The 30-Day Faith Detox: Renew Your Mind, Cleanse Your Body, Heal Your Spirit

The 30-Day Faith Detox: Renew Your Mind, Cleanse Your Body, Heal Your Spirit

by Laura Harris Smith

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A Reset Button for Your Body, Mind, and Spirit

In our fallen world, invisible toxins like doubt, disappointment, and discouragement can contaminate even the strongest of faiths, leaving behind symptoms that affect our entire being--body, mind, and spirit.

Using a one-month detox structure, spiritual wellness expert and certified nutritional counselor Laura Harris Smith uncovers 30 universal faith-toxins that affect us all. Each day you will discover Scripture, prayers, and faith declarations to cleanse yourself spiritually and emotionally with truth and a biblical perspective. In addition, she includes a simple, corresponding nutritional cleanse using detoxifying foods from your own kitchen.

Prayer by prayer, thought by thought, day by day, refresh and refuel your faith and bring healing to the whole temple--spirit, mind, and body.

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ISBN-13: 9781441229830
Publisher: Baker Publishing Group
Publication date: 12/29/2015
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 256
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About the Author

Laura Harris Smith founded Eastgate Creative Christian Fellowship with her husband, Chris, and is the director of the Eastgate Creative Arts Conservatory. There, among other things, she mentors young writers all over the world in her online creative writing classes. An actress, playwright, poet, and media dynamo, she was a TV host on the Shop at Home Network and is the author of multiple books. Laura and Chris have six children and reside near Nashville, Tennessee.
Laura Harris Smith is a certified nutritional counselor and the founding co-pastor of Eastgate Creative Christian Fellowship in Nashville, Tennessee, with her husband, Chris. Mentoring young writers all over the world in her online creative writing classes (, she is a playwright, poet, actress, media dynamo and the author of multiple books, and she was a TV host on the Shop at Home Network. Laura and Chris have been married for 33 years and have six children and eight grandchildren. They reside near Nashville. 

Having always had one foot in ministry and one in media, Laura speaks and ministers internationally and is known for her convicting and educational message of body, mind and spirit health. Laura's last two books, The 30-Day Faith Detox: Renew Your Mind, Cleanse Your Body and Heal Your Spirit and Seeing the Voice of God: What God Is Telling You through Dreams and Visions, rose to the top of Amazon's bestseller lists and held the #1 spot in several Christian categories.

Table of Contents

Section 1 Faith and Physics 13

The Force of Faith

Count On It

For All Intents and Purposes

Spirit, Mind and Body: Topics and Toxins

Body Systems Detoxed

Cleaning House

Living Foods vs. Dead Foods

Dying to Live


What I Took Out

What I Put Back In

Why I Can Help You


The Gut-Brain Link

The Food-Faith Link

Section 2 Prepare to Be Amazed 39

What Can Thirty Days Really Do?

The Miracle Month

720 Hours: Three Challenges

Prepare Your Kitchen

Prepare Your Appliances

Prepare and Compare Your Lists

The Veggie-Hater's Guide

Prepare to Make Changes

Prepare Your Bath

Prepare Your Skin

Prepare Your Schedule

Prepare for Physical Side Effects

Prepare for Spirit and Soul Side Effects

Section 3 Social Influence Toxins (Physical detoxes: Digestive, Excretory and Urinary Systems) 63

Day 1 Media and Your Mind

Day 2 Ungodly Counsel

Day 3 The Ties That Bind (Breaking Soul-Ties)

Day 4 When Heroes Fall

Day 5 Divide and Conquer (Church Hits and Splits)

Day 6 Catastrophic World Events

Section 4 Financial Toxins (Physical detoxes: Endocrine, Nervous and Reproductive Systems) 99

Day 7 Lack of Promotion

Day 8 The "Sincome" Tax

Day 9 Can't Seem to Get Ahead

Day 10 Homeless or Houseless

Day 11 "Stuffopedia" (The Debtor's Diary)

Day 12 Get Rich Quick (Losing the Lack Mentality)

Section 5 Health-Related Toxins (Physical detoxes: Respiratory, Immune and Lymphatic Systems) 133

Day 13 The Cure for Sick and Tired (The Ten Healing Commandments)

Day 14 When Healing Will Not Come

Day 15 Thorns in the Flesh (Paul's Thorn, Part 1)

Day 16 Afflictions Working for You (Paul's Thorn, Part 2)

Day 17 Why Does God Allow Suffering? (Paul's Thorn, Part 3)

Day 18 The War on Wellness

Section 6 Relationship Toxins (Physical detoxes: Cardiovascular, Circulatory and Integumentary Systems) 169

Day 19 B.U.R.D.E.N.E.D. (Betrayed, Unwanted, Rejected, Despised, Evaded, Neglected, Estranged and Discarded)

Day 20 Unsaved Loved Ones

Day 21 Physical and Verbal Abuse (Unhealthy Environments)

Day 22 The Shadow of Loneliness

Day 23 Fatal Faith (Losing Loved Ones)

Day 24 When Marriage Fails

Section 7 Purpose and Identity Toxins (Physical detoxes: Skeletal, Muscular and Sensory Systems) 203

Day 25 Delayed Deliverance

Day 26 Unanswered Prayers and Unfulfilled Prophecies

Day 27 Ungodly Waiting (God's Contingency Plan)

Day 28 Suffering Persecution

Day 29 Copy and Paste (Will the Real Me Please Stand?)

Day 30 You University

Section 8 Day 31 235


A Well-Deserved Blessing

Recipes 239

Breakfast Smoothies



Dinner Meat Entrées


Snack Shakes


Notes 253

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The 30-Day Faith Detox: Renew Your Mind, Cleanse Your Body, Heal Your Spirit 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Jesse More than 1 year ago
This book was amazing! It serves as a great healthy lifestyle book, as well as a book to build your faith in Yeshua. I would highly recommend it. I'm a 32 year old male, originally weighing in at 237 pounds, but I'm now on day 31 and am at 214 pounds (loss of 23 pounds) and counting! I plan on keeping this up as a lifestyle. The meals actually taste pretty good too, as we'll continue a lot of these. For example, a lot of the dinners are just brown rice or quinoa with a bunch of veggies with a small amount of chicken. Add a little salt and pepper and you got yourself a great tasting meal. Also, the devotionals daily are really good and gets you thinking on important topics. You draw closer to Holy Spirit living within you during these. The grocery bill tends to be high on your multiple trips to the store in a week, but are obviously well worth it. I would recommend you read this book, as Laura writes from personal experience as a certified nutritional counselor. Great book. Glory be to God! :-)
jebsweetpea More than 1 year ago
Nutshell: Finding a way to revitalize your body, mind and spirit all at once? The 30-Day Faith Detox can be your guide. With a daily devotional about different warfares that may be waging against your spirit and mind, and suggestions on how to fill your temple to feel the greatest possible, this devotional/guide can be what you are looking for. Recipes, ways to fill your mind with His word, how to declutter your life and put your focus with your food with all different colors, your mind and your body back on Him. Pro's: This is a great spring board in to getting back in to the routine of spending time with God daily, eating better and how to detox your body of unhealthy chemicals and thoughts. Every day there is a different reading to focus your mind for that day. I liked the suggestions of eating different colors each week. That opened my fridge up to many more options! I've been eating many less carbs/processed foods and my counter and fridge drawers are filled with more fruits and vegetables than ever before! Con's: It would've been great to see more recipes in the back instead of eating the same recipe for 30 days. In the beginning the author did say not to eat potatoes or corn, but in the food lists of things to buy, potatoes and corn were on there. That was a bit confusing. Also, giving other options instead of juicing every day for lunch or snack would have been helpful as many people work and do not have access to juicing devices during the day. Recommendation: If you're looking for a jump-start in feeling better inside and out, this is a great tool to use to help you with refocusing your mind, spirit and what you put in your body. Chosen Books sent me this complimentary copy to review for them. Opinions expressed are my own.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is not a book on weight loss, yet I lost 16 pounds! I have tried to lose weight for many years, yet failed. This past New Year's Day I set my mind to get healthy, not because I wanted to look skinny, but because I wanted to be healthy. I started reading this book for the spirit, mind and body emphasis... getting my whole self healthy. Wow have I surprised myself! I have completed my 30 Day Detox, and am now on Day: Life! Through the 3o days of devotions and prayer time I feel I have become more positive, and generally happier. I ordered the book for a friend, and am going to reread the book with her. The meal plans are easy to follow, grocery lists are even included in each section, and I have enjoyed learning how certain colors/fruits & vegetables effect certain body organs and systems. As an added bonus my heartburn has disappeared and I am learning how to be a healthy person inside and out!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
My husband and I just completed the The 30-Day Faith Detox by Laura Harris Smith. I would highly recommend this easy-to-follow plan for anyone who is interested in feeling better physically, mentally, and or spiritually. While I have read many books on nutrition and faith, this is the most concise and comprehensive book I’ve read on the two. Laura speaks on these things in a harmonious, personal, and practical manner—and in fact, she supports, prays for, and encourages you along the way via email and specially designated Facebook support groups! She has also made a series of motivational videos that are available free of charge—that show you how to make some of the recipes—and more importantly, motivate you to keep going because she’s literally journeying right along with you—from her own kitchen! I watched my (previously bread, sugar, dairy loving) husband lose 23lbs in the last 30 days AND get excited about maintaining a lifestyle of healthy eating!!! I was able to give up my daily coffee habit, and more than survive—but THRIVE! This process also got me cooking outside of the box and pushed me to creatively explore with some fruits and veggies I had previously never given the time of day! We have three little kids, seven and under, and even they were excited to try our smoothies and freshly made juices! The best (and most practical part) about all of this, is that Laura is not out to profit here. There are no mysterious products or ingredients you are required to buy in order to live this way for life. All items come from your own kitchen and grocery stores in your area. She basically provides the framework for God-ordained, healthy eating—that you can live out as long as you choose. And better yet, she speaks from personal experience with this plan and how it all started by producing change in her own life. In addition to the amazing physical results, I gleaned much from the spiritual toxins that are addressed in this scripture-packed book. Laura does a nice job of addressing issues we’ve all dealt with or will deal with in life—and shows us how to be free of these things through the lens of Biblical truth. Each section is also filled with prayers that we can personalize and speak directly to the heart of the Father concerning these issues. It is His desire to see us set free—because He already paid the price for our freedom! This book is a catalyst in helping us see that—in relation to the very tangible aspects of everyday life. If you want to press the RESET button on your body, mind, and spirit—then I implore you to order this book now and get started! You will be so glad that you did! Bless you as you journey! ~Susan
4aussiegirl More than 1 year ago
The 30-Day Faith Detox Renew Your Mind, Cleanse Your Body, Heal Your Spirit By: Laura Harris Smith I love the fact she has scripture throughout this book. Psalms has always been my favorite I guess it’s because I love Psalms 23 A Psalm of David. This book goes in order of cleansing your body and she wants you to stay in the order she has it set up. The foods she has suggested and no cheating and no eating sweets for it to work. You’ll have to set aside a month that you are not busy or have a lot of Birthday’s etc. unless you can resist the sweets of delicious cakes and set them aside and not eat them. The Sections are as follows: 1 Faith and Physics 2. Prepare to be Amazed 3 Social Influence Toxins 4 Financial Toxins 5 Health-Related Toxins 6 Relationship Toxins 7 Purpose And Identity Toxins 8 Day 31, Recipes This is really a totally new and different way to Detox and get closer to your Lord in Prayer. I picked March to do my detox which is the month my sister and son was born. This book is full of great information and helpful foods for your life that she feels you won’t go back to the way you were eating and living before because you’ll feel so much healthier. I recommend this book highly. I received this book free from Chosen for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have expressed are entirely my own and no one else’s. 5 Stars ISBN 978-0-8007-9787-4
JCgirl More than 1 year ago
The 30-Day Faith Detox by Laura Harris Smith is based on the theme that your body is a temple to God and how you can do much more with your life if you are healthy. The first two days of the detox I could not do because of health reasons and the lack of interest in the type of ingredients. The book advised me that if I wanted a substitute opinion to contact my doctor, to me this really didn't make any sense then to read the book. I then would have to set a 30 day period to do the detox and stick to it during those days. A detox isn't what I wanted, I was hoping for a more spiritual side to renew the mind and heal the spirit. The author did provide a lot of bible verses to encourage you through the journey, but most of them seem to be over used just for the point of this book. This book gave me really no new ideas to reset your body, mind and spirit. If you are looking for a book though which is faith based while detoxing, then this is the book for you, but what I wanted and needed it wasn't the book for me.
jcallaway More than 1 year ago
Today marks day 30 of my faith detox journey. I’ve lost weight, but gained much faith. Transformed my body, mind, and spirit. The physical and spiritual changes are amazing. It feels good to be eating all healthy foods of fruits and veggies, no gluten, and using olive oil to do stir frys or instead of salad dressings doing olive oil and apple cider vinegar for salads. I did not use a microwave due to all the radiation and how it makes your living food dead. If I needed to heat up anything it was always over the stove. I changed the products I used on my skin for showering, washing my hands, and deodorant without aluminum or harmful chemicals. I didn’t use make up due to all the chemicals and toxins, but I sometimes used powder. I enjoyed the Epsom salt baths. I was getting more sleep each night and trying to aim for 8-9 hours if possible. I didn’t use any medicine either and instead food was my medicine. Those were just some of the physical changes. There were several spiritual toxins that I was able to focus upon which included social, financial, health, relationship, and identity toxins. There were so many things I learned and I will just mention the main things I learned from each section or else this will be too long. In regards to social/media toxins I deleted the facebook app off my phone to use my time with God and it doesn’t matter if people let you down in life. We are all human and remember to keep your focus on the Lord. Financially I realized I was needing to give more to God and get rid of extra stuff. In the health section I got to look at the difference of healing and miracles plus believing in God during those times of sickness. The relationship section showed me how to pray for unsaved loved ones and how to respond to others in various situations. The identity section really helped me. It made me realize I don’t have to be perfect in everyone else’s eyes. I just need to be who I am in Christ and please Him. Plus make sure that you wait on God and that He is not waiting on you. Also, we will all face persecution. I know that to be true in life and especially after doing this faith detox. I had some encouraging people and others who thought I was crazy and said you don’t need to be on a ‘diet’ or ‘lose weight’, but it was not a diet and that’s not what this was about. I want to continue eating healthy even though several think I should go back to my old habits after this faith detox is finished. Our bodies are the temple of God and I hope to keep my temple clean, pure, and holy. I can’t wait to read section 8 in the book, start day 31 tomorrow, and see what God has in store for my future.