The 7 Steps to Emergency Preparedness for Families: A Practical and Easy-To-Follow Guide to Prepare for any Disaster

The 7 Steps to Emergency Preparedness for Families: A Practical and Easy-To-Follow Guide to Prepare for any Disaster

by Kim Fournier


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In this ground-breaking new book, nationally respected disaster specialist Kim Fournier simplifies emergency preparation. With over 30 years’ experience, Fournier has developed a must-have tool for those who want to prepare and protect their family and home from any type of disaster, and gain the peace of mind that comes with being truly prepared.

This book is a practical, easy-to-follow, and comprehensive action guide that combines the latest research, science-based evidence, and practical lessons learned from past disasters, as well as over 30 years’ of experience in disaster management, public health, and survival techniques. Once you have completed the 7 Steps, you’ll be ready for any disaster!

You will learn these important skills and more:

  • Communicate and reunite with your family after a disaster.
  • Safely shelter in your home and evacuate.
  • Assemble essential items for your family's needs.
  • Prepare your family home for any type of disaster.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780995036000
Publisher: Kim Fournier Consulting Corporation
Publication date: 12/03/2016
Pages: 130
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.28(d)

About the Author

Spending thirty-plus years in disaster management has given Kim the expertise in how to prepare in the event of a disaster. Drawing from her experience serving with the Canadian Forces and many years with community outreach, public health & education, emergency response and humanitarian operations, Kim takes theguessworkout of preparation and dealing with this stressful topic.

Well known for her practical, comprehensive, and compassionate approach, Kim feels privileged about helping families prepare for disasters, contributing her diverse skills and knowledge to improve disaster resilience and self-reliance for this generation and the ones to come.

Kim holds aMaster of Arts in Disaster and Emergency Management andhas been awarded several medals honoring her missions, accomplishments, and dedication for her service with the Canadian Forces.

Kim currently lives in Victoria, BC, Canada where her firmKim Fournier ConsultingCorporation works with governments,businesses,and families.

Table of Contents

Preface Part I: Get Ready Step 1: Safeguard Important Documents Step 2: Create a Communication and Reunion Plan Step 3: Create a Shelter and Evacuation Plan Shelter In Place Evacuate Step 4: Assemble Emergency Supplies Emergency Supplies Grab-and-Go Bag Disaster Supplies for the House Food and Water Work, School, and Vehicle Kits Preparing Your Pet for a Disaster Step 5: Prepare the House General House Preparation Guidelines Utilities Multi-Residential Complexes Annual Maintenance Part II: Respond Step 6: Respond to a Disaster Shelter in Place or Evacuate Shelter in Place Evacuate Safely Living in a Mass Care Shelter Stay Informed During a Disaster Power Outages Response Actions for Unique Hazards Part III: Return Home Safely General Considerations Flood Safety and Clean Up Summary Additional Information Disaster 101 The Disaster Management Process Common Hazards Hygiene and Sanitation Basic Practices Handling Garbage and Other Waste Hygiene and Sanitation Checklist Collecting Water from Your Hot Water Tank Collecting and Disinfecting Water Disinfection Methods Filtration Methods Sedimentation Distillation Collecting and Treating Water from Alternate Sources Disaster Mental Wellness Psychosocial Responses to Disasters Reducing the Emotional Effects of a Disaster Special Needs Planning for Specific Requirements Disaster Insurance General Insurance Tips Insurance Checklist Shopping List Acknowledgements About the Author Products and Services

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