Textbook of Diabetes and Pregnancy

Textbook of Diabetes and Pregnancy

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Textbook of Diabetes and Pregnancy

Gestational diabetes is defined as glucose intolerance beginning in pregnancy and is the most common medical complication in pregnant women Edited by two perinatologists and two diabetologists, this book will provide a comprehensive overview of this clinical problem, covering pathophysiology of GDM, the effect on the offspring, maternal complications, obstetric and diabetic management, as well as the important issues of cost/quality of care/medical-legal aspects

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ISBN-13: 9781841841106
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 08/29/2003
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 648
Product dimensions: 7.70(w) x 9.80(h) x 1.60(d)

Table of Contents

1. History of diabetic pregnancy 2. The Priscilla White Legacy 3. The Pedersen Legacy 4. The Freinkel Legacy 5. Metabolism in normal pregnancy 6. Intermediary metabolism in pregnancies complicated by gestational diabetes 7. Histopathology of placenta 8. The placenta in diabetic pregnancy: Placental transfer of nutrients 9. Nutrient delivery and metabolism in the fetus 10. Pathogenesis of gestational diabetes mellitus 11. Fetal growth in normal and diabetic pregnancies 12. Pregnancy in diabetic animals 13. Immunology of gestational diabetes mellitus 14. Gestational diabetes: the consequences of not-treating 15. Epidemiology of gestational diabetes mellitus 16. Gestational diabetes in Latin America 17. Diabetes and Pregnancy in the Advancing Nations - India 18. Diabetes and pregnancy in New Zealand 19. Gestational diabetes in China 20. Diabetes and pregnancy in Japan 21. Detection and diagnostic strategies for gestational diabetes mellitus 22. Diabetic embryopathy in the preimplantation embryo 23. Congenital malformations in diabetic pregnancy: Prevalence and types 24. Post-implantation diabetic embryopathy 25. Management of gestational diabetes mellitus 26. Medical nutritional therapy for gestational diabetes mellitus 27. Insulin therapy in pregnancy 28. Oral anti-diabetic agents in Pregnancy: Their time has come 29. Continuous glucose monitoring during pregnancies complicated by diabetes mellitus 30. Insulin pumps in pregnancy 31. Artificial pancreas and pregnancy: closing the loop 32. Hypoglycemia in diabetic pregnancy 33. Sonography in diabetic pregnancies 34. Diabetes in pregnancy: Is Doppler useful? 35. Fetal lung maturity 36. Monitoring in labor 37. Timing and mode of delivery 38. Prevention of fetal macrosomia 39. Timing and delivery of the macrosomic infant-induction versus conservative management 40. Management of the macrosomic fetus 41. Hypertensive disorders and diabetic pregnancy 42. Diabetic retinopathy 43. Diabetic vascular complications in pregnancy: Nephropathy 44. Diabetic ketoacidosis in pregnancy 45. Gestational diabetes in multiple pregnancies 46. Thyroid disease in pregnancy 47. Short-term implications: The neonate 48. Long-term implications: Child and adult 49. Growth and neurodevelopment of children born to diabetic mothers and to mothers with gestational diabetes 50. Diabetes mellitus and the metabolic syndrome after gestational diabetes (GDM) 51. Evidence-based medicine and diabetic pregnancy 52. Cost analysis of Diabetes and Pregnancy 53. Quality of care for the woman with diabetes at pregnancy 54. Ethical issues in management of pregnancy complicated by diabetes 55. Legal Aspects of Diabetic Pregnancy 56. Diabetologic education in pregnancy 57. Databases: A tool of quality management of diabetic pregnancies 58. Introduction to technological disease management tools and eHealth networks: The future of better care delivery in diabetes and pregnancy 59. Optimal contraception for the diabetic woman 60. Hormone replacement therapy and diabetes 61. The genetics of diabetic pregnancy 62. The integration of compliance, communication and culture to enhance health care delivery 63. Diabetes and infertility 64. Early pregnancy loss and perinatal mortality

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