That Which Flows as One: A Struggle to Love

That Which Flows as One: A Struggle to Love

by William Michael Kaufman


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That Which Flows as One: A Struggle to Love by William Michael Kaufman

A Struggle to Love


Everybody wants to be loved; not everybody is. How many of us spend significant portions of our lives looking for the perfect relationship? How many agonize over the emptiness of our lonely lives? And still how many of those who do finally attain their dream partner-perhaps their soul mate-find that the fruit of their relationship rots long before it ever matures? Why do so many of us seem to struggle to locate our ideal mate, and why do we feel incomplete when we don't?
You won't necessarily find all the answers to these questions in That Which Flows As One. But you will discover that the struggle can have roots that extend back even to the childhoods of one's parents. Max, the narrator of the story, discovered that. But his discovery only came after an even deeper realization-an awareness of the mystery of love itself.
It may well be love at first sight for Max, but what part of his body responds and communicates that love? What is it from his past that prevents the fruit of his love from maturing? He does not dance solo. He partners with Sarath, a woman whose struggle to love is born of a mother whose own childhood was created in a broken and deformed mold. Guided by their respective pain rather than insight, they struggle to build a family they never knew as children. Max can see a house in his mind, and the completed project will surely follow. He can see a loving relationship in his mind, and what ensues is torment and strife. Sarath unwittingly carries out patterns of control she learned from her mother. Aloofness is her shield, and ridicule her weapon.
Fortunately, our heroes have something their parents never did. A woman of rare wisdom, magic, power, and extraordinary depths of love, guides them toward the unfolding mystery of love. Whether she employs hypnosis, or actually takes them on a journey back in time, Max and Sarath finally wake up to the mystery of love and relationship. They wrap up their journey with facts uncovered about family members. Their journey of struggle gives way to one of richness and hope.
Max narrates a tapestry of the mental and emotional threads that he and Sarath wove throughout their lives. We may recognize many of those threads in our lives or those of others. If not, we will surely identify with their pains and thwarted desires. Max's narrative is a psychological drama that is too often performed on the stage of our collective lives. But the hope he discovers can also be our own.

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ISBN-13: 9781463444808
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 09/13/2011
Pages: 204
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.47(d)

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