The Accidental God Fallacy: A Primer on the Deception of Scientific Athiesm

The Accidental God Fallacy: A Primer on the Deception of Scientific Athiesm

by George Conrad


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Over 90% of the most brilliant scientists in America today believe in the ultimate reality of accident. They have great faith that the power of random chance and mutation has produced all the wonders of our natural universe and living world. Their religion is scientific atheism.

Wielding the power of their scientific authority, our most elite scientists proclaim that the discoveries of science 'prove' that their religious belief is the 'scientific truth' and must be taught in the science classes of our public schools. They are entitled to their religious belief, but their claim that such a belief has been proven by science is the greatest fallacy ever told.

This primer was written to enable non-scientists to explore the incredible intricacies of the natural and living world revealed through the dedicated work of our most brilliant scientists. See what the discoveries of science actually reveal and then decide for yourself the best 'truth' for ultimate reality - God or no God.

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ISBN-13: 9781439201275
Publisher: BookSurge, LLC
Publication date: 10/27/2008
Pages: 412
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About the Author

Most Americans believe in a purposeful God, yet eminent scientists believe everything in the universe is the result of chance and accident. How does one reconcile these polar opposite viewpoints? This is the riddle that led Conrad on a quest for answers. Armed only with an undergraduate degree in political science and a doctorate in law, he fashioned a course of study for himself that included the discoveries of mankind's greatest minds.

His quest provided him with an education in the actual discoveries of science as well as compelling insights that were unexpected. He then wrote The Accidental God Fallacy as a primer to enable other non-scientists to become educated in the basics of science and to gain their own personal insights regarding the best 'truth' for ultimate reality.

When not philosophically questing, Conrad enjoys fishing and boating and an occasional poker game. He and his wife, Deneise, delight in the natural beauty and serenity of their home in western Kentucky.

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