Thanks, But I'll Teach My Own Kid.: The New Generation of Fearless Homeschooler.

Thanks, But I'll Teach My Own Kid.: The New Generation of Fearless Homeschooler.

by Jennifer C. Lopez, Ella Lopez


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Thanks, But I'll Teach My Own Kid.: The New Generation of Fearless Homeschooler. by Jennifer C. Lopez, Ella Lopez

Thanks, But I'll Teach My Own Kid is like no other Homeschooling book you've ever read.

There are some great resources out there-but this book STANDS APART.

It is utterly unique- and will help you in some MAJOR ways...

If you've had a subtle, nagging feeling that detrimental outside forces are driving a wedge into your family unit-possibly disturbing social influences or challenges related to education-this book sets a clear path towards alleviating that negativity in your home-life.

This book is concise and gets you thinking differently about parenting-- it's not just for Homeschoolers. Parents and kids alike will appreciate its contents!

You may have thought Homeschooling COMPLETELY out of reach-The New Generation of Homeschooler- Guide will SHOW you HOW it's ABSOLUTELY within your reach.

Finally-we put together Concise Answers to the Most Frequently asked Questions by parents and others trying to understand things about Home Education they never could. I am not referring to 'How-to Set up your Homeschool space,' or 'The Top Curricular Ideas for Homeschooling'-

Here you have the Nitty-Gritty of Getting Started, along with some other jaw-dropping info. All made SIMPLE. You'll breath 10 sighs of RELIEF once you have these answers and can move forward. You will want to review this book, like a 'Refresher course'-time and again for what you can gain. We also hope you enjoy the unique surprises that may have you saying "Whoa!"...along the way.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780692775110
Publisher: TheJennieration
Publication date: 08/30/2016
Pages: 142
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.30(d)

About the Author

Jennifer C. Lopez, MA. Ed.
A proud Mama above all-who thanks you for reading our Mother-Daughter book.
Jennie is the soulful author of eight books, an avid BOOK LOVER, and genuine supporter of literacy outreach programs. She & her family lived in Oaxaca, Mexico where they started a small school teaching language and serving as community interpreters.

They recently hand-built the first Little Free Library to be in the center of their town. Jennie passionately believes- reading is the heart of knowledge.

She lives for things deeply authentic- especially culture. Her deepest desire is for positive educational change in our society. Jennie believes that a simple change in our thinking patterns regarding learning and culture will lead to positive global actions and far outreaching effects.

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Visit for a 'Think Different' Perspective on Fearless Learning.

Young Author: Ella Campana Lopez is now age 9
As this fearless homeschooler continues to grow, so does her passion for being true to herself.

You can also find out more on her Fearless Learning Website:

Ella's website is a place she shares her Homeschool experiences and fearless learning ideas with others.

An avid reader, she truly writes from within. In thinking about how to give to others, she has reaped a great reward herself.

Try out some of the unique books she recommends in the amazing book reviews section of her website.

Ella is a lover of family, culture, animals & nature. She is a proud Girl Scout in our community. She loves to roller skate, sled ride, sketch, play with her dear friends, swim, ride bikes, create new inventions, discover unusual animal facts and make others laugh. Most of all: she loves fearless learning.

Ella speaks Spanish and English fluently and recently taught herself to Crochet with a new shop on Etsy.

She believes in female empowerment, sharing ideas and helping others. To Ella Campana Lopez, the little moments in life are what matter most.

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