The Accidental Life Swap

The Accidental Life Swap

by Jennifer Joyce

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ISBN-13: 9780008348656
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 09/01/2019
Sold by: HarperCollins Publishers
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 384
Sales rank: 44,756
File size: 930 KB

About the Author

Samantha lives in Cheshire, England, with her lovely family and two cats who think they are dogs. A love of reading developed as a child, when she was known for reading Enid Blyton books in the bath. Having first followed other careers, such as as a fun stint working at Disneyland Paris, Samantha began writing and has sold around 100 short stories to women's magazines. Formally trained as a linguist, she has a passion for writing romantic comedy novels.

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The Accidental Life Swap 3.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
gaele 14 days ago
Rebecca has a degree in events management, but has been the general dogsbody a little bit in awe of her take no prisoners boss, who can’t even get her name right. That’s ok in Rebecca’s book though, as she’s certain to get the promotion that’s coming up – and then she can make the impression that she’d hoped for. But, being called into Vanessa’s office isn’t quite what she expected – she’s to ‘oversee’ the renovation of her boss’ country house – and Rebecca doesn’t bat an eye. She arrives – people think she’s Vanessa, she’s justifying her not correcting them by “feeling” more confident and able to act in ways that are against her nature. Of course, she’s enamored of one of the builders – and even acts inappropriately – despite her own reservations, and we’re meant to think that a ‘harmless’ shot of the man’s rear-end, shared with a friend because it’s ‘so’ shareable is ok? Were it a male character – he’d be crucified – but there is still a way to go when the reverse is true, apparently. Becca – for me – was hard to relate to and even harder to enjoy- from her mercurial switches to what she thought was “confidence’ but simply came off as a bad imitation of the much more bitchy Vanessa, to her lying about her identity and genuine belief that when everyone realizes she’s lied and duped them that it won’t be a problem. It’s just a few steps too far into suspension of belief. And while the story was easy to read, it was unevenly paced and full of contradictions in Becca’s personality that had me ready to put this down more than once. Many of the characters were stereotypical and flat for it, and while there were laughs, the story was so untethered to reality that it flew by with barely a squeak – some will love it – others won’t be so intrigued, but I’m not sure it would encourage me to read more of this author’s work. I received an eArc copy of the title from the publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.
IsabellM 2 days ago
This was a quick and easy read. I had mixed feelings about Rebecca who at times was too much of a pushover. I struggled to understand why she wanted to be like Vanessa who just came of as a rude bully who steamrolled people into doing what she wanted. I was glad when Rebecca finally stood up for herself and stopped trying to impress her boss. The romance between Rebecca and Oliver was cute as was the bonding over board games. There were some good side characters as well like Stacey and a few cliche ones as well . Overall worth a read.
Shelley-S-Reviewer 8 days ago
Oh how I loved this book. This is not my usual genre but I was pulled in by the cover (I love this new trend of cartoonish covers) and the description and was completely engrossed in the story until the very last page. I laughed out loud, I cried, and just when I thought I knew what was going to happen, the story zigs when I thought it would zag. This story has so many well written characters. This novel is why I love to read. It’s an escape. It’s like taking a much needed vacation and just relaxing with some humor. Rebecca and Oliver’s banter was hilarious. I was grinning ear to ear reading it. The characters are likable (Except Vanessa of course) and there was great chemistry between Rebecca and Oliver...they both grew as people as the story went on, especially Rebecca and I really liked that. If you want a pick-me-up...I highly recommend this book and can’t wait to read more by this author.
Amanda_Dickens 15 days ago
The was marketed to readers that love Sophie Kinsella and this did not disappoint. While some have stated that you have to suspend belief that a person really going swap lives with someone this book does a good job at making it as believable as possible. I liked how the main character grew through out the book. That growth felt very nature and not forced or instant change. The plot was easy to follow and well paced. There are several story lines that are weaved through out keeping me interested in the her entire life and not just the life swap aspect. I would highly recommend this to those that are Sophie Kinsella fans.
BooksTeacupReviews14 17 days ago
Accidental life swap was lovely countryside romance that revolved around Rebecca who accidentally got a chance to live her boss’ life. It was about believing in yourself, have confidence, stand up for yourself and don’t let others pushover you, and for that you only need inner strength and talent are always there, not a false identity. Book was beautifully narrated in meek Rebecca’s voice which was not that refreshing but definitely realistic. Writing was great, easy to read and follow with amazing setting. Picturesque countryside, Little Heaton, Vanessa’s holiday home and animal sanctuary took the center stage here. You cannot not notice quirky animals and their name in this book especially those feathery chickens and wandering donkey. I grew to love them all along with characters. When we are in countryside, how can we forget gossips and close relationship between people… and romance. There was right amount of everything friendship and betrayal, family drama, heartbreak and disappointments. Plot was equally interesting. Book started with Rebecca’s inner rant on how grimy and disrespectful her flatmate was but all in her head. She never, couldn’t confront him or anyone. You seeing that first paragraph of synopsis? It exactly describes Rebecca. She couldn’t even say no to Vanessa when she asked her to oversee her holiday home renovation in impossibly tight deadline. When she reached countryside and at Vanessa’s home, she met builders who mistaken her and thought she was Vanessa. She couldn’t rectify it quickly, in fact she enjoyed the respect she got, influence she could have on workers, and confidence she channeled through her mistaken identity but then she didn’t plan to fall for one of the builders and thus started all the mess. All characters were well developed and well described. Rebecca was timid, lacked backbone, and let everybody pushover her. I didn’t appreciate her lies. n achieving what she wanted, she hurt friends. But she developed into a confident and strong person. I’m fiery female fan and she was far from that. But I know there might be some who are like her. Let me tell you her lack of confidence didn’t make her weak, she was just nice and didn’t know how to stand up for herself. Rebecca and Oliver’s slowly growing friendship and romance was kind of cute. Who would keep playing board games rather than taking their fantasy for each other one level up! But we know them best when they played these board games, we see their other side that they managed to keep hidden from others. Rebecca’s problems with her family and Oliver’s past love life was among those hidden side. Expanding idea of animal sanctuary, unexpected visits to check the progress of refurbishment, office gossips and some disappointing news made the story interesting. Some twists in the second half, though predictable, were quiet good. I could guess what will happened next most of the time but I must say I couldn’t guess that twist in the end. Climax was intriguing. I liked Rebecca’s ideas and the way things were set up. That last visit from Vanessa and all events afterwards were wrapped nicely. End was perfect. Epilogue was most interesting. If you ignore predictability and Rebecca’s lack of confidence, which was tiny lil bit annoying in the beginning, this story is definitely fun and enjoyable. Overall, it was fun, light-hearted, fast paced and cute countryside romance. This book checked all the boxes I want in Women’s Fiction and Romance. Thumbs up!
WhisperingStories 19 days ago
Rebecca Riley is a personal assistant to Vanessa who owns an event planning business. Although Rebecca has a degree in events planning she is seen more of a dogs body sent to get the coffees and file paperwork. On the morning Rebecca was about to give Vanessa a folder full of her ideas for an upcoming event, Vanessa has something she needs her to do. She is currently having a weekend home renovated out in the countryside and needs someone onsite project managing and to make sure that the work doesn’t overrun as she has already sent out house warming invitations. Rebecca knows nothing about project managing but likes to keep Vanessa sweet so she goes. On arrival, the builders mistake her for Vanessa and Rebecca sees it as a chance to be someone different, some ballsy and confident. How long can she get away with people believing she is Vanessa and what will happen to her if the truth comes out? I just adored The Accidental Life Swap. I found a connection to it straight away as Rebecca lives and works in Manchester (my home town) and there were references to the local area. Rebecca is a lovely young woman who wants to be an events planner but has to settle for being a PA instead. She watches as other people plan events and she knows that she can do them so much better but is afraid to put herself out there. Once she arrives at Vanessa’s weekend home we see a different side to her, a more confident side. However, Vanessa has been horrible to these builders via email so not only does she have to pretend to be Vanessa she also has to try and make the builders like her. I haven’t laughed so much at a book for a long time. Jennifer Joyce’s writing is superb. It flows along nicely and has you eager for more. I didn’t want it to end and I would love to see Rebecca again in another book as she is so amazing. The book also features an animal sanctuary and plenty of animals including a donkey who prefers the grass from Vanessa’s lawn rather than her own. The Accidental Life Swap is the first book I have read by Jennifer Joyce but it won’t be the last. In fact, I have already downloaded another of her books and can’t wait to jump in.
DelightfulNarratives 21 days ago
The Accidental Life Swap turned out to be quite the charming story. Rebecca works as a PA for Vanessa Whitely of Vanessa Whitely Events. Vanessa is quite the difficult boss. She’s brash and doesn’t value her employees. Rebecca has a degree in Events Management, but Vanessa only sees her for her organizational skills and running errands. Vanessa bought a home out in a small town in the country in need of restoration. Rebecca is more of a people pleaser and not used to sticking up for herself, so when Vanessa sends her to oversee the remainder of the remodeling there is no push back. The first day on site, Rebecca is mistaken for Vanessa among the work crew. She doesn’t correct the mistake since everyone is a little intimidated by Vanessa, and thus the accidental life swap is in full swing. Rebecca is able to be more assertive by hiding behind her borrowed identity. She didn’t foresee the falsehood causing any real trouble until she falls in love with the town and it’s people. This story really was charming. The pacing was a bit slow. It took a little while to fully get into it. It felt like a lot of the story was just following Rebecca and her inner monologue. I would have liked a little more interaction and dialogue with the community. The love story was cute, but I would have liked to have seen a bit more chemistry other than them just bantering over their fiercely competitive nature when it comes to board games. Overall, if you enjoy a cute non-steamy romance then this was a good one. Thank you Netgalley and HQ digital for my review copy. All opinions are my own.
LoveLiBooks 22 days ago
Rebecca Wiley has always been a pushover - she lives with a roommate who she's afraid to confront about his disgusting habits. However, she really wants a promotion at work, so when her mean no-nonsense boss Vanessa asks her to go manage the renovation of her house for a month in the countryside, Rebecca jumps at the chance to prove her worth. While overseeing the renovation, one of the workers mistakes her for Vanessa and she decides to go along with it so she can channel her inner Vanessa to ensure the renovations get done in time. What harm could a little white lie do, right? While reading this book, I found myself skimming through a lot of it because the plot is so predictable. Most of it was just Rebecca talking to herself and trying to prove she's capable of doing bigger things. My favorite parts were of her bantering with Oliver while playing board games. The rest was just okay for me. I think if you want an easy read with a predictable plot, this is a good pick. If you want more substance, I'd pass. Thank you to Netgalley and HQ Digital for a copy of this ARC in exchange for my honest review.
KivicCT140 22 days ago
A wonderfully charming light hearted read. The Accidental Life Swap features a lovable heroine, a mistaken identity, a hot romance and ultimately a HEA. Althought the storyline was a bit predictable I still thoroughly enjoyed the book. #TheAccidentalLifeSwap #NetGalley
MKF 22 days ago
In one moment, Rebecca made herself into someone she wasn't. Yep. She was so hopeful when her hateful boss Vanessa called her in, thinking she'd gotten a promotion, but no....Vanessa wanted her to oversee the renovation of her country home in Little Heaton. Talk about off the career track! When the contractor mistook Rebecca for Vanessa, she went along and set off a whole set of changes to her own life, including a new love interest. The village is fun, there's an animal sanctuary, and new friends. Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC. This is light, fluffy, at times sort of silly but it's also a fun read that fans of old fashioned chick lit will relish.