The ABCs of the UCC: Article 7: Documents of Title

The ABCs of the UCC: Article 7: Documents of Title

by Linda J. Rusch

Paperback(Revised Edition)

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ISBN-13: 9781627225458
Publisher: American Bar Association
Publication date: 01/07/2015
Series: ABCs of the UCC Series
Edition description: Revised Edition
Pages: 69
Product dimensions: 5.20(w) x 8.20(h) x 0.30(d)

About the Author

Linda J. Rusch is a retired professor of law as of August 2012 and resides in Seattle, WA. At Gonzaga University, she was the inaugural holder of the Frederick N. and Barbara T. Curley Professor in Commercial Law from 2005-2010. She was also a co-director of the Law School’s Commercial Law Center.

Table of Contents

Foreword v

Preface ix

Chapter 1 Introduction 1

A History of Article 7 1

B Other Law 3

C Scope of Article 7 4

1 Documents of Title in General 5

2 Warehouse Receipts and Bills of Lading 7

3 Bailees and Bailors 9

4 Goods 10

D Functions and Uses of Documents of Title 10

Chapter 2 The Bailor and Bailee Relationship 13

A Bailment 13

B Liability for Non-Receipt or Misdescription 14

C Caring for the Goods While in the Bailee's Possession 17

D The Bailee's Lien 20

1 Amount of the Bailee's Lien 21

2 Property Subject to the Bailee's Lien 22

3 Enforcement of the Bailee's Lien 24

4 Persons Subject to the Bailee's Lien 28

E Termination of the Contract for Storage 28

F The Bailee's Obligation to Deliver the Goods 31

G Alteration of the Document of Title 36

H Lost, Stolen or Destroyed Documents of Title 37

Chapter 3 Rights of Third Parties When Goods are Covered by a Document of Title 39

A Introduction 39

B Negotiation of a Negotiable Document of Title 40

C Due Negotiation of Negotiable Document of Title 43

D Rights Acquired by a Due Negotiation of a Negotiable Document of Title 44

E Rights Acquired by a Transfer of a Negotiable or Non-Negotiable Document of Title 50

R Obligations of a Person that Delivers or Negotiates a Document of Title 55

G Priority Conflicts 57

1 Bailee's Lien 57

2 Lien on the Goods Created by Judicial Process 61

3 Security Interests of an Article 9 Secured Party 62

4 Interpleader 67

Bibliography 69

About the Author 71

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