The 30 Most Influential People of World War II: A Ranking

The 30 Most Influential People of World War II: A Ranking

by Alan Axelrod


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Here are the true stories of the thirty people who shaped, conducted, won, and lost the biggest, most complex, and most destructive armed conflict the world has ever known.

General Patton said, “The soldier is the army.” This book says, “People are the war.” And even World War II – a conflict of unprecedented scope, magnitude, complexity, and devastation – was the work of individual political leaders, commanders, heroes, and villains. Here are the 30 people who were at the very heart of the world’s deadliest and most consequential war, exposed, studied, and ranked according to influence by an author praised as “one of America’s great military historians.”

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Publisher: Permuted Press
Publication date: 06/05/2018
Pages: 288
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About the Author

Called “one of America’s great military historians,” Alan Axelrod is the author of more than 144 books on history, leadership, and war, including Lost Destiny: Joe Kennedy Jr. and the Doomed Mission to Save London, The Real History of World War II: A New Look at the Past, Patton’s Drive: The Making of America’s Greatest General, Bradley: A Biography, and Patton: A Biography.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Joining the Argument 7

World War II Timeline 10

1 Adolf Hitler 17

2 Winston Churchill 27

3 Hirohito 37

4 Isoroku Yamamoto 44

5 Hideki Tojo 53

6 Benito Mussolini 61

7 Joseph Stalin 71

8 Franklin Delano Roosevelt 79

9 Albert Einstein 90

10 J. Robert Oppenheimer 97

11 Harry S. Truman 104

12 Georgi Konstantinovich Zhukov 114

13 Philippe Pétain 122

14 Charles de Gaulle 131

15 Hermann Göring 140

16 Joseph Goebbels 148

17 Heinrich Himmler 156

18 Reinhard Heydrich 163

19 Dwight David Eisenhower 168

20 Douglas MacArthur 178

21 George S. Patton, Jr. 189

22 George C. Marshall 199

23 Curtis E. LeMay 207

24 Arthur "Bomber" Harris 215

25 Bernard Law Montgomery 221

26 Chester W. Nimitz 232

27 Heinz Guderian 241

28 Chiang Kai-shek 249

29 Haile Selassie 257

30 Josip Broz Tito 264

Select Bibliography 271

Acknowledgments 277

About the Author 279

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