The 50 Greatest Prehistoric Sites of the World

The 50 Greatest Prehistoric Sites of the World

by Barry Stone


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Humanity’s written history stretches back only 5,000 years, a mere blip on the timeline of our existence. If you want to know what it really means to be fully human, to see the whole story, you need to go back. Way, way back.

Prehistoric humans couldn’t write, but they were adept at telling their own stories. On every continent and outpost where they gained a foothold, they left signs for modern man to decipher.

From the Middle Bronze Age settlement of Arkaim on the Kazakh Steppes to the temples of the Olmec in Mexico; from one of the first European proto-cities at Nebelivka in Ukraine to the neolithic henges of Avebury and Stonehenge; from the dolmens of Antequera in the heart of Andalucía to the megalithic culture that thrived in isolation on Indonesia’s tiny Nias Island.

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About the Author

Barry Stone is an established travel writer and author of books on subjects ranging from religious hermits to mutinies in the age of sail and military history titles, for publishers including Hardie Grant, Allen & Unwin and HarperCollins. He is also the author of The 50 Greatest Walks of the World and The 50 Greatest Westerns in this series. He lives in Sydney, Australia.

Table of Contents

1. Halstatt – Celts (Austria) – Urnfield Culture

2. The Glauberg (Celts) - Germany

3. Beifudi – China

4. Sesklo – Greece

5. Lepenski Vir – Serbia

6. Gobekli Tepe – Turkey

7. Atapuerca – Spain UNESCO site

8. Goseck circle – Germany

9. Tollense Valley – Germany (Bronze Age battlefield)

10. Robenhausen Site – Switzerland (historic pile-dwelling settlement)

11. Vezere Valley inc Lascaux Caves – Dordogne (UNESCO) (Commarque?)

12. Gabarnmung – Australia

13. Yonagumi monument - Japan

14. Ggantija – Gozo, Malta (worlds oldest freestanding monuments)

15. Hal Saflieni Hypogeum – Malta (one of world's essential prehistoric sites)

16. Antequera Dolmens – Spain

17. Stonehenge, Avebury & Silbury – England

18. Uffington White Horse – England (oldest of its type in Britain)

19. Ban Chiang – Thailand (most important in s/e asia)

20. Catalhoyuk – Turkey (one of world's most important sites)

21. Mohenjo-daro & Harappa– Pakistan

22. Arkaim - Russia

23. El Manati – Mexico (Olmec culture)

24. Batadombalena Cave – Sri Lanka

25. Uruk – Iraq (the first city?)

26. Abri de la Madeleine – Dordogne (include Bison Licking Insect Bite)

27. Barnenez – France (one of Europe's earliest Neolithic monuments)

28. Nias Island – Indonesia (an example of a LIVING megalithic culture)

29. Nuragic towers – Sardinia (Nuragic culture)

30. Rujm el-Hiri – Israeli-occupied Golan Heights (“Wheel of Giants”)

31. Bru na Boinne - Newgrange, Knowth & Dowth – Ireland

32. Almendres Cromlech – Portugal (one of Europe's largest collections of standing stones)

33. Dolmens of North Caucasus - Russia and Georgia (unique prehistoric architecture)

34. Dolni Vestonice – Czech Republic (oldest human settlement?)

35. Varna Necropolis – Bulgaria (one of the world's key archaeological sites)

36. Nebelivka – Ukraine (major example of Trypillian culture & Europe's first proto-cities)

37. Knap of Howar – Orkney Islands (Oldest house in Europe?)

38. Heart of Neolithic Orkney – Orkney Islands

39. Mousa, Jarlshof & Old Scatness – Shetland Islands

40. Cueva de las Manos – Argentina (famous for its hand paintings)

41. Meadowcroft Rock Shelter – Pennsylvania, USA

42. Effigy Mounds – Iowa

43. Piaui – Brazil

44. Caral – Peru

45. Giants of Mont'e Prama – Italy (stunning looking heads and torsos!)

46. Alepotrypa – Greece (inspired myth of Hades? Discovered in the 1950's!)

47. Choirokoitia – Cyprus

48. Bhimbetka Petroglyphs (oldest known Prehistoric art) – India

49. Man Bac – Vietnam

50. Sarmizegetusa Regia – Romania (political centre of the Dacian culture, fought with Rome)

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