The 7½ Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle

The 7½ Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle

by Stuart Turton


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ISBN-13: 9781492657965
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Publication date: 09/18/2018
Pages: 448
Sales rank: 1,462
Product dimensions: 2.40(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.50(d)

About the Author

STUART TURTON is a freelance journalist who lives in West London with his wife. Stuart is not to be trusted-in the nicest possible way. The 7½ Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle is his first novel.

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The 7? Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 45 reviews.
Anonymous 29 days ago
As a frustrated one-star review indicates, this book does require a little patience in following the amazing twists and turns of a highly unusual murder mystery. But the concept is brilliant, the writing unusually good, the story mesmerizing and the solution mind boggling. Well worth reading.
Anonymous 3 months ago
Turton's first novel is outstanding! I couldn't put this book down. Exciting, thoughtful, and original.
cloggiedownunder 4 months ago
4.5★s The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle is the first novel by British freelance travel journalist and author, Stuart Turton. When Aiden Bishop wakes, inhabiting the body of Dr Simon Bell, on the floor of the forest, he has no memory. He does not know his own name, nor that of the body he’s occupying. He has not a clue how he came to be there. And he doesn’t realise that he is destined to spend the next eight days reliving the same day, over and over, hosted in different bodies. Some will be hale and hearty; others elderly and frail, or suffering injury; some are cowards, some intelligent, some malicious, others fools. What Aiden is certain about is that Anna is in danger, if not dead: he has seen a woman flee through the wood, chased by a man, then hears a gunshot. Finding his way to a country mansion in disrepair, he learns he is a guest at Blackheath for a party celebrating the return, from Paris, of the daughter, Evelyn Hardcastle. And he is subsequently told that the only way to escape Blackheath is to discover the identity of the person who murders Evelyn at 11pm. What an interesting closed-room mystery! As Aiden cycles through his hosts, he gains a new perspective on the day’s events, and gathers clues that may help him escape. Adding an element of surprise and danger is the fact that Aiden is not the only person trying to solve this murder. And because there are so many characters, so many facets to the day, so many intrigues, so many secrets, and so many (in excess of ten) murder victims, the reader will do well to take notes. And even then, many things are not what they first appear. The plot is quite complicated, with plenty of twists and tricks and intricate details. There is quite a lot of blackmail, a 19-year-old murder not entirely solved, impersonation, and a footman who likes to use a knife on people. There is an array of interesting and sometimes quirky characters. While the jumps between days are clearly marked, the convoluted nature of events requires a good memory. The map of the house and grounds, and the character list, are essential. Original and very clever.
Bookish_Kat 7 days ago
Wow, this book was good! Based on the synopsis alone I was very intrigued... Evelyn Hardcastle will die everyday until Aiden Bishop is able to find her killer and break the cycle. Yet every time the day begins again, Aiden wakes up in the new body of one of the house guests. Groundhog Day with a murdery twist! What fun! And man was it ever fun! There was just so much going on in this story, but in a good way! Trying to figure out who killed Evelyn. Trying to figure out how it is that Aiden is tasked with figuring out the killer and how exactly he's reliving the day in a different body. The interactions between all the Aiden's in the different bodies. Trying to figure out who can be trusted. Ahh, it really was just so unique and good! Most definitely worth checking out!
Anonymous 13 days ago
Agatha Christie meets Clue meets Groundhog Day "Nothing that's happening here is inevitable, much as it may appear otherwise." Book No. 83 of the year for me was: The 7 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle by Stuart Turton reminded me of an Agatha Christie novel, the board game Clue, and the movie Grounhog's Day. The result was an incredibly unique story with an unusual premise.Evelyn Hardcastle is going to be murdered at a precise time and location. It is up to the main character, Aiden Bishop, to stop it from happening. The catch? He keeps waking up in a different person's body. He must overcome each person's weaknesses and find their strengths so that he can break free from Blackheath. This was a very interesting story. There were many dynamic and diverse characters, and the plot was a perfect detective story that left me trying to piece everything together. I enjoyed anticipating who the next "host" would be and how the main character would use the host to his advantage. Throw in wealthy people with buried secrets, money problems, and illicit affairs, and you have an overall captivating story. I only have one complaint about this book. I thought the story was a little drawn out at times, and I felt like there were some unnecessary details. However, there were enough redeeming qualities that I am giving this 4.5/ 5. "I'm saying every man is in a cage of his own making."
JCS18 13 days ago
What a brilliant and clever idea for a whodunnit! You can't skim read this, you need to follow it carefully to make an attempt at putting all the clues together. Aiden Bishop is given the task of solving a murder, which he attempts to do over a period of a week by seeing each day through the eyes of a different guest at the party at Blackheath. There is so much information and many threads to the mystery. I found it very easy to visualise Blackheath and all of the characters, particularly Ravencourt. This book keeps you guessing all the way through, just as a good whodunnit should! Highly recommend. Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for an ARC.
somebooksandramblings 14 days ago
This review is based on the first 7 chapters of this books, which are available to read at This book seems promising! I was expecting the POV to be from Evelyn but I am intrigued by Sebastian and Anna! I want to know how Sebastian woke up in the woods, who Anna is, how Anna knew he would be there using that piece of paper and that his gloves would burn! I think the "Samaritan" and the Blackheath man might be hiding something from Sebastian but I'm not sure if that is a solid theory of mine or not. I also want to know why David took Sebastian's compass. If he pointed out to Sebastian that it was his, what was the point in taking it? I am also pretty curious about the killer. Why did he point Sebastian in the direction to the house? Why is he going after Sebastian? How is Anna alive? I am excited to read the whole thing and find out. I also adore the cover, it gives off strong 1920's vibes.
HowUsefulItIs 20 days ago
I started reading The 7½ Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle on 10/2/2018 and finished it on 10/30/2018 at 1:10AM. This book is the most fantastic read! I like how unexpected the mystery reveal itself. I couldn’t guess where the story was heading. I didn’t read the synopsis so I know as much as each character until the mystery reveals bits by bits. I love every surprises until the end. I enjoy Lord Revencourt’s character a lot. He’s realistic and humorous in his state. I love this complex mystery! It’s unlike anything I have ever read before and it’s my absolute favorite. I like how brutal honest Aiden is when he analyzes how each person acts and thinks. I love having the footman’s involvement in all of this because it increases the stakes and makes this book a thrilling read. This book is told in the first person point of view following a disoriented man who found himself in the woods but couldn’t remember who he was and why he’s there. He found himself shouting for Anna even though he doesn’t know who she was. To make matters worse, he saw a woman begging for help and someone chasing after her. He hesitated and couldn’t catch up close enough to protect her when he heard the gun goes off. Then someone gave him a compass and directed him to go East. He arrived at Blackheath manor to report the murder even though he didn’t see who the killer was or knew of the victim. The person in the house told him that he’s among friends and that he’s Doctor Sebastian Bell. The Blackheath manor is open to friends and family to welcome back Evelyn Hardcastle. However, Evelyn Hardcastle thought that her parents are punishing her for the death of her brother 19 years ago where she left him at home to go horseback riding. This story takes place over 8 days. Dr. Bell found himself in an unexplainable game because now he learns that he’s only Dr. Bell for one day and he’s told to solve a crime before the eighth day is up. The 7½ Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle is very well written. I love historical fiction for the sophisticated writing and smart communication between characters. The story, to me, reads in a slow paced but only because I didn’t want to miss out on all the twists and turns. Such a clever plot and excellent bunch of characters for this unique read! The different views to the day is cool to follow. There is never a dull moment because everyday brings new adventures and deceits. The ending is an intoxicating surprise and I couldn’t have guessed it. I love the idea to this crime and punishment. This book is amazing and I highly recommend everyone to read it! I have voted this book every time someone ask what book to read on Goodreads because this book is it! Pro: page turner, suspense, mystery, adrenaline rush, twists and turns, thrill, actions & adventures, secrets & lies, Con: none I rate it 5 stars! ***Disclaimer: Many thanks to Sourcebooks for the opportunity to read and review. Please be assured that my opinions are honest. xoxo, Jasmine at for more details
myreadingchronicles 30 days ago
When I started this book I initially thought it was going to be a thriller type book but it was so much more than that. I loved collecting all the clues and guessing at the culprit. About halfway through I started getting nostalgia but I couldn't place my finger on what about the book was causing it. Until, I walked into my son's room and saw the board game Clue! This was just like Clue for me but in book form! It had all the feel of the game including characters, rooms and murder weapons! As soon as I got started with this book, I was immediately pulled into the mystery trying to solve this whodunit case. I think this book is THE perfect fall read.
jnhk 4 months ago
The 7 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle by Stuart Turton is a very captivating novel but, admittedly a little confusing at times. Still, the mix of an Agatha Christie-esque murder mystery combined with science fiction-like elements of Quantum Leap make for an enjoyable read. The author does a wonderful job bringing all the characters to life - with each character having a very distinct personality. The main character, Aiden Bishop, wakes up every day in the body of a different guest and must solve the murder of Miss Hardcastle. I know for sure that there is a map of Blackheath in the finished version of the book, but it might also be helpful to have a list to refer back to of the characters and their relationship/profession. I would recommended this novel to mystery and science fiction fans alike.
JennaBookish 4 months ago
This novel was such a mind-bending adventure! Given the premise, I was a bit concerned it would be too difficult to follow; it would certainly be easy to get lost in the constantly switching perspectives and timelines. I needn't have worried; while this isn't a "brain candy" mystery novel where you can turn your brain off and enjoy the ride, it was impressively easy to follow given the complexity. Pay close attention and you're in for a treat! Aiden is an interesting protagonist, mainly because he's a giant question mark for most of the book; he takes on aspects of the personalities of each of his "host" bodies, and he struggles to untangle his true self from each of them in the absence of his own memories. Aiden enters the story completely lost, and this makes it very easy for the reader to form as sense of kinship with him as he works through the mystery.  The atmosphere in this novel is so much fun: an old fashioned masquerade ball in a spooky, cavernous mansion. This could easily have felt overly cliche, but given the originality of the plot, I think it kept the book comfortably grounded in mystery tropes and struck just the right balance of familiar and dazzlingly new.  The 7 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle has huge crossover appeal for fans of mystery as well as sci-fi. While reading, there were moments that felt like Agatha Christie meets Black Mirror; this makes for a truly weird book that just works so well, and aren't those always the most fun? Thank you to the publisher for providing a review copy in exchange for my honest opinion.
PattySmith87 4 months ago
Thank you for Netgalley, Sourcebooks and Stuart Turton for an ARC in exchange for an honest review. My opinions are 100% my own and independent of receiving an advanced copy. Imagine being trapped in another person’s body, your memory wiped and the same day keeps repeating over and over again. That is the situation Aiden Bishop finds himself in. The only way to escape is to solve the murder of Evelyn Hardcastle. He has 8 days and 8 different “hosts” to help him. Welcome to Blackheath Estate, or should I say Hotel California. You can stay, but you can never leave. Well, you can leave, but first you have to find out who the murderer of Evelyn Hardcastle will be, seeing as she isn’t dead just yet, today. The reader is thrown into this story and kept off balance, trying to figure out this maze of events, people and places. Aiden wakes up in these different guests bodies and has to walk a fine balance of using his hosts skills to aid in his endeavour, while trying not to succumb to the darkest parts of their souls, all the while trying to hold onto the bits of his own personality and not lose himself to the host. Aiden has to be careful as there are two other also trying to escape. Can he trust them to help? Probably not, since only one can solve the mystery and be allowed to leave. What an original premise. A fresh idea that plays out into the most interesting, intricate, spooky thriller that I have read this year. This lives up to and exceeds all the hype it has received. It is multi-layered, smart, and so complex. You are glued from beginning to end. You follow each host through a roller coaster ride desperately trying to fit all the clues together, but don’t bother. You will never see the end coming. Turton does an amazing job of keeping the plot clean and tight, I can’t even imagine how hard that must have been. The characters are so well drawn, each having their distinct quirks, and all relevant to the plot. Never do you feel overwhelmed by different plot lines or lost with the amount of characters. It is seamless, from beginning to end. Very reminiscent of Agatha Christie, “Murder on The Orient Express”, with multiple characters, multiple storylines that somehow fit together. Think the character of Death in “The Book Thief”, with The Plague Doctor all-knowing and setting the rules of the world. I know people have alluded to “Groundhog Day” but it is not a true repeat of each day. First, the main character inhabits eight different hosts, so each time we repeat a day, it is a different character, with a new perspective and new personality traits. Second, the day doesn’t repeat the way it does in “Groundhog Day”. He can enter into a different host at any point during the day. Thus, it feels more like a new day each day, rather than a repeat of one day over and over. The one linking event is the death/suicide of Evelyn. There are so many interesting, thoughtful parts to this story but rather than spoil it I am trying to keep the details brief. It would take an essay to unpack what there is to talk about making this the perfect book club novel. It is such a remarkable read. I don’t think I’m doing it the proper justice here but I highly recommend it. I think it is pure genius how Truton weaves together this fantastic tale. The build up of tension and excitement meant that I couldn’t put it down until I finished it. The characters were authentic and multi-dimensional. I suspect that reading it a second and third time will only inc
NovelKim 4 months ago
I admit to being totally confused for the first little bit, so lost that I answered the first big question of “How lost do you have to be to let the devil lead you home.” Without adding any spoilers allow me to say that this was an extremely clever and well thought out plot. Even if I wanted to pick it apart and offer a petty criticism I would have to unravel myself and the time it took me to join the party and follow along. What day, what time, which host, has it happened yet or not, or just about to or can I trust you, should I, probably not, but who knows. The setting is Blackheath, a large estate surrounded by a forest. It is a lonely crumbling place with secrets, pain and malevolence. History is about to repeat itself and the loop is continuous with little chance of breaking. People are trapped in the house, wearing the bodies of guests and servants, only one will be allowed to leave. Aiden Bishop must solve the crime, unmask a murderer, look in a mirror, go mad, and maybe survive. Impossible for me to say more without giving it all away. Completely engrossing, mentally challenging and very well written. Thank you NetGally and Sourcebooks Landmark for a copy.
Anonymous 4 months ago
It Had Potential The idea for this book is really interesting but the result of it was ok. In the beginning it was good, the world building and introduction of the characters was compelling. However as I got more deep into the story, it began to seem all over the place. At least for me it was unorganized. But as I reached the end I couldn't stop reading because it suddenly engaging. My favorite part of the book were the flashbacks because that's something you barely see in books, so I thought it was very creative. I also really enjoyed the writing style. My problem with the book is that in the middle, I was getting lost. The switching between characters and points of view was easy to follow only at the end.
jdowell 4 months ago
Kudos to Stuart Turton for a mystery that is totally different and more innovative than any I have read before. There is a masquerade at a country house for Evelyn Hardcastle who has been in Paris for a long time and the family is returning to the home where, as a child, her brother was murdered 19 years ago. In kind of a Ground-Hog Day scenario, the day is repeated over and over again and Evelyn dies every day and this will repeat until her killer is identified by one of a few people who have been staged at the party. Aiden Bishop is the only character who changes bodies and becomes a different person at the party each day (or up to 24 hours per body). This is a complex mystery with a lot of unsavory characters who could have committed the murder. Even Evelyn's own mother and father are suspects. A very different mystery and I certainly couldn't solve it! I felt bad for Aiden though - it had to be very confusing for him jumping from body to body! I was astounded with the premise and thoroughly enjoyed this book. Definitely worth reading this one. Thanks to Stuart Turton and SOURCEBOOKS Landmark through Netgalley for an advance copy.
Anonymous 5 months ago
This book is unlike anything I've read before, and it's great! Evelyn Hardcastle must die over and over as you relive her last day of life over and over until you solve her murder. You have 8 chances, as 8 different characters. This book is an escape room in book form.
TheBookCoverGirl 5 months ago
Well, that certainly was different. Different, addicting, creative, and oh, so good! I don't read many mysteries. It's simply not my genre of choice, but once I read the synopsis to this book I knew that I had to give it a shot, and thank God that I did. This book took me on a ride and even now I cannot wrap my mind around how good it was! I obviously loved the premise, but that's not all! The writing was also fluid and beautiful, making the story easy to follow through its complex plot. The charcters were all interesting and unique. Also, the clues were clever and just so wonderfully laid out. The surprises just kept coming with this one and I loved every second of it. My one complaint, because obviously, I have to complain about something, is that there were moments where the plot seemed to slow down a lot. I personally don't really mind slow books so long as they entertain me, but there definitely were moments when I wished it would just pick up. Overall, I greatly enjoyed this one and definitely recommend to any mystery/ thriller fans! This is definitely one of the more brilliantly plotted and well-written novels I've read in a while!
CaptainsQuarters 5 months ago
Ahoy there mateys! I have been avenged and vindicated! I finally, finally got me grubby mitts on this here correct book! For those new to me crew, a while back I suffered immense confusion and shock when I picked up a book expecting to find a time-travel fantasy and there was no time travel to be had. What I had meant to read was this book, called the seven deaths of evelyn hardcastle. What I got instead was a book called the seven husbands of evelyn hugo - a wonderful historical fiction about the golden age of Hollywood with a LGBT twist! Similar titles hence the confusion. Side note: Liz Laurin on Goodreads asked the author "Always been curious since I love both books, is the name any sort of homage to The Seven Hsubands of Evelyn Hugo, or just a weird coincidence? There wouldn't seem to be any sort of connection as they are very different books, but I LOVE both." His glorious response, "Complete coincidence - that's why we had to change the US title to 7 1/2 Deaths." Ha! While I was delighted by the mischance, I did want to read the correct book. It was described to me as Agatha Christie meets Groundhog's Day. Fun stuff! And goodness did this yarn deliver. The main premise is that a man named Aiden Bishop has been doomed to repeat the same day over and over - the day that Evelyn Hardcastle is murdered at a gala party thrown by her parents. The only way he can escape this dastardly day is if he can solve who murdered Evelyn and how. But after hundreds of repeats of the day in question, is Aiden really any closer to discovering who-dun-it? Basically this work be a genius of craft and cunning. The complexities were many and the puzzles fascinating. And I loved it. I am in awe of the planning and vision of this work. Me noggin spun pleasantly in possibilities while readin' it and spun satisfactorily in circles upon finishing it. It is a book that deserves a second readin' now that the puzzle pieces have been revealed to me. Because now that I can see the pieces, I want to take another look at how the parts interlocked from the beginning. I will certainly be readin' Mr. Turton's next book. I still recommend that the crew reads about evelyn hugo. But I also recommend that me crew picks this one about evelyn hardcastle up too! Savvy?
Bookswithjams 5 months ago
This was one heck of a mystery ride that I did not want to get off of. But please note, this is not a book to breeze through, you must pay attention. I had to also stop trying to figure it out, because that was distracting me as well. Aiden Bishop has to solve a murder, and has only the 7 days leading up to the 8th day, when the actual murder takes place, to do so. He lives each day over and over until the 8th day in the body of a different ‘host’, which is a person close to the victim in some way. Confused yet? Intrigued? Smh? Oh, I should also mention there are others like Aiden and a footman trying to kill him. You know, just to add to all of it in case you thought you had it straight. Like I said, you have to focus because this is an intricate, complex story, but it was so well thought out, and unique, and interesting, and it honestly blew my mind. The ending was not what I expected, I didn’t know whom to trust, how this would end, but it was so very good. I loved how it had the feel of a classic mystery, and the comparisons to Agatha Christie are spot on. The twist though of repeating everything daily but learning more and more as you go gives the narrative a fresh update and is just clever. It is because of this I absolutely recommend, it is great for a rainy day read for sure. Thanks to NetGalley for an electronic copy to review, all opinions above are my own.
IanG 5 months ago
As with every other annoying reviewer under this title, I want you to fly in blind, so I won't tell you much. What I will tell you is you won't put this book down. This book used up my entire weekend in a way that should be outlawed as it now means my Sunday and Monday nights will be late. If you love The Prisoner of Azkaban or Eoin Colfer's The Wish List and the movies Vantage Point, Edge of Tomorrow or The Illusionist, this is the book for you.
bookscoffeeandrepeat 5 months ago
3.75/5 This is actually impressive for a debut novel! A long and twisty sci-fi (or fantasy) thriller mystery that kept me at the edge of my seat. And while the ending felt kind of uneventful, I thought the journey to that ending had been worth the read. There really is more to the story and the blurb doesn't do this book any justice! Long, winding, and tiring, I kept on reading. Everything connects with each other and if you take good notes, you might just be in awe. It was well thought out and fortunately enough, I still remembered some bits while getting through this novel especially when I had this long hiatus before I got to the end of the story. Unfortunately, the problem was the slow pacing. And since this was more of a plot driven story as opposed to a character driven story, it might just lead people to DNF the novel. I thought a character driven story would've been more interesting but at the same time, since the main character inhabits a different host (body), it could be messy. I mean, the main character does undergo a character development since he was introspective but the reader doesn't know anything about the main character (for the most part) except his name. Although, the character development would make sense near the end of the novel. I thought the slow intricate plot and the fact that the reader doesn't know anything about Aiden Bishop (the mc) might turn some people off from reading the rest of the story. Unless of course, if the reader is still interested in finding out Evelyn's killer. Now it took me a while to get into the story but eventually I couldn't put it down. I really liked this book. The writing was brilliant (albeit wordy) because it was atmospheric and elegant. It definitely suited Aiden's pov. I was in the mindset of trying to solve the murder through Aiden's eyes. I was truly nervous for Aiden which means I was invested in this story. However, this book is not without flaws. I don't know if I just didn't take good notes or if I wasn't entirely paying attention but I did have some unanswered questions that can potentially be plot holes. For instance, the reader never will know the back story of the other players in this book. Additionally, who was the plague doctor working for (as well as Silver Tear)? Who were their superiors? Is this a time-travel novel or the after life? What the hell is this novel? If you like weird books, I highly recommend this one.
4840318 5 months ago
5 stars Mind. Blown. What did I just read??? I have had this book on my shelf for quite some time, patiently waiting until September when I could read and review it. When I first saw it, I knew I had to have it and let me tell you, the wait was worth it. I don’t even know where to begin or what to say because… Holy Mother of all mind melty, time twisty books. Not since Blake Crouch’s Dark Matter have I been so blown away by a reveal. I don’t want to go into any details, because seriously, they are best left unsaid. But let me tell you what you should know: 1- You should read this book. Period. 2- The beginning starts a little slow and you really don’t know what in the world is going on. Stick with it. It gets explained soon enough 3- It is not as confusing as I thought it might be. Based on other reviews I have read, I thought I would have a hard time following, but I didn’t. The author does a really good job of making sure you know the “rules” and what day it is and who the host is. That’s it! I am not going to say anymore because I want you to fully experience Evelyn Hardcastle’s death in the same manner that I did. Blind. One final word. This is not an “easy” read. You have to pay attention; the details matter. But it is a fast read. You will want to rip through the pages because you will need to know what happens next. Don’t start this book until you are good and ready to give it your undivided attention. Believe me, once you start, you won’t want to stop. Thank you to Sourcebooks for my copy of this book via Edelweiss
thereadingchick 5 months ago
You are dropped into the body of a series of seven strangers and told that unless you solve the mystery of who killed Evelyn Hardcastle, you are doomed to relive this day, in these bodies, over and over until you or someone else answers that question. Interesting premise, right? As our hero inhabits each person we learn a little bit more about him, as well as the person he’s inhabiting and how all of the people in this book are connected. It’s a mystery within a mystery and whether our main character solves this mystery or loses his memories to start anew again keeps me reading until the end! The first couple of characters our hero inhabits and the people he comes in contact with are really interesting. It took me a little while to catch on to what kind of mystery I was reading, but once I realized that every person was a clue, I started to pay more attention to the details of what was not only going on with our hero, but also the other characters in the book. As each person goes to sleep, he pops into another person starting another day seeing through their eyes. I thought one of the most interesting bits about how this mystery played out was that our hero had to dominate the personality of each person he inhabited. Over time, it became easier for the other personality to overcome him making his job of using that character to move forward to solve the mystery more challenging. As the day wore on and the approach of Evelyn’s death was closer, the characters became more demonic and terrifying in personality. This was a very well thought out mystery! How did the author keep track of all of these characters timelines, intertwine them and still make it all cohesive? Truly, the skill involved was pretty amazing. I will admit a couple of the characters were duds for me, and I sped through their scenes a little quicker than I’d normally like in a mystery novel, I usually savor the details. However, the resolution of this mystery was satisfying, fascinating, and felt true to the characters I’d just spent days reading and getting to know. I’m willing to forgive a little slowness in the middle for that feeling of satisfaction and resolution at the end. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I was given an ARC of this novel through NetGalley by the publisher for their honest review, and it was honest!
Anonymous 5 months ago
Four and a half stars. What a brilliant, baffling, weird, intriguing novel. Imagine a mash-up of an English country house murder mystery set in the 1920s. But also an old murder mystery from 20 years ago. A man who has 24 hours to solve the murder but eight different bodies in which to solve the murder. A Plague Doctor, a murderous footman and different players who have their own agendas. Oh, and a houseful of the nastiest group of people you could think of: rapists; blackmailers; murderers; drug dealers; and more. Aiden Bishop first comes to awareness in the woods around Blackheath House, searching for Anna. He has no idea how he got there, who he is or who Anna is. What follows is a complex murder mystery where Aiden Bishop inhabits eight different bodies at different times during the same day, doomed to repeat the cycle over and over again until he uncovers who killed Evelyn Hardcastle, the daughter of his hosts. At first I found this heavy going, heck I downloaded this book five months ago, started it and put it aside. But I hate to leave a book that I have been given to review so I started again. Soon I was part intrigued and part put-off. Then I was just intrigued. Like an onion Aiden Bishop and Anna uncover plots within plots, murderers who are not murderers, secrets from all of the guests and the servants. Aiden shifts hosts when they fall unconscious, through sleep or less gentle reasons, he then jumps into another host, including those from previous iterations, so that the narrative bounces backwards and forwards from different viewpoints and in time, watch Aiden watch himself in another body, see him influenced by the characters of the bodies he inhabits. It's dark and mysterious and utterly beguiling. I am thrilled that I kept reading. I received a free copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in return for an honest review.
JillJemmett 5 months ago
This is a unique mystery. It’s Groundhog Day meets Freaky Friday in an Agatha Christie novel. I couldn’t put this book down for hours. There were loads of twists at the beginning so I had no idea where the story was heading. I liked how the story ended. However, I didn’t like the explanation for how the main character entered the loop of living the day over and over to solve Evelyn Hardcastle’s murder. I wish that background was either explored more in the story or simplified. It seemed like the start of a side story but it wasn’t detailed enough. The title is confusing I’m not sure why sometimes it is the 7 deaths and other times it’s the 7 1/2 deaths. I understand what the deaths are, but not why there are two different numbers in the titles. If anyone knows, I’d love to hear it. I loved this book! If you like a suspenseful thriller in the style of Agatha Christie, you’ll love this book. I received a copy of this book from the publisher on NetGalley.