The Absolute Best 2017 SAT Math Book Your Money Can Buy: The Most Time Efficient Way to Dramatically Increase Your SAT Math Score

The Absolute Best 2017 SAT Math Book Your Money Can Buy: The Most Time Efficient Way to Dramatically Increase Your SAT Math Score

by Mr. MathMath


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So what's in this book for you? I thoroughly analyzed the official practice tests for the new SAT Math test. And I have constructed 300 problems just for you. That's the equivalent of many practice tests except this book is much better. Why? Because I show you in detail how to solve each and every problem like an expert. And I've packed the book full of content that will help you succeed. Your SAT Math score will shoot up like a rocket. What's especially interesting about the SAT Math test is that many problems appear difficult at first glance. But the test cannot have lots of difficult problems involving lots of calculations. That would be unfair because the test is timed. So easy problems are made to look difficult. So once you learn the tricks behind the difficult problems you'll see they can be solved quickly. You can easily get these problems wrong if you don't know the tricks. Or you'll waste lots of time on the test which is actually much worse. Many other problems have traps. You can avoid these traps and get the correct answers. All of a sudden difficult problems become easy to solve. And I have lots of tricks to show you in my 300 problems. If you have an upcoming SAT Math test and are running out of study time, this book is the most time efficient way to dramatically improve your SAT Math score. If you have time and want to get those extra problems correct to shoot your score upwards, this is absolutely the best book for you. To go from 600 to 700 is just answering ten more questions correctly. To go from 700 to 750 you only need four more questions right. To go from 750 to 800 you need just another four questions. So let's work together and get the job done. Warmest regards, Mr. MathMath.

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ISBN-13: 9780998596136
Publisher: Garond LLC
Publication date: 01/27/2017
Pages: 320
Product dimensions: 7.99(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.67(d)

About the Author

Mr. MathMath has a Mathematics degree from New York University. He graduated with honors from Washington Square College of Arts and Sciences. Here are some of the honorary awards granted to Mr. MathMath. Phi Beta Kappa - an award granted by America's most prestigious academic honor society. Pi Mu Epsilon - an award to recognize and promote scholarly activity in Mathematics. The Founders Day Award - NYU recognizes top ranking students with a record of exceptional achievement. As a young student, Mr. MathMath was fascinated by numbers. He spent countless hours playing with a straightedge and compass. He loved algebra and solving equations. He read about prime number mysteries. Later on, he became enamored of the beauty and power of calculus. The golden ratio is his favorite number. After college, Mr. MathMath worked on all sorts of advanced mathematical computations. Mr. MathMath sends his sincere wishes for your success.

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