Texian Iliad: A Military History of the Texas Revolution

Texian Iliad: A Military History of the Texas Revolution



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ISBN-13: 9780292730861
Publisher: University of Texas Press
Publication date: 01/28/1994
Pages: 373
Product dimensions: 6.36(w) x 9.72(h) x 1.10(d)

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Stephen L. Hardin currently teaches history at the Victoria College in Victoria, Texas.

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1. "We Are All Captains and Have Our Views"

2. "Not Withstanding Peculiar Circumstances"

3. "We Flogged Them Like Hell"

4. "The Spectacle Becomes Appalling"

5. "Crude Bumpkins. Proud and Overbearing"

6. "Scoundrels Abroad and Scoundrels at Home"

7. "Determined Valor and Desperate Courage"

8. "We Are in a Critical Situation"

9. "The Enemy Are Laughing You to Scorn"

10. "Nock There Brains Out"

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