Terrorism in Context

Terrorism in Context

by Martha Crenshaw (Editor)



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ISBN-13: 9780271010144
Publisher: Penn State University Press
Publication date: 01/18/1995
Pages: 652
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About the Author

Martha Crenshaw is Professor of Government at Wesleyan University, author of Revolutionary Terrorism: The FLN in Algeria, 1954–1962 (1978), and editor of Terrorism, Legitimacy, and Power (1983).

Table of Contents


1. Thoughts on Relating Terrorism to Historical Contexts Martha Crenshaw

2. The Intellectual Origins of Modern Terrorism in Europe

Martin A. Miller

3. Russian Revolutionary Terrorism

Philip Pomper

4. Left-Wing Terrorism in Italy

Donatella della Porta

5. West German Left-Wing Terrorism

Peter H. Merkl

6. Political Violence in Argentina: Guerrillas, Terrorists, and Carapintadas

Richard Gillespie

7. The Revolutionary Terrorism of Peru's Shining Path

David Scott Palmer

8. The Culture of Paramilitarism in Ireland

Charles Townshend

9. Political Violence and Terrorism in India: The Crisis of Identity

Paul Wallace

10. Political Violence in a Democratic State: Basque Terrorism in Spain

Goldie Shabad and Francisco Jose Llera Ramo

11. The Effectiveness of Terrorism in the Algerian War

Martha Crenshaw

12. Terrorism in the Arab-Israeli Conflict: Targets and Audiences

Ian S. Lustick

13. Terrorism and Politics in Iran

Jerrold D. Green

14. Terrorism in the Context of Academic Research

Michel Wieviorka

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