The ABCs of Safe Flying

The ABCs of Safe Flying

by David A. Frazier


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The ABCs of Safe Flying by David A. Frazier

Clearly written and logically presented,this newly revised bestseller takes pilots through a detailed,often humorous course in the essentials of safe flying,and covers everything from mastering maneuvers and GPS Navigaition to preflight checks.

Learn and maintain the life-saving basics of safe flying. "The student could learn from this book. "—Stephen Blucher,Colorado CAP Flyer. This best-selling book is a humorous,yet hard-nosed guide to the essentials of safe flying. A cornerstone of the Practical Flying Series,it's no ordinary dry instruction manual—it's highly readable,and abounds with real-life incidents from the NTSB archives. Author David Frazier,a crack pilot and flight instructor,shows clearly how every pilot can eliminate most of the causes of aviation accidents by having the right Attitude. . . using proven Basic techniques. . . and Communicating effectively: the ABCs of safe flying. He covers: total preflight check (pilot,too!); mastering maneuvers; ground track procedures; GPS navigation; multiengine flight; federal airspace system; emergency procedures; and a great deal more. This Fourth Edition is up-to-the-minute with new and updated information,new illustrations,a new chapter on multiengine flight,and updated federal regulations and policies. Flight safety and pilot preparedness are inseparable. With the wise and canny Frazier as a guide,both novice and seasoned professional can sharpen their competence,establish and reinforce safe habits,and maintain the professional attitude that ensure safe nights.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780830620890
Publisher: McGraw-Hill School Education Group
Publication date: 06/19/1991
Series: Tab Practical Flying Series
Pages: 159
Product dimensions: 7.30(w) x 9.23(h) x 0.51(d)

Table of Contents

The Total Preflight.
Mastering the Maneuvers.
Ground Track Procedures.
Takeoffs and Landings.
Advanced Maneuvers.
Cross-Country Flights.
Federal Airspace System.
Emergency Procedures.
Multilengine Flight.
Federal Aviation Regulations (Changes To).
Aviation Careers.

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