That Darn Squid God

That Darn Squid God

by Nick Pollotta, James Clay
4.6 6

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That Darn Squid God by Nick Pollotta, James Clay

In the year 1881, the moon suddenly begins to turn around and reveal its long-hidden darker side to the startled world. While most of Humanity finds the event fascinating, two British explorers know the horrible truth. The rotating moon is the legendary sign that foreshadows the return of a prehistoric demon, the monstrous destroyer of Atlantis, an unkillable colossus known only as the deadly, dreaded Squid God. Racing around the world, and against the clock, Prof. Einstein and Lord Carstairs battle the fanatical legions of Squid God worshippers in a valiant effort to stop the ghastly rebirthing ceremony and keep the demonic mollusk locked in the stygian depths of its unearthly lair. Authors Nick Pollotta & James Clay have lovingly crafted a splendid Fantasy/Adventure, heavily laced with their classic off-the-wall humor, and sprinkled with a light dusting of parody toward the legendary works of H.P. Lovecraft, H.G. Wells, Jules Verne, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and just about everything else from the golden glory days of Victorian England.

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Publisher: Double Dragon Publishing
Publication date: 11/15/2007
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
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That Darn Squid God 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
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Guest More than 1 year ago
After finding the truth concerning the mysteries of Noah's Ark proves to be more trouble than it was worth, Victorian scientists and adventurers Felix Einstein and Lord Carstairs move onto more serious matters. It would appear that the world could be ending based on the climatic chaos that has reached a global scale. When the two intrepid gents learn that a secret cult attempting to bring the squid god back into the world and that is why mute animals now can sing, dogs howl at the sun and the snow has turned blue, they know they must stop it. Leaving Einstein's valiant niece Mary and their cook, Katrina, in charge, the two friends take off on a globe trotting adventure that moves from the hidden broom closets of the Vatican to the Flying Dutchman to the Bermuda Triangle before coming to a violent, and hilarious climax in London. ................. If you enjoy Robert Asprin's Myth novels or Piers Anthony's Xanth ones, then give this a shot. The scene on the Dutchman alone makes it worth your time.
Guest More than 1 year ago
'Rewrites literary history, remodels London worse than the Blitz, and convinces that it is wise never to deny the supremacy of British womanhood! What more can you ask?' -ANALOG SF Magazine

'That Darn Squid God is an hilarious parody of the otherworldly mythos of H. P. Lovecraft, strewn with delightful trappings of mystery and magic. A fresh and fast-paced narrative style set this novel apart as a fantastically funny end-of-the-world ride.' - MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW, June 2004

'Nicely written, with a fantastic take on classic Victorian England. A great period piece of entertainment.'- THE CTHULHU NEWSLETTER

'Funny, compelling and an absolute pleasure to read. The finest comedy/fantasy I have read this year. -ETERNAL NIGHT SF MAGAZINE

'This is a rip roaring humorous tale that pokes fun at just about everything in H.P. Lovecraft and H.G. Wells and throws in several others as well. It¿s not often a book of this nature comes along and you do not want to miss it.' -BARYON SF MAGAZINE

'That Darn Squid God is perfectly fun entertainment.' -FANTASTICA DAILY

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