Terrorist Trail: Backtracking the Foreign Fighter

Terrorist Trail: Backtracking the Foreign Fighter

Paperback(82 illustrations)

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Terrorist Trail: Backtracking the Foreign Fighter by H. John Poole, Mike Leahy

This book is about covertly penetrating the enemy heartland along the ground. At the height of the Iraq War, it was selling to Marines in the Euphrates Valley at a rate of 200 per month. That's because it helped them to seize the initiative. First, it describes the West's most effective counter-guerrilla force. This was not the British in Malaysia, but Rhodesia's Selous Scouts. Their ability to operate safely as tiny teams deep in enemy territory is the model to which all U.S. special operators should aspire. Never fond of apartheid, they regularly converted former foes into loyal members. Then, it shows how to follow enemy footprints in urban terrain. Finally, it provides a spellbinding history of "terrorism" in Africa—the most recent arena for Islamist and Communist expansion.

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ISBN-13: 9780963869593
Publisher: Posterity Press
Publication date: 09/28/2006
Edition description: 82 illustrations
Pages: 348
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Through an inverted military career, H. John Poole has discovered a few things that more promotable people miss. After spending his first two years as a combat commander, he did his last seven as an enlisted tactics instructor. That allowed him to see why U.S. troops have always had so much trouble outmaneuvering their immediate adversaries. Their tactical techniques (like football plays) are quite simply outmoded. These U.S. small-unit maneuvers are so unlikely to surprise anyone as to be "premachinegun" in format. This oversight on the part of their commanders and how to compensate for it forms the framework of Poole's work.

Since retirement from the U.S. Marine Corps in 1993, Poole has has traveled extensively in both Communist and Islamist worlds. He has also written 10 other tactics/intelligence supplements and conducted multiday training sessions for 40 U.S. battalions, 9 schools, and 7 special operations units. As most U.S. intelligence personnel know too little about the Eastern thought process and evolution of squad tactics, these supplements provide currently deployed GIs with a rare glimpse into their enemies' intentions. Since 2000, Poole has done research in Russia, Mainland China (twice), North Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, India (three times), Pakistan (three times), Iran, Lebanon, Turkey, Egypt, Sudan, Tanzania, and Venezuela. Over the course of his lifetime, he has further traveled throughout Asia, Europe, and most of the Western Hemisphere. He has lived (or been stationed) in Mexico, Panama, Vietnam, and Japan. Between early tours in the Marine Corps (from 1969 to 1971), Poole worked as a criminal investigator for the Illinois Bureau of Investigation (IBI). After attending the State Police Academy, he worked out of the IBI's Chicago office.

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations
Part One: Tail of the Viper
Chapter 1: Baseej from North Africa
Chapter 2: Bilad as-Sudan
Chapter 3: Levant Passage
Chapter 4: Euphrates Pipeline
Chapter 5: The Ongoing War in Iraq
Chapter 6: Iran's Growing Militancy
Part Two: "Dark Continent" Lessons
Chapter 7: Zulu Double-Envelopment
Chapter 8: Boer Stalking Attack
Chapter 9: South African Reconnaissance
Chapter 10: Selous Scout Infiltration
Chapter 11: African-Style Guerrilla Warfare
Chapter 12: Muslim Raids
Part Three: Grasping the Viper by the Tail
Chapter 13: Slowing the Flow of African Fighters
Chapter 14: Urban Tracking
Chapter 15: To Truly Win in a Place Like Iraq
About the Author
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What People are Saying About This

former head of CENTCOM - Anthony C. Zinni

[A]nother brilliant and insightful work.... [It has] a depth of research and understanding that ... those facing today's challenges [will need] ... to clearly grasp the nature of the conflict and the enemy.... [A]nother must read ... if you want to understand the true global ... connection of the threats we face

former commander of 1st Marine Division - John H. Admire

[B]ook is a chilling description of the nature and extent of the constantly evolving and emerging [terrorist] threat as well as a ... surprising expose of those countries funding and fueling the hatreds.... Its true value, however, may be in outlining tactics and strategies to defeat today's terrorism threat

former commander of Camp Lejeune - Ray L. Smith

[W]ithout seriously contemplating this thought-provoking book, U.S. military men should not expect much of a change to the current situation

father of 4th-Generation Warfare theory - William S. Lind

Once again, John Poole has made a substantial contribution to understanding a 21st-Century world likely to be dominated by 4th-Generation war

former head of Hist. & Museums Div., HQMC - Edwin Howard Simmons

[F]illed with mind-stirring information not easily found elsewhere, this [book is] on terrorism and insurgency, where and how they have been fought, and some of the organizations, tactics, and techniques that have worked

frigate commander at the Battle of Leyte Gulf - Thomas R. Sargent

[B]ook ... has historical and tactical information essential to the containment of terrorism. The research and detail are amazing!... [It says] pure massive power is counterproductive.... In all military schools, [it] ... should be the bible for changing our philosophy and tactics to contain and defeat terrorism

professional military historian - Kim B. Holien

China ... has become ... [a] player in the terrorist wars of the Middle East and elsewhere.... Poole recognizes this and has written a brilliant analysis of these two ... theaters of ... war that would make Orde Wingate and T.E. Lawrence proud.... This is a guide to victory over a determined foe

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