The 50-60 Something Start-up Entrepreneur: How to Quickly Start and Run a Successful Small Business

The 50-60 Something Start-up Entrepreneur: How to Quickly Start and Run a Successful Small Business

by Pamela Wigglesworth

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There is no such thing as job security. It doesn't exist anymore. The workplace has changed and is in constant flux. All over the world there is an increasing silent exodus going on within companies across multiple industries, yet there is one demographic that is being significantly impacted--the 50 to 60-year-old employee.
Companies are downsizing and making employees redundant on a regular basis and most would think, oh well, those people will just look for a new job. For someone in their thirties and forties, finding a new job might not be a big issue.
Yet, losing your job as a 50 or 60-something individual brings with it a host of major issues that can have both an immediate and long-term impact on your financial well-being and that of your immediate family.

Unemployed persons 50 years and above are likely to:

Go through a period of long-term unemployment of 36 weeks to 18 months depending on your age and the country you live in.
Experience a longer lifespan well into their 80’s, 90’s and possibly 100+ years of age.
Unwilling join the Club Sandwich generation looking after elderly parents, financially supporting and housing their own Boomerang children and grandchildren.
Be forced to tap into Social Security benefits and receive lower pay-outs due to early withdraw before the designated retirement age.
Become part of the Gig Economy with no prospect of a steady pay check or benefits.
Find yourself at risk of receiving smaller Social Security benefits due to diminishing funds which will become impacted as of 2020.
Realize that the amount of money they have in savings is not enough for them to maintain their current lifestyle into their 80’s and beyond.

If you were to lose your job today, would you find yourself experiencing one or many of the scenarios listed above? The simple truth is that you’re most likely not in a financial position to retire just now and live the lifestyle you desire for the next 30—40 years of your life.

The good news is, it’s the best time to be an entrepreneur!

By reading this book you will be given a concrete, step-by-step process that will show you exactly how to start and run your own small business using the entrepreneur path framework.
Wigglesworth has taken the guess work out of what to do, where and how to begin as an entrepreneur from product to pricing and promotion to topics on the use of technology, understanding the sales process and how to overcome overwhelm.

Inside you will learn:

Explore how to find a product or service to sell by identifying the pains, problems or needs of the market
Determine the exact target market (person) that is experiencing the pain, problem or has a need
Discover what product or service solution or system to offer based on your area of expertise or knowledge of a craft or hobby
Develop a brand perception for your product or service that draws consumers to you like honey
Review the competition’s strengths and weaknesses to establish your ideal positioning in the marketplace
How to establish your consulting fee or price structure that leads to a profitable business
Create your product or service marketing strategy using a variety of marketing tactics based on your objective, budget and timeline
Uncover the secret to save time, save money and save human resources when you embrace technology as your new best friend
Overcome being overwhelmed as a new business owner with tips, tools and techniques to support your new venture.

Join the 50—60 Something Start-up Entrepreneur revolution!

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About the Author

Pamela Wigglesworth CSP, in an author, an international marketing & entrepreneurship consultant, speaker, and the Managing Director of Experiential Hands-on Learning, a training and development company. An American who has resided in Asia for over 27 years, she works with companies across multiple industries to increase their awareness, increase leads and ultimately increase sales. Pamela helps companies to strategize, systemize and monetize their business. In addition, she works C-Suite clients to achieve High Performance Presentation Mastery. A Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), she is one of fewer than 800 Certified Speaking Professionals worldwide. The Certified Speaking Professional designation is conferred by the National Speakers Association (USA) on accomplished professional speakers who have met strict criteria. She is the author of Small Business Acceleration: Get Noticed using Facebook, LinkedIn, Email Marketing, Public Relations and Video Marketing; Public Relations: An Easy, Step-by-step Guide to Creating a Public Relations Plan and The 50-60 Something Entrepreneur: How to Quickly Start and Run a Successful Small Business. Recognizing the growing and unsettling trend of men and women in their 50’s and 60’s increasingly being pushed out of the corporate workplace at a time when finances are crucial to maintain the household expenses, medical issues and planning for longer lifespans, this led Pamela to write the book, The 50—60 Something Start-up Entrepreneur: How to Quickly Start and Run a Successful Small Business and created the online course of the same name to support entrepreneurs just starting out. She has spoken in and/or conducted seminars in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Cambodia, China, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam and the United States. Pamela was a motivational speaker at UN Humanitarian Affairs University Scholars Leadership Symposium 2013 in Manila, Philippines and in 2014 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Invited by the United States Embassy Brunei Darussalam in conjunction with the Brunei Economic Development Board, Pamela conducted a series of workshops and talks on branding and marketing. She is a member of the Global Speakers Federation and served as a past Vice President of the Asia Professional Speakers Singapore (APSS). Pamela is a founding board member of the PrimeTime Business and Professional Women’s Association in Singapore. To learn more and about Pamela Wigglesworth, visit You can also reach her by email at

Table of Contents


50–60 Something Entrepreneurs, or the New 50–60 Something Poverty Economy

The Perfect Storm on the Horizon

Unemployment's Effects on the Over-50 Individual

Implications of the Gig Economy

The Club Sandwich Generation and Boomerang Kids

The Rise in Life Expectancy

Pension Schemes and The Impending Social Security Crisis


Enter the 50–60 Something Start-up Entrepreneur Paradigm Shift

What is Entrepreneurship?

What Makes Me Qualified to Write a Book on Entrepreneurship?

Do You Have an Entrepreneur's Mindset?

Laying the Foundation For Entrepreneurship


Pain: What is the Prospect's Pain or Problem?

It All Starts with a Need

What Problem Should You Solve?


Person: Who Needs the Solution You Provide?


The Product: How Your Service Offer Relieves the Prospect’s Pain

What Kind of Lifestyle Do You Desire?

What Type of Business Do You Want?

Business Models


Perception: Creating a Brand People Want

How is Perception Created?

The Most Important Element of Brand Perception

Tap into the Senses

Maximize the Visual Elements

Typeface Tells a Story


Positioning: Position Your Brand in the Mind of the Consumer


Pricing: Establishing Prices for Your Product or Service

Avoid This Major Pitfall

Determining a Selling Price

Calculate Your Break-even Point

Pricing Strategies

How to Set Your Consulting Fee

Your Business Will Determine Fee or Product Price


Place of Distribution: How Will You Distribute Your Product or Service?


Platform: Showcasing and Promoting Your Product or Service

Marketing Objectives

Marketing Budget

Marketing Timeline

Word-of-Mouth Marketing Tactics

Offline Marketing Tactics

Online Marketing (Digital Marketing) Tactics

Video Marketing

Putting It All Together—Creating a Marketing Strategy


Suck It Up and Embrace Technology

Technology is Your Friend

Set Up a Website

Email Marketing – Utilizing an Email Service Provider

Utilize a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) System

Social Media Management Tools


You MUST Become a Salesperson

Start With a Positive Mindset

Prospecting for Business

Design Your Sales Pipeline Process


Overcoming Overwhelm

Admit How you are Feeling

Don’t Go it Alone—Get Help Through Outsourcing

Get Emotional Support




Join the 50–60 Something Entrepreneur Movement

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