Thank You

Thank You

by Lascott Ellis


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ISBN-13: 9781467039277
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 09/26/2011
Pages: 108
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.26(d)

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Thank You

"The Seven Year Idea of a Louisiana Son"
By LaScott Ellis


Copyright © 2011 LaScott Ellis
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4670-3927-7

Chapter One

God Bless the Child

God bless the child
He is breaking in two
God bless this child
That is longing for you

God bless the child
For the man he'll become
God bless the child
Don't turn away from the son

God bless the child
For the face that he bares
God bless the child
Not the image he wears

God bless the child
Give him strength to go on
God bless the child
For he is holding his own

God bless the child
Give him shelter in rain
God bless the child
When he is hurt and in pain

God bless the child
Give your sight cause he's blind
God bless the child
Allow his soul to survive

God bless the child
To remain in your love
God bless the child
Be his shepherd above

God bless the child
That no one else understands
God bless the child
To transition to man

Mentality of the Many

I explore the avenues of human intellect
It's kind of what I do
I fight to lift mask off the face of unconsciousness
And peer into the unknown of human the psyche
And one thing I've discovered is that people appear to
live their life in stages
They tell their stories in extensive chapters and
turn minor pages
They give it in stanzas that may mean NOTHING to the
overall effect but proportional to fit all ages
They tell children the good things and
shortcomings to teens
They give raw details to adults who have experienced
some things
And what they tell is determined majorly on who
they are talking to
Some people they prefer not to know everything because
people fear a person's point of view
They run from the looks and reject what they'll say
Because you want people to know you're life but truthfully
not in that way
So what do we call people who are transparently on display
Well there's liar, adulterer, untrustworthy, or crazy
But what if the light was shone on you for a day
Could you live like you normally do and not care
what they say
Or would you do like everyone else you shake hands
with daily
Who short change the truth and use pennies to pay me
Who see the truth as a ship but have iceberg thoughts
Who are quick to drown others, but keep their secrets
in vaults
They have bows of deceit, they are heartless they kill
And get mad at others while saying "You need to Be REAL"
What?? Be Real?? When did fake become
the most attractive
These people couldn't spell real if they were looking at it
It's time we tell you the truth cause people lying a lot
There is no middle ground either you're real or you're not
But real is not shooting and acting out all stupid
It's not acting hard when you really softer than cupid
It's about holding your morals, not changing up
for the people
And if people hate on you, that's saying that they not
your equal
People act like they have it all, but really they're so unhappy
Delete these Oscar winners and all negative distractions
You were born by yourself and you're leaving here the same
If you don't make the most of this then you're the only one
to blame


Stepping onto the plain of existence
We all have a vision, we all on mission
I was thickheaded, sometimes didn't want to listen
Then I found myself on the road to Redemption

Always trying to prove a point, never found a good way
Covered up my problems but some problems never go away
Maybe I could change the future maybe see a brighter day
Maybe I could help somebody else who would probably say
I'm hurting and I'm tried and I'm stressed out mentality
Sometimes I know they thinking that glory may not be
meant for me
The bad that I've done just keeps playing like a symphony
And may even ask why would Jesus be a friend to me
I've lied to my parents and I lied to my friends too
Walked with the false and was abandoned by the false too
And no I'm not surprised when that's just what the false do
The ones you lied to will be the ones that stand beside you
No use in trying to hide because everybody will see
the shame
You hearing what I'm saying, I'm telling you
it's a dirty game
You live your whole life chasing money trying to find fame
Look up in the mirror, your reflection doesn't look the same
Don't judge anybody clean around your own spot first
If you not clean then the others will find dirt

You can find mines cause I'm living trying to
make a change
Trying to bring me out will bring damage onto
your own name
Screaming in your head cause nobody else gets you
Locked up in your thoughts so no pain can
ever get through
How to get inside not many will ever know how
No reaching for a hand I'm standing up on my own now
It's me and my God I meditate on his Word now
Listen to every verse remembering what I heard now
It eases all the tension and helps me with what I'm feeling
It's good for me to know that he's helping me
with my dealings
With things that bring me down and bring stableness
to my living
Cause living in your head can start to feel like a prison
Let yourself free because the door's unlocked
You the one that's stopping you from marching up
to the top
Quit all the running and stop
It's time to start back living
If you believe it your self
You're already forgiven

Stepping onto the plain of existence
We all have a vision; we're all on a mission
I was thickheaded, sometimes didn't want to listen
Then I found myself on the road to Redemption

Stepping onto the plain of existence
We all have a vision; we're all on a mission
I was thickheaded, sometimes didn't want to listen
I no longer want to be on the road to Redemption

Why Be Humble?

I ask that question sometimes
Because the walk of modest is an odyssey
That seems to be carrying me farther than I would
like to be
But truthfully it is a way for me to assert my place
on the LADDER
Looking back at the people who were humble before me,
no one was ever better
The dream of a king was given to a man who didn't care
about attention
Didn't care if he was mentioned
He was all about ASCENSION
Because he was focused on his mission
We today would rather gloat because it gives us
a chance to soak
We careless where others go
As long as people see our glow
Let's think for a minute, take a chance to reflect
You want to RISE above the crowd but you don't want to
show respect
Appreciation is the key!
Don't just appreciate me,
Appreciate the road I'm on that's leading me to where I'll be
Appreciate the morning sun and take advantage of the day
Appreciate that if you're found
You can show someone the way
Appreciate that if you're lost
That today's another day
You can find your place in HEAVEN
And start to walk the KINGDOM way
In Psalms 37:11 the meek will get the land
Peace and prosperity is what was added on the end
Above all men upon the earth, Moses was very meek
Humbleness, Numbers 12 verse 3
But in time who was the one that got to split the Red Sea
If God wants humbleness that's the way it's going to be
Paul would say that he would make his boast in the lord
Many would rather flee from God and live on Earth adored
We casually make excuses and expect a KINGDOM gift
We let the weight upon us grow and then expect for
God to lift
It's funny how people gain "authority" and only want it
for attention
Then speak against the anointed and get removed
from their "position"
They crying out to God but feel their prayers are
in suspension ...
They thought they were IMMORTAL, now they barely get
a mention
It's a sad sight when you living that sad life
When you got alot of stuff but your soul isn't right ...
The truth is not a fable and it's really what you need
If you been looking for an answer then get down
on your knees

If you looking for some proof that HE's there
then just breathe
Then the WORD will really tell you what humbleness
really means

Two men walk up in a shop,
One man's rich and the other man's not
The rich man walked up in the shop to buy a clock
The poor man had been filling out apps none stop
The rich man says "hey haven't I met you before"
The poor man says "I sold you a house on the Gulf Shore"
The rich man says "Why you trying to work in this shop"
He says "My money's all gone because my spending
wouldn't stop"
He says he wasn't humble, he was living too extravagant
The rich man says "I'm sorry; you think you'll ever get it
back again?"
The poor man says "God is able to restore it all"
I just have to remain faithful over the few and
of the small ...

The lesson was a blessing
And yes he did honor it
The next time they saw each other
The poor man had it all back

Remember who are you and stay focused
on your MISSION
Your thoughts should be on God not on
"materials" or "positions"
Why be Humble!


She don't even know how much she's worth
She'll believe anything they tell her and experiment
with her body
With guys that lie and lie and well it's ok because truthfully
she kind of likes the lies
She loves for guys to tell her things that mean nothing
because she's lying too
She's lying down for weekend visits and weeknight charades
that prove to me more and more that
she really doesn't know herself
She's with one guy for sex and attracted to someone else
She walks with an air of confidence because no one knows
her double life
But the old saying goes that what's done in the dark
will come to light.
She makes excuses for her promiscuity because she could
NEVER face the fact that she is losing herself in a life that
was never hers to live
She has become a number.
She's like the Ten faces you see daily
With the Nine faces of discontent
An Eighth wonder of the world
Reaching up for Seven stars
Being told Six times that
Five more men hold
Her Four interest at heart

So she looks Three times as hard
Till she experiences Two times as much disappointment
Leaving her with broken memories and One broken heart
Now she feels like she amounts to nothing more than Zero.
And I can't plead her to change or try to see things my way,
because that would be pushy and she could never look at
me and know that the only reason I push so hard is because
she is worth more than that.
Because she is worth more than that.
So all I can do is look at my little sister and make sure
she knows that just because the standards she sees on
television seem to gear toward promiscuity
And a little more body here and little more movement there
That those standards were set by people who can't
appreciate the true worth in a person
And since they are geared to attack those who don't fit the
mold all they'll leave other young girls with is more hurting.
Woman, Young Ladies, Young girls,
Understand that things are going to be hard enough on you
as it is so please do yourself a favor and embrace your own
If it doesn't start with you then don't go out expecting to find
a man to.
Cause then you get caught in trying to look for men who
can help define you and redesign you and ultimately once
they have all altered something in you then
they'll decline you.
You'll be asking why did this happen and he'll probably
never say, but the truth is that he was in search of power
and you possessed it at one point but in your haste to find
mates you signed it over in disgrace.
All he wanted was a taste and that look on his face wasn't of
admiration of grace but of inward hate so when you signed
over your body you sealed your own fate.
He doesn't even like himself so how could you ever expect
for him to love someone else.
There is something to be said there because in all
truthfulness he's not the bad guy in this story he's just
someone who too was misinformed and now he is suffering
behind what other broken people told him was his goal and
aim in life.
So he ended up in a situation where blind people were
leading deaf people and there were mutes in the line but
they refused to speak up!
So this young man is tragically caught in a cycle of hurt and
pain and he wants to find something to ease his pain but
he never experienced love before so when the young lady
shows true love to him he rejects it out of fear because it is a
foreign emotion.
He is caught up in an illusion, organized confusion, chaos,
a web that only God can sort through and create new.
These young people are not reds amongst the blue; they're
not strangers you don't know infected with unknown flu
The people in this story are called me and their called you
Harness your inner power and let your life be born a new.

Why We Write

Life gives us signs of hope we follow like roadmaps
We sit patiently excavated waiting for others to adapt
We live like we're rebels
Our minds are too strong
We wonder why how we're accepted
Yet we're living so alone
When we're hurting there's no worry
We focus our energy
When we're hurting there's no worry
Our soul is our relief
Our thoughts and complexity
We're seeing it mentally
We're judged like the ones that threw stones at Jesus feet
We hoping we living right so we standing where Jesus be
We hoping we doing right so our God we get to see
I'm looking in the mirror and seeing my enemy
And I'm hoping that I'm stopping the beast that's
inside of me
I was told to kneel down and pray for Humanity
Then I flipped to CNN and started praying for Sanity
Yeah I'm subject for a fight, but that's just the man in me
But I kneeled and said a prayer and said
God don't abandon me
No one's understanding me
I'm seeing a clearer picture
The Horrors of Today are reflected in every scripture
Who will ride with you when you living in Hell
There's not a friend beyond the Gate
where the Enemy dwells
There's nobody you can call when your life's in a spell
And you been searching for the truth, but the truth
is right here
In our mind we must live and take care of it well
In our we must seek to see who's living in there
And as we head to the top
It's like a LADDER we climbing
And we keep on moving
We must adjust to the climates
As we keep on climbing we're becoming so weary
So we take off the necklace
And all of the Jewelry
And we take off the logos and all of the fakeness
Once we're stripped to our bone
All you can see is the greatness
This the reason why we write, cause in our mind
is the truth
This the reason why we write, so that it's living in you
And if you speak to the youth
Then a nation will grow
And if you speak to the youth
Then a nation will grow
And they'll become something more than what you told
them before
They won't be last in the game
Cause they should stand at the helm
They should RISE to the top
Instead of sinking within
Hold a smile on your face
Don't be afraid of emotion
And the source of your pain
Will give away like the ocean
There's nobody approaching
There's nobody encroaching
We must stand on our on feet
And live what is spoken

The Letter

They nailed you to that cross so high
And you could have come down but yet you chose to day
Instead of being selfish with it, you stretched in the sky
And there was nothing that they could do
so your followers cried

I wish I could have seen it, the happy look on your face
When you ascended to your throne after given us grace
You the reason why we here, you gave us the day
And my love for you, I will never give it away

You told Satan away! When he was tempting your faith
You were a mountain of power that we could never replace
You showed love during hate, and you were punished
for that
The court had locked up a killer, the people
wanted him back

So they traded for that, you never frowned up your face
You were a blessing to people during a shameful disgrace
I were your chain on my neck, it's got you nailed
on the cross
It reminds me of life, through which your death
it was brought

How come you love us so much and you were born
in that manner
And you were greater than anyone, no one can be better
You gave sight to the blind, raised souls from the dead
You made demons departs, anointed oil on the heads

You even walked on the water; you were too good
for the ground
You commanded the storms, that's why they had
to calm down
You were born of our God, that's why your mother
was pure
And she was told by an Angel of the greatness in store

So Joseph was told about the baby as well
He was engaged to Mary, it was the people he feared
So Mary had left she went to check on her family
Elizabeth was pregnant and she was happy for Mary

You were born in a manager, unfit for a king
But you were born with the power and that's the reason
we sing
The Great Prophets had spoken and they predicted
your birth
They told the people your greatness and all of your worth

You are a beckon of life and our way to the top
You were our passion of righteous, and my hold
from the drop

You gave us mercy and grace, through all our mistakes
You so distinct to us, you're like a whale in a lake

And we gone sing of your praise and we gone sing
of your name
And since you came to this earth, it never has
been the same

They nailed you to that cross so high
And you could have come down, but yet you chose to die
Instead of being selfish, you stretched in the sky
And there's nothing for them to do so your followers cried
Yea the people they loved you, you're the best of the pack
You cast legion to pigs and brought Lazarus back
Some didn't listen, your preaching's were great
You even spoke it in parables for us to relate

And every word that you spoke and everything |
that you said
It was the truth, and you know that some wanted you dead
And everything that we read and every word that you spoke
It's either happening, will happen, or happened before

You knew the truth from the start, a lot had chosen to defy
When we were stuck in the dark, you were the truth and
the light
You didn't have to do it, but you had chosen to endure
It was a different approach, but it had promise in store

And if I ever go stray I want you pulling me back
We never abandon us, leaving hearts on the racks
Didn't have a Zeus, or a Hercules, Apollo, or Hera
No Gods on display, but we had Jesus of Nazareth

The Son of the holy one, he's born of the spirit
He taught it to Ages, so his followers hear it
And the demons they feared it, his power was great
With our God on his side, he gave us power to take

He told us go in the world, and tells the people
who'll hear it
To watch for the signs, because they're not disappearing
The MESSIAH is coming, that's the promise he made
And he was making it clearer, now that he's rose
from the grave
Just like a thief who moves in black through
the darkness of night
Our Savior is coming to bring believer to life.

They nailed you to that cross so high
And you could have come down, but yet you chose to die
Instead of being selfish with it you stretched in the sky
And there was nothing for us to do and so your followers


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