions in the Administration of Justice     1
The Substance-Procedure Distinction     1
Alternative Dispute Resolution     1
The Historical Evolution of Civil Procedure     2
Subject-Matter Jurisdiction     4
The Nature of Subject-Matter Jurisdiction     4
Subject-Matter Jurisdiction of the State Courts     6
Subject-Matter Jurisdiction of the Federal Courts     6
Personal Jurisdiction and Service of Process     46
Development of Territorial Rules of Personal Jurisdiction     46
The Operation of the Territorial Rules     47
Fictional Evolution of the Presence and Consent Tests for Personal Jurisdiction     47
The Development of Modern Restrictions on State-Court Jurisdiction: The Minimum Contacts Test     48
The Status of the Territorial Rules of Jurisdiction After International Shoe     48
The Reaction of the States to the Minimum Contacts Test: Long-Arm Statutes     48
The Content of the Minimum Contacts Test     50
Application of the Minimum Contacts Test to Specific Cases     53
Notice     60
Service of Process     62
Special Problems of Amenability to Process in Federal Court     64
Venue     67
Transitory and Local Actions     67
Venue in State Courts     68
Venue in Federal Courts     68
Forum Non Conveniens and Change of Venue     71
Injunctions Against Extrastate Litigation and Other Devices for Controlling the Location of the Suit     77
Sources of Law     79
The Separation-of-Powers Doctrine     79
The Erie Doctrine     79
The Evolution of the Erie Doctrine: Applicability of State "Substantive Law" Under the Rules of Decision Act     81
The Evolution of the Erie Doctrine: Conflicts Between State Law and Federal Rules of Civil Procedure     83
The Erie Doctrine in the Lower Federal Courts     84
Determination of State Law     87
Federal Common Law     90
Pleading and Related Matters     93
Common-Law Pleading     93
Federal Rules Pleading     93
Verification and Good Faith Pleading     109
Provisional Remedies     112
Joinder of Claims     115
Joinder of Claims by Plaintiffs at Common Law and In Equity     115
Joinder of Claims by Plaintiffs Under the Federal Rules      115
Counterclaims and Cross-Claims Under the Federal Rules     116
Joinder of Parties     120
Basic Party Joinder Provisions of the Federal Rules     120
Special Party Joinder Devices     127
Discovery and Pretrial Conferences     148
Development of Modern Discovery     148
The General Scope of Discovery Under the Federal Rules     148
Required Disclosures Under the Federal Rules     150
The Discovery Planning Conference, Timing, Sequence, Priority, Limits, and Certification     151
Oral Depositions     154
Interrogatories to Parties     156
Production of Documents, Entries on Land, Testing, and Sampling     156
Pretrial Conferences and Orders     158
Disposition of the Action Without Trial     159
Default Judgment     159
Summary Judgment     160
Voluntary Dismissals     160
Involuntary Dismissals     161
Miscellaneous Methods of Disposing of an Action Without Trial     161
Trial     163
Nature and Order of a Trial     163
Trial by Jury in Anglo-American Law     163
The Right to Trial by Jury in a Merged System: The Basic Approaches     164
Right to Trial by Jury Versus Mere "Incidents" of the Right     164
The Right to Trial by Jury in Complex Cases     164
Involuntary Dismissals, Directed Verdicts, Burden of Proof, and Presumptions     165
Jury Instructions     165
Judgment     165
Post-Trial Motions, Appellate Review, and Extraordinary Relief from Judgments     166
Post-Trial Motions     166
Appellate Review     167
Appellate Procedure     169
Scope of Review     169
Extraordinary Relief from a Judgment     169
Finality in Litigation     170
Introduction     170
Claim Preclusion     172
Issue Preclusion     177
Parties Bound by Judgments     185
Claim and Issue Preclusion on Questions of Subject-Matter and Personal Jurisdiction     188
Complications Produced by the Federal System     189
Other Preclusion Doctrines: Stare Decisis, Law of the Case, and Judicial Estoppel     193
Table of Cases     197

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