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That's What You Get... !

That's What You Get... !

by Rick Walton, Jimmy Holder (Illustrator)

Editorial Reviews

Children's Literature
Purely silly with cheerful, cartoonish watercolors, the story features a rhymed dialogue between a hapless, accident-prone son and his pragmatic mother. The boy falls out of bed and bumps his head but his mother says, "Oh, me/ That's what you get for sleeping in a tree." As the boy performs various chores such as wood-gathering (the neighbors' chairs), mowing (the sidewalk) or cooking (his shoes), his mother replies to him "That's what you get..." and explains the boy's complaint with a ludicrous situation. Finally, the boy looks out at the readers with a list of compliments, and he tells Mom, who also looks out at the readers, "She took a look./That's what they get for reading this book." Children will get the joke. The silliness is just enough to keep readers interested, and the surprise ending will make them chuckle. 2000, Gibbs-Smith, $15.95. Ages 6 to 9. Reviewer: Susan Hepler

Product Details

Smith, Gibbs Publisher
Publication date:
Edition description:
1 ED
Product dimensions:
9.36(w) x 10.82(h) x 0.37(d)
Age Range:
5 - 8 Years

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