The 305th Field Artillery in the Great War: History of the 305th Field Artillery & In France With Battery F 305th Field Artillery

The 305th Field Artillery in the Great War: History of the 305th Field Artillery & In France With Battery F 305th Field Artillery

by Charles Wadsworth Camp, Ben Jacobson


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Two accounts of American Gunners at War

Not only was the United States committed to a policy of neutrality as the Great War broke out in Europe in 1914 it was also, in any event, completely unprepared to be a participant in a global conflict. By 1917 its army consisted of only 300,000 men, it had experienced operational difficulties in its recent expedition into Mexico and had not fully grasped that its rate of growth as a nation would inevitably include it in all events on the world stage whether it wished to be included or not. The allies looked to the prodigious manufacturing capacity of the United States and its resources in manpower to break the stalemate of the war on the Western Front and so in April of 1917 it reluctantly 'threw its hat into the ring.' Those who are interested in Americans at war, the United States effort in World War 1, the history of the US Artillery arm and the first hand experiences of the US soldiers who fought in Europe in the early years of the twentieth century will find much to interest them in the pages of this book. However, while all that may be sufficient for many The 305th Field Artillery in the Great War offers more. It serves very well in its capacity as a unit history, but the author, Charles Wadsworth Camp, takes us into the heart of the unit relating anecdotes and personal accounts with humour, insightful detail and a remarkable skill in penmanship; indeed he was a noted correspondent, critic and writer in civilian life. Camp's unit seems to have been blessed with more than the usual quota of creative talent, particularly artists, and the text is liberally complemented with excellent and evocative illustrations of the 305th at war. All these considerations combined make this book a pleasure to read in every way. To complement Camp's book another, shorter, account of the 305th on campaign on the Western Front that adds context and enhances the value in this special Leonaur edition is also included. Available in softcover and hardcover with dust jacket.

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