Testifying Before Congress

Testifying Before Congress

by William N. Laforge
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TheCapitol.Net, Incorporated

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Testifying Before Congress

When Governor Mitch Daniels (Indiana) compared testifying before Congress to getting a root canal, he was being polite. Sitting vulnerably at a witness table under hot television lights while members of the House or Senate stare down at you from above is not just intimidating; it can wreck your career, your company, and your credibility if you say the wrong thing.

As a practical guide to assist witnesses and their organizations in preparing and delivering Congressional testimony, this book is designed for use by anyone or any organization called upon to testify before a committee of Congress, and for those who are providing assistance in preparing the testimony and the witness. This book serves as a guide through the unique maze of the Congressional hearings process for virtually any witness or organization, including federal departments and agencies, the federal judiciary, members and staff of the legislative branch itself, associations, corporations, the military service branches, NGOs, private and voluntary organizations (PVOs), public interest entities, state and local governmental officials and institutions, and individuals who are chosen to appear as a witness before Congress for any reason on any topic.

Similarly, in the world of academics and scholarship, this reference work can be helpful to scholars and writers in think-tanks and research organizations, as well as to faculty, researchers and students engaged in the study of law, business, government, politics, political science and the legislative processes of government.

This book can also serve as a reliable reference source and helpful tool for law, lobbying, government relations, accounting, and other public policy-related service industry professionals who are involved with the Congressional hearings process on behalf of their clients', their customers' and their own public policy, legislative and government relations interests.

Testifying Before Congress demystifies the Congressional hearings process, and assists witnesses and their organizations to be well-prepared when appearing before a Congressional committee to testify.

The principles in this book may also be used by those preparing for hearings before federal agencies and international tribunals, as well as state and local governmental bodies. However, the major thrust of this work focuses on the distinct Congressional hearing process and its major elements.

More than 20 endorsers--who include one current and one former governor, a city mayor, corporate CEOs and industry leaders, directors of top law and lobbying organizations, the Chairman of Bank of America, several past and present top government officials and agency directors, a bar association president, law school deans and university leaders, and heads of non-governmental organizations (see all endorsements at the book's web site)-- strongly recommend this book for lobbyists, executives, associations, government officials, academics, and virtually anyone who is called to testify before Congress.

"Testifying Before Congress is the best "how to" resource that I have seen -- it is well-researched, experience-based, and thoughtfully written, with a dash of humor added for good measure."
- Samuel M. Davis, Dean of the School of Law, The University of Mississippi

Full Table of Contents and endorsements at www.TCNTBC.com

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Publication date: 06/23/2010
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Testifying Before Congress 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
AppliedPolicy More than 1 year ago
I purchased Mr. LaForge's book and have found it to be tremendously helpful. This guide is invaluable in preparing to testify before any official body, not just the U.S. Congress. For example, I recently used it as a resource as I was preparing a client to testify before a committee of the Institute of Medicine.
MMartineau More than 1 year ago
Testifying Before Congress is a step-by-step, practical guide to successfully guiding witnesses through the thicket of congressional investigations and hearings. Mr. LaForge is a well respected attorney and public policy professional who has worked on Capitol Hill and in public policy for many years. His book reflects many valuable lessons he has learned from his extensive "real world" experience. The book is well organized, logically progressing from a description of the context of congressional hearings to the preparation of written and oral witness testimony, the conduct of the hearing, the response to committee questions, and the post-hearing follow-up. The chapter on the presentation and delivery of oral testimony, utilizing as examples the actual congressional testimony by well known public figures, is superb. Particularly useful for practitioners is the Appendix, which contains samples of congressional written testimony and transcripts of congressional committee hearing oral testimony. The structure, organization, and "road map" approach makes the book an "easy read." Mr. LaForge's thoughtful, precisely written, and practical treatise on the congressional investigation and hearing process is an invaluable resource for all "stakeholders" in the congressional hearing and public policy-making process - Members of Congress, staff, administration officials, associations, corporations, military service branches, non-governmental organizations, and the public. The book is a "must-read" for government relations professionals and attorneys representing congressional hearing witnesses.
SJ77 More than 1 year ago
As a community banker, I have had the privilege to serve our trade association in Washington D.C. in an effort to seek reform and better legislation for the industry. Although I have not been asked to testify before congress, the thought "scares me to death". However, with this book by Bill LaForge, those fears are relieved. It is a fantastic tool and aid to help those who may be required to sit in the hot seat. Great book!