Testifying Before Congress

Testifying Before Congress

by William N. Laforge
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TheCapitol.Net, Incorporated

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Testifying Before Congress 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
AppliedPolicy More than 1 year ago
I purchased Mr. LaForge's book and have found it to be tremendously helpful. This guide is invaluable in preparing to testify before any official body, not just the U.S. Congress. For example, I recently used it as a resource as I was preparing a client to testify before a committee of the Institute of Medicine.
MMartineau More than 1 year ago
Testifying Before Congress is a step-by-step, practical guide to successfully guiding witnesses through the thicket of congressional investigations and hearings. Mr. LaForge is a well respected attorney and public policy professional who has worked on Capitol Hill and in public policy for many years. His book reflects many valuable lessons he has learned from his extensive "real world" experience. The book is well organized, logically progressing from a description of the context of congressional hearings to the preparation of written and oral witness testimony, the conduct of the hearing, the response to committee questions, and the post-hearing follow-up. The chapter on the presentation and delivery of oral testimony, utilizing as examples the actual congressional testimony by well known public figures, is superb. Particularly useful for practitioners is the Appendix, which contains samples of congressional written testimony and transcripts of congressional committee hearing oral testimony. The structure, organization, and "road map" approach makes the book an "easy read." Mr. LaForge's thoughtful, precisely written, and practical treatise on the congressional investigation and hearing process is an invaluable resource for all "stakeholders" in the congressional hearing and public policy-making process - Members of Congress, staff, administration officials, associations, corporations, military service branches, non-governmental organizations, and the public. The book is a "must-read" for government relations professionals and attorneys representing congressional hearing witnesses.
SJ77 More than 1 year ago
As a community banker, I have had the privilege to serve our trade association in Washington D.C. in an effort to seek reform and better legislation for the industry. Although I have not been asked to testify before congress, the thought "scares me to death". However, with this book by Bill LaForge, those fears are relieved. It is a fantastic tool and aid to help those who may be required to sit in the hot seat. Great book!