A Text-Book of Shorthand

A Text-Book of Shorthand

by George Walpole



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A Text-Book of Shorthand by George Walpole


I will assume that you have set out to learn the system from what is contained in this book. You have left your schooldays behind you, and, being a pretty expert penman, you contemplate starting your career by acquiring such a knowledge of Shorthand and skill in writing it as will qualify you for, let us say, the position of Shorthand Clerk in an office, or that of junior reporter on some newspaper.

Your first query will probably be, how long will this take me? My advice to you is, turn down absolutely any author who professes to make a Shorthand writer in any given number of hours, or days, or weeks, or months. Your temperament, your aptitude for the work, your opportunities of study and practice, your application, the extent of your reading all these come in to affect the answer to your question. The only answer that any honest author can give you is, it depends upon yourself.

Don't be alarmed when you read the first paragraph on page 4. Do you remember your early struggles with the writing of longhand, how you were set to form " pothooks and hangers," then to trace your copy-book headlines, and all the rest of it? All that was the necessary training that resulted in your being able to scribble longhand as, I trust, you now do. You will have to scribble your Shorthand, but first you have to learn to write it. And you must observe the injunction, in large type, on the same page. The more thoroughly you master the first lesson, the lighter will be your work as you go through the subsequent pages.

You must trust your author. I mean by that, be content to be led by him, and do not try to run alone. For instance, on page 8 you have the sentence, "Why do they rage"; don't try to write, "Why do the heathen rage"; have patience, and just copy out the exercises exactly as set....

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