The 100 Best Curries for Your Instant Pot: The Most Delicious, Authentic Indian Recipes Made Easy

The 100 Best Curries for Your Instant Pot: The Most Delicious, Authentic Indian Recipes Made Easy

by Hina Gujral
The 100 Best Curries for Your Instant Pot: The Most Delicious, Authentic Indian Recipes Made Easy

The 100 Best Curries for Your Instant Pot: The Most Delicious, Authentic Indian Recipes Made Easy

by Hina Gujral


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All the Bold, Tasty Curry Recipes You'll Ever Need in a Fraction of the Time

Fire up your Instant Pot® and cook the best curries in the world with Hina Gujral, Instant Pot pro and creator of Fun FOOD Frolic. With this masterful collection of 100 delicious curries—from comforting classics to reimagined meals—you can explore all the diverse flavor profiles of Indian cuisine. And best of all, the Instant Pot makes these recipes accessible to everyone, bringing you the authentic Indian flavors you know and love without hours of simmering.

Hina has carefully curated the all-time tastiest, most essential curries around—if you’re going to cook any curry recipe, you’ll want it to be one of these. Whip up a creamy, restaurant-style Butter Chicken or a Garlicky Butternut Squash Dal for dinner. Or if you’re hungry for something new-school, try out a flavor fusion like Parsi-Style Chicken and Apricot Curry. And there’s plenty of vegetarian meals too—from South Indian– Style Pineapple Curry to Kale Mushroom Matar Malai, you’re guaranteed to find something special for every appetite.

Whether you’re looking for a quick and easy weeknight meal or just need an excuse to break out your Instant Pot, these 100 comforting recipes will have you craving curry for every meal.

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ISBN-13: 9781645675402
Publisher: Page Street Publishing
Publication date: 09/06/2022
Pages: 240
Sales rank: 667,333
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About the Author

Hina Gujral is the creator of the popular blog Fun Food and Frolic. Her recipes have appeared in Better Homes & Gardens India and on the Mealthy MultiPot website. She lives in Bangalore, India.

Table of Contents

Introduction 8

Restaurant-Style Favorites 11

Butter Chicken (Boneless Chicken in a Creamy Tomato Gravy) 13

Chana Masala (Punjabi-Style Chickpea Curry) 14

Butter Paneer Masala (Paneer in a Buttery Gravy) 17

Mutton Rogan Josh (Kashmiri-Style Mutton Curry) 18

Dal Makhani (Creamy Three-Legume Curry) 21

Mughlai-Style Egg Curry (Boiled Eggs in a Creamy Golden Gravy) 22

Dum Aloo (Mughlai-Style Fried Potato Curry) 25

Vegan Tikka Masala (Tikka Masala with a Meat Substitute) 26

Navratan Korma (Vegetable Curry with Nine Gems) 29

Dal Tadka (Restaurant-Style Dal Curry) 32

Shahi Paneer (Creamy and Rich Paneer Curry) 35

Chicken Balti (Britain's Curry House-Style Chicken Curry) 36

Paneer in White Gravy (Paneer in a White Sauce) 39

Mutton Korma (Old Delhi-Style Meat Curry) 40

A Bag of Beans 43

Zucchini Moong Dal (Yellow Moong Beans with Zucchini) 45

Punjabi Rajma Masala (Red Kidney Beans Curry) 46

Shahi Dal (Mughlai-Style Black Lentil Curry) 49

Garlicky Butternut Squash Dal (Yellow Moong Bean Curry with Butternut Squash) 50

Langar Wali Dal (Sikh. Gurudwara-Style Lentil Curry) 53

Sabut Masoor Dal (Brown Lentil Curry with Spinach and Potatoes) 54

South India Special Sambar (Pigeon Peas and Vegetable Stew) 57

Kadala Curry (Brown Chickpea and Potato Masala) 58

Saag Maa Ki Dal (Green Leafy Lentil Curry) 61

Vegetable Chana Curry (Vegan Chickpea Coconut Curry) 62

Squash Methi Dal (Winter Squash, Fenugreek and Pink Lentil Curry) 65

Vegetable Kootu (Vegetable and Yellow Moong Bean Curry) 66

Squash Red Beans Curry (Red Kidney Beans and Winter Squash Curry) 69

Palak Lobia Masala (Spinach and Black-Eyed Peas Curry) 70

Veg Curry in a Hurry 73

Mushroom Matar Masala (Spicy Button Mushroom and Green Peas Curry) 75

Squash Potato Curry (Sweet and Spicy Winter Squash Potato Curry) 76

South Indian-Style Pineapple Curry (Vegan Pineapple Curry) 79

Tofu Matar Masala (Peas and Tofu Curry) 80

Creamy Cauliflower Peas Curry (Coconut-Flavored Cauliflower and Peas Curry) 83

Zucchini Kofta Curry (Vegetarian Kofta Balls Curry) 84

Kale Mushroom Matar Malai (Kale, Mushroom and Peas Curry) 87

Mix Veg Masala (Seasonal Mixed Vegetables Curry) 88

Kale Boondi Kadhi (Yogurt Curry with Kale) 91

Nadru Yakhni (Lotus Stem Curry) 92

Bhagara Baingan (Sweet and Spicy Baby Eggplant Curry) 95

Methi Chaman (Green Paneer Curry) 96

Dahi Bhindi (Crispy Okra in a Yogurt Sauce) 99

Chicken from My Kitchen 101

Murgh Shah Jahani (Mughlai-Sryie Chicken Curry) 103

Sunday Chicken Curry (Indian Masala Chicken Curry) 104

Chicken Chettinad Masala (South India-Style Spicy Chicken Curry) 107

Green Chicken Curry (Chicken in a Green Curry Sauce) 108

Chicken Rista (Chicken Meatballs in Red Sauce) 111

Chicken Ka Salan (Sweet and Spicy Chicken Curry) 112

Murgh Cholay Curry (Chicken Curry with Chickpeas) 115

Malabar Chicken Curry (Chicken Curry in a Creamy Coconut Curry Paste) 116

Chicken Kali Mirch (Creamy Black Pepper Sauce Chicken) 119

Achari Chicken (Indian Pickle Spiced Chicken Curry) 120

For Meat Lovers 123

Slow Cooker Goat Curry (Slow-Cooked Masala Goat Curry) 125

Keema Methi Matar Masala (Ground Goat Curry with Peas and Fenugreek Leaves) 126

Kundan Kaliya (Royal Golden Lamb Curry) 129

Dal Gosht (Lamb and Legumes Curry) 130

Mutton Kulambu (South India-Style Mutton Curry) 133

Kosha Mangosha (Bengali-Style Slow Cooker Mutton Curry) 134

Meat Aloo Salan (Lamb and Potatoes Curry) 137

Keema Kaleji Curry (Ground Goat Meat and Liver Curry) 138

Lamb Vegetable Korma (Slow-Cooked Lamb and Vegetable Korma Curry) 141

Palak Mutton Rara (Lamb and Spinach Curry) 142

Railway Mutton Curry (Indian Railway Special Meat Curry from British Raj Era) 145

Safed Maas (Lamb in White Sauce) 146

Meat Ki Kadhi (Lamb Cooked in Gram Flour and Yogurt Curry) 149

Fresh from the Sea 151

Goan-Style Prawn Caldinho (Yellow Shrimp Curry in a Sweet and Spicy Sauce) 152

Crab Masala Curry (Whole Crab Curry) 155

Prawn Do Pyaza (Punjabi-Style Shrimp and Shallots Curry) 156

Fried Fish Curry (Crispy Fish Filet in a Spicy Masala Sauce) 159

Shorshe Chingri (Prawns in Mustard Gravy) 160

Tomato Fish Curry (White Fish Poached in a Tomato Gravy) 163

Prawn Drumstick Curry (Kerala-Style Shrimp Curry with Drumsticks) 164

Chingri Malai Curry (Bengali-Style Creamy Shrimp Curry) 167

Madras Meen Kulambu (Spicy Fish Curry from Madras) 168

Vegetable Fish Curry (Mildly Spicy Fish and Vegetables Curry) 171

Fish Dal Curry (Fish and Yellow Moong Bean Curry) 172

Doi Chingri (Shrimp in a Light Yogurt Sauce) 175

Fusion Flavors 177

Madras Lamb Curry (Anglo Indian-Style Meat Curry) 178

Dhansak (Parsi-Style Dal and Vegetable Curry) 181

Lamb Vindaloo Curry (Lamb Cooked in a Spicy Vindaloo Masala) 182

Chilli Paneer (Indian Chinese Fusion Paneer Gravy) 185

Chicken lshtu (Kerala-Style Chicken and Vegetable Stew) 186

Jardalu Salli Boti (Parsi-Style Chicken and Apricot Curry) 189

Caril de Galinha (Portuguese-Style Chicken Curry) 190

Meen Molly (Coconut Milk and Fish Curry) 193

Chicken Pathia (British-Style Chicken Curry with Mango Chutney) 194

Chicken Chashni (Curry House-Style Sweet Chicken Curry) 197

Leftover Turkey Curry (Curry with Shredded Turkey) 198

Chicken Xacuti (Spicy Chicken Curry from Goa) 201

One-Pot Curry Meals 203

Dal Dhokli (Pigeon Peas Curry with Handmade Wheat Pasta) 204

Konji (Indian-Style Rice Porridge) 207

Haleem (Broken Wheat, Meat, Legumes and Vegetables Casserole) 208

Bisi Belle Bath (One-Pot Vegetable, Rice and Legumes Casserole) 211

Bunny Chow (One-Pot Meat, Chickpea and Potato Stew) 214

Mulligatawny (Anglo Indian Curried Soup) 217

Misal Pav (Spicy Sprouted Moth Bean Curry) 218

Bengali Matar Ghugni (Dried White Peas Stew) 221

Lehsimi Paiak Khichdi (Garlicky Rice, Yellow Moong Bean and Spinach Porridge) 222

Anda Dal (Eggs Poached in a Lentil Curry) 225

Oats Khichdi (Yellow Moong Bean and Whole Oats Savory Porridge) 226

Quinoa Pongal (One-Pot Quinoa and Yellow Moong Bean Casserole) 229

Indian Kitchen Staples 231

Acknowledgments 233

About the Author 233

Index 234

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