The 12 Rules of Attention: How to Avoid Screw-Ups, Free Up Headspace, Do More and Be More At Work

The 12 Rules of Attention: How to Avoid Screw-Ups, Free Up Headspace, Do More and Be More At Work

by Joseph Cardillo


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Do you feel like you're "crushing it?" How productive, happy and fulfilled do you feel each day at your job? You might ask what attention has to do with it. The answer may help clear up and fix a wide range of ongoing workplace concerns including workplace error. Simply put, attention is connected to every single thing you think, feel and do at work and elsewhere. It's almost impossible to imagine, but by the end of this book you'll not only understand how this is so, but you will be tapping into your attentional system and regulating it to your highest advantage. The 12-Rules of Attention will help you train your attention to sharp, accurate, high definition...and keep it there. You'll learn:

  • How to use the entire attentional system, beyond just focus (which is only one part)
  • How to avoid fading out
  • Awareness, mindfulness and attention are not the same thing and how and when to employ each
  • A process to relieve data overflow, internal and external distraction
  • How to use "in a glance" mental capacity to "catch" more desired detail
  • How to regulate the brain's automatic, high-speed attention triggers and use them to your advantage

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ISBN-13: 9781529361995
Publisher: Mobius
Publication date: 07/14/2020
Pages: 256
Sales rank: 823,752
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.85(h) x 1.15(d)

About the Author

Dr. Joseph Cardillo is a recognized leader in holistic healthcare and a sought-after expert on body energy, attention training and creative thinking. He holds a PhD in holistic psychology and mind-body medicine. He is the author of several books in the fields of health, mind-body-spirit, and psychology, which have been translated into 10 languages. His most-notable work is the body-energy classic Be Like Water (2003). His most recent book Body Intelligence - Harness Your Body's Energies for Your Best Life (2015), received a starred review in Publishers Weekly and was a #9 Library Journal national bestseller. Football Hall of Famer Michael Strahan refers to Dr. Cardillo as his "energy guru" In his book Wake Up Happy (2015).

Table of Contents

Introduction ix

1 Do You Speak My Language? 1

2 Know Your Mindware 15

3 Your Good and Bad Zombies 40

4 Squashing Information 57

5 Size Doesn't Always Matter 76

6 A Glance Is All You Need … Sometimes 97

7 How Did I Miss That? It Was Right in Front of My Nose 112

8 What I Don't See Can't Hurt Me-Can It? 132

9 Wide and Narrow Vision Are Partners 148

10 I Know You; You Know Me 161

11 Can't Take My Eyes off of You 174

12 Keep a Little Soul 192

For Your Continued Practice 203

Glossary 207

About the Author 215

Acknowledgments 217

Notes 219

Index 229

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