The 30 Day Project: How Daily Dedication Can Lead To Something Amazing

The 30 Day Project: How Daily Dedication Can Lead To Something Amazing

by Christopher D Burns


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One Hour To Wealth was the first book in a series where I provide real examples of launching a business. What I've realized is that there are countless books that give instruction and advice and those books also tell you how to implement that advice. What is always, always, always missing from those books is real, tangible, examples of how implementing that advice actually works. In One Hour To Wealth I gave you a workshop section. This time I give you further evidence and numbers and then back it up with inspirational examples and proof in the 30 day project.

In The 30 Day Project, I take the advice and examples that I wrote about in One Hour To Wealth and give more statistics and analysis to help you develop your project into something better, something amazing. What I've realized is that my pitch to you is not that of a motivational speaker, or a life coach, my pitch is that I can generate ideas and actually show you the proof that tenacity and dedication can move you in the right direction.

The 30 Day Project, like One Hour To Wealth, is full of information that analyzes how I attempted to get traffic to reach potential clients. For example, there is a chapter on how much money I spent to generate traffic to ARCH; my footwear and apparel company. That chapter also shows you the increase in traffic and how I used that information to shape how I would sell a shoe that no one has really heard of. There are articles on promotion in social media. Instead of telling you simply to work every day, I tear down my own social media to see how it will affect traffic to my websites. The book also has sections of inspiration supported by my own commitment to a 30 Day Project.

I give you the tools, real tools to B.O.M.B™ and P.O.P.I.T.™

The 30 Day Project is written in 3 sections that continue the direction of One Hour To Wealth. Unlike any other person out there speaking or lecturing, I am probably the only writer you will meet who can redesign your website, help you launch a publishing company, give you direction on how to build a straight to consumer website for musicians, help you establish a sports website and camp/combine system, give you a great idea in your field, and tell you how to implement it with real evidence of how to do it.

Section 1: The Research Phase
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Is Facebook Really Good for Small Biz?
Chapter 3: That's Not What It's For
Chapter 4: Why You Shouldn't Worry
Chapter 5: Don't Be That Guy...
Chapter 6: I'm New To This
Chapter 7: PR & Marketing For The Little Guy
Chapter 8: More Marketing Advice
Chapter 9: ARCH Marketing & Sales Discussion
Chapter 10: ARCH 2 Months of Advertising
Chapter 11: The Power of a Tweet
Chapter 12: Being Ready When Your # Is Called

Section 2: Stay Motivated

Chapter 13: Working Hard Doesn't Fix Everything
Chapter 14: If You Like It, Do It
Chapter 15: The Entrepreneurial Spirit
Chapter 16: Why Most Ideas Never Happen
Chapter 17: Saying No To College: My Story
Chapter 18: Being Young is a Gift

Section 3: The 30 Day Project: My Thoughts on Business

Chapter 19: The 30 Day Project

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Publication date: 03/28/2015
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About the Author

Christopher D. Burns is the owner of ARCH (a footwear and apparel company) and CBP (a consulting firm and publishing imprint). A former college professor, high school teacher and currently a small business owner, Chris is excited about helping people to launch their own ventures and spends a lot of his time analyzing websites and helping with business plans. In his spare time he publishes music and enjoys family time above anything else.

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