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The 7-Step System to Building a $1,000,000 Network Marketing Dynasty: How to Achieve Financial Independence through Network Marketing

The 7-Step System to Building a $1,000,000 Network Marketing Dynasty: How to Achieve Financial Independence through Network Marketing

by Joe Rubino

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Millions of people around the world participate daily in network marketing sales. This book offers, for the first time, a step-by-step plan for building a profitable, long-lasting network marketing business. This simple, proven system—from an author who built his own million-dollar network marketing business—gives everyone in the network marketing


Millions of people around the world participate daily in network marketing sales. This book offers, for the first time, a step-by-step plan for building a profitable, long-lasting network marketing business. This simple, proven system—from an author who built his own million-dollar network marketing business—gives everyone in the network marketing industry the tools and tactics they need to succeed spectacularly. Rubino’s seven-step system covers every aspect of the network marketing business, from planning to prospecting to training, and gives you the confidence and attitude you need to make your business work and keep it profitable.

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The 7-Step System to Building a $1,000,000 Network Marketing Dynasty

By Joe Rubino

John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 0-471-70319-2

Chapter One

Step 1: Visioning-Establish Your Reasons for Joining; Create a Compelling Vision

Vision is the ability to hear music in the future. Belief is the ability to dance to it now. -Jay Davis Clarke

Most people who become involved in network marketing are initially attracted for very specific and personal reasons. Of course, one of the most common reasons involves money-and all of the wonderful things that money provides. For others, motivation may come from a desire to pursue a rewarding, fulfilling, and fun occupation. Others may be attracted to the time and personal freedom that this business can offer. Others still may want to become associated with a supportive team who contribute to the lives of others with either extraordinary products or a potentially life-changing income opportunity. Let's examine several of the different areas of motivation first as they apply to you and then as they relate to creating rich value for your prospects.


Perhaps you were initially attracted to network marketing because you saw it as a way to generate a supplemental income stream. Maybe you had a desire to make life a bit easier for yourself and your family by earning an extra few hundred or a few thousand dollars more each month. Maybe you were attracted to the possibility that this business offered a vehicleto earn at least enough for a new car or home payment. Possibly, your intention was to replace your full-time earned income with a residual income that would free you up to pursue other interests and passions.

No matter what your motivation, it will support you to clarify exactly what you hope to attain from your network marketing efforts. Doing so will both allow you to determine the amount of monthly income that would make your efforts in this business worthwhile and serve as the motivation for doing what oftentimes may be inconvenient or uncomfortable. Your ability to gain clarity regarding what motivates you will be the first step in formulating a detailed plan to achieve the level of income that will make the attainment of your goals and dreams possible. For example, if your goal is to earn a royalty income of $10,000 per month within a few years' time, your action plan will need to be considerably more rigorous than if your goal is to cover a monthly car payment.

Oftentimes, those first introduced to network marketing may know that they want to earn a specific amount of money but will not have sufficient clarity regarding for what purpose they will use the money. It is important not only to know how much income you intend to generate but also why you want the income. Money alone is usually not a sufficient motivator to encourage the sort of consistent and persistent daily action required to build a network marketing dynasty. If you are not clear about why you are doing this business, consider the following possibilities as if money were no object:

* Would you continue to work at your present occupation? Would you retire early or cut back on your work schedule?

* Would you continue to live in your current home and neighborhood? If you'd buy a new house, what would it be like and where would it be located?

* Would you drive a different car and have any new toys?

* How would your family make use of a sizeable recurring income?

* Would you put your children or grandchildren through school?

* Would you pay off all debt and revel in the freedom of being debt-free?

* Would you invest in real estate, stocks, or other investments?

* Would you travel and explore? If so, where?

* Would you go on an extended shopping spree? For what items?

* Would you donate your money or time to a special project or charity?

* Would you pursue any passions or hobbies? Would you take lessons in a craft or sport or develop a new skill?

* Would you develop a secure retirement fund?

* Would you return to school to finish your education or pursue an interest?

* Would you use your network marketing business and the opportunities it provides to take on a personal development program?

* Would you step into leadership in your company, church, or community?

* Would you partner with friends and family to create a fun and rewarding lifestyle?

* Would you free up your time to coach youth sports or do volunteer work?

* Would you use your free time to undertake programs to increase your self-esteem and personal confidence level?

In planning how you will impact your world with your network marketing opportunity, you are limited only by your imagination and creativity. As strange as it may seem, some fear the creation of wealth, thinking it will lead to temptation and corruption. How often have you heard it expressed that money is the root of all evil? Money, in and of itself, is neither good nor evil. It is how we decide to utilize our wealth that determines its character. If you may have feared creating wealth for a similar reason, just ponder how much good you could do to ease some of the world's suffering or how you might provide opportunity for those in need with the wealth you could create using network marketing as your vehicle.

Take a few minutes now and identify what you will be achieving with regard to income and identify your reasons for becoming involved in network marketing. Do not allow yourself to be hindered by self-doubt, a lack of belief or clarity in how you will achieve your desired level of income. I discuss in great detail how to create an action plan that will support your own particular goals and dreams, but before reading on, please answer the following questions:

* If you were to look back upon this day four years from now, how much monthly income would your business need to generate for you to consider your involvement in network marketing one of the best things you have ever done?

* What are your top 10 reasons for becoming involved in network marketing?

1. ___________________________________________

2. ___________________________________________

3. ___________________________________________

4. ___________________________________________

5. ___________________________________________

6. ___________________________________________

7. ___________________________________________

8. ___________________________________________

9. ___________________________________________

10. ___________________________________________

Create a Compelling Vision

Now that you have identified your top reasons for building a business, it's time to transform these motives into a vibrant, passionate vision that will inspire you and those with whom you'll share your vision. Perhaps your motivation to build a business may start out small. Maybe your reasons are conservative in nature. You may be fairly content with your current work and lifestyle. If this describes your situation, your vision will likely look a lot like an extension of your current lifestyle with some specific improvements in certain areas in which your life is not working optimally. However, if you are among the more ambitious who are seeking to build a network marketing dynasty because of a desire to dramatically impact your life and what's possible by living large, your vision will bear little resemblance to a life marked by the typical daily grind that most others are wrapped up in, with all the suffering, struggle, or lack that limits what most believe is possible to attain. For this vision, I'll assume that your motivation stems from a desire to have it all-a thriving network marketing business that supports your dream lifestyle.

Pretend for a moment that a genie has appeared before you. This genie possesses a magic wand that you can wave over your life, allowing you to transform your current existence into a life of choice. The power of this magic wand can touch every aspect of your life. It can create wealth and abundance in your world for you and for those you love. This abundance will allow you to live in choice, no longer needing to suffer because of a lack of material needs. Your decisions about what you'll have in terms of cars, homes, and other material possessions need no longer be limited because of money.

Moreover, this magic will impact your life well beyond money and material goods. It will influence what you do. Your days will be characterized by a newfound freedom that will allow you to do what you want, when you want to do it. Your typical day at work will take on a whole new empowered energy. You'll be living and working in choice-not because you have to do so. You'll no longer have to answer to the demands of a demeaning boss or deal with difficult employees, peers, or subordinates. Nor will you need to fight rush hour traffic or punch that time clock that used to track the pennies you earned, making someone else wealthy. The stresses of working for someone else will evaporate into the contentment that comes from knowing that your efforts are being truly rewarded. You'll now have the vehicle to earn what you're really worth.

Think for a moment about how you will spend your dramatically increased amount of free time. What will a typical day at play look like for you? You'll be able to do all those things you didn't have the time or money to do before. Will that be a favorite sport or hobby? Maybe it will mean more fun time with family and friends. Remember, the genie has put no limitations on what you can do, so why would you continue to do anything that doesn't honor your values or provide you with fulfillment and happiness?

Think about the legacy you can leave on this planet if you have the time and income to contribute to others. How would you contribute and to whom? Would your generosity extend beyond family to friends in need? Would you adopt a philanthropic mission? What would give you such fulfillment that you could spend the next 100 years contributing to this cause? All this will become part of your vision.

Finally, in addition to all the money, material possessions, and time freedom to do all those great things you've always wanted to pursue, you'll now have the luxury to work on yourself. With the need to chase a daily earned income in your past, thanks to the consistent flow of residual income coming into your mailbox each month, you can now focus on the challenge of personal development, if you so desire. You can create a plan to expand who you are, develop those qualities you wish others to know you by, and break through any limitations that have come in the way of achieving happiness and personal fulfillment. Later in this book we speak about personal growth strategies you may want to take on. For now, think about who you will decide to be and the qualities you'll embody that others will recognize in you. Will you be known for your charisma and contribution? Will others see you as an inspiration for what's possible to accomplish in life? Will you be known for authenticity and compassion? Perhaps your life will be all about fun, adventure, and the courage to live passionately and without limitations. For what qualities would you like your children and others you respect to know you? These traits will all be part of the reinvented person and lifestyle you'll clarify in your vision.

A vision that inspires you to breakthrough accomplishment must honor your most important values. These values make up the core of who we are.

Which are your most important values?

Love Security Fun Recognition Happiness Family Compassion Humor Contribution Acceptance Adventure Appreciation Beauty Order Freedom Spirituality Creativity Harmony Peace Safety Belonging Joy Communication Intimacy

They demand to be honored. If they are violated, you'll likely become angry, withdrawn, and noncommunicative. As you craft your vision, make sure you design all areas of your life in choice. There need not be any shoulds that result in pain, struggle, and resentment. As the master architect of your future, you can make everything a reflection of your commitment to live responsibly. Taking responsibility for what manifests itself around you means ensuring all aspects of your life work optimally including the quality of your relationships, your health and physical condition, your wealth and financial security, your happiness, the pursuit of your recreations, hobbies, and passions, and your personal and spiritual development. Who says you can't have it all? It's about time you decided to stop settling for less than you deserve!

Vivid Visions Fuel Self-Motivation

Before you take some time to put your own idealized vision down on paper, let's look a bit deeper at some of the reasons for creating a detailed written vision. Ever cry or scream when watching a movie? We know it's just a movie with actors pretending to step into the roles of their characters. But we cry or become afraid anyway. Now close your eyes. Picture someone running his long pointy fingernails down a black chalkboard. Does this visualization cause a shiver to run down your spine? Perhaps you felt the tingles just by envisioning the scene. The reason for these seemingly illogical responses is that the mind cannot tell the difference between events that are real and those that are vividly imagined. If we can create a vivid mental picture of how our reality will look, sound, smell, and feel, our mind will support us in experiencing it as though it were actually real.

Once we create the vivid mental picture of the life we desire, we can then deliberately reinforce these images into our consciousness by daily repetition. By reading our ideal vision daily (once upon rising and once at bedtime is best), it eventually becomes part of our consciousness. The more familiar it becomes, the greater will be our belief in its ultimate realization. Before long, what was once a foreign and difficult concept to grasp will soon become an expectation of what our future will resemble. When such a future appears to be inevitable, we will find ourselves acting in ways that are consistent with its actually happening. The more we can condition our mind to expect such an outcome, the more motivation we will generate to fuel its fulfillment. Do not be limited by thoughts that the vision of your ideal world may be unrealistic and beyond your grasp. The more familiar you become with the concepts presented in your vision statement, the more self-motivated you will become to take the actions necessary to attain your ideals.

The opposite effect holds true as well. If we worry or envision a future that is worse than our current reality, this expectation will result in the creation of self-sabotage. When we see ourselves failing, we create the expectation of failure. Our mind says, "Okay, we're going to fail anyway, so why should we work so hard and do these inconvenient and uncomfortable actions (like prospect friends, family, and strangers) when our efforts are likely to be futile?" We justify behaviors that are inconsistent with success and then get to be right about our expectation of failing after all! Self-sabotage can take many forms. Perhaps it will show up as inconsistency in our prospecting actions, working only when we feel like it. Maybe we will fail to follow up with our prospects because we tell ourselves that they are probably not interested anyway. With an expectation of failure, our conversations will also likely lack the enthusiasm, belief, and value critical in the art of enrollment. We expect to fail and fail we do! Then we make excuses for this outcome, often blaming network marketing itself, our company, our upline support team, or any other convenient victim for our own missing belief and lack of action.


Excerpted from The 7-Step System to Building a $1,000,000 Network Marketing Dynasty by Joe Rubino Excerpted by permission.
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Meet the Author

Dr. JOE RUBINO is an internationally acclaimed network marketing and personal development trainer, success coach, and bestselling author of six books. He regularly leads courses and gives presentations on leadership development, communication skills, network marketing, and team building. He built his own network marketing dynasty, which continues to grow.

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