The Accidental Socialite

The Accidental Socialite

by Stephanie Wahlstrom


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Quirky and clumsy twenty-two-year-old Paige Crawford arrives in London on a cold Saturday in January. Just when she starts to think that moving thousands of miles away from home was a bad idea, Jason Frost appears. Confident and classy, Jason is the complete opposite of Paige and just what she needs in her life, or so she thinks.

Before their romance has time to blossom, Paige trips and falls into the arms of a mysterious man on a drunken night out. She's snapped by paparazzi, and the next day newspaper headlines suggest she's having an affair with the married footballer.

While adjusting to instant tabloid celebrity status, Paige is also juggling a new job at Fashionista magazine, a catalog of dating disasters and a nagging doubt that she maybe won't conquer London after all.

When a trip back to Canada for Christmas reminds Paige why she left her old life behind, she returns to London with renewed vigor. While jobs, flats and men may come and go, friends in London are forever.

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ISBN-13: 9780615933573
Publisher: Swoon Romance
Publication date: 12/16/2013
Pages: 330
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.74(d)

About the Author

Growing up in Edmonton, Canada, a significant amount of Stephanie's time was spent making up and acting out stories. She was studying to be an actress when she realized there weren't any parts for women being written. So, Stephanie wrote herself a short screenplay just to be in it and quickly realized that writing was her true passion. She graduated from the University of Alberta with an English and Sociology degree and she also has a Bachelor of Motion Picture Arts (that's a fancy term for Film School) from Red Deer College. After a fateful trip to Mexico in 2006, Stephanie decided to move to New York City to work in film development. A year later she went back home to write My Green House, a factual TV series. Stephanie moved to London in 2008 and aside from being obsessed with Eggs Benedict, Fruit Roll Ups and travelling, she also works in Children's Television.

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The Accidental Socialite 2.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
csingh More than 1 year ago
This book is very funny and I loved it.  I love to laugh as much as I love to swoon, so I was in high heaven with this book.  Paige and I share the clumsiness trait, but so far I've never had my life turned upside down the way hers was by it.  The action started quickly and it never let up. I liked Paige.  She's vibrant and good natured.  She's trying to deal with the mess she's found herself in. People are forming opinions about her character and all she's trying to do is stay on the straight and narrow while correcting everyone's misconceptions.  I was hoping she'd find a good man while in London, but most of her dating adventures made me cringe! I had a hard time putting this book down just because I never knew what was going to happen next.  Can I just say I love her co-workers?  People like them make work fun. I'm really hoping Stephanie Wahlstrom writes a sequel to this book.  I would love to read more about Paige and her dating and non-dating adventures.  If you're in the mood for laughs, this book is for you.  I can't wait to see what Stephanie Wahlstrom has in store for us next!
Chrissy_W More than 1 year ago
DNF - 0 stars Where I stopped reading: Page 50 of 244 on my Nook. Why I stopped reading: I didn’t find it quirky, or clumsy, or even funny. The main character, Paige, was either too naive or just playing dumb. I mean, she was smart enough to get a Visa, find housing, get a flight, and make it to London. But other times she just seemed dumb. Some parts were rather raunchy, especially the scene with Holly Wood. And the paparazzi are hounding her after one picture? I don’t think so. The story as a whole just wasn’t believable or enjoyable for me. Just because I didn't finish it doesn't mean you won't. 
Lisa-Lou More than 1 year ago
My rating: 4 of 5 stars The Accidental Socialite by Stephanie Wahlstrom is a hilarious romp through the London dating scene taken via a somewhat Bridget Jones-ish route. That is to say that anything that can go wrong for Paige will go wrong, but ultimately she comes out the other end better off, somehow. A move to London from the US, knowing no-one and renting a dilapidated apartment we already know that Paige is ballsy. Dealing with the new-found fame caused my tripping into a footballers arms is the icing on the cake of disasters for paige. If you loved Bridget Jones (movie or book) and/or love floundering Americans in England type stories then you will LOVE this one too. It's funny, light-hearted, very fade-to-black with the smexy stuff, but still a great read.
ysar More than 1 year ago
Paige Crawford latches onto adventure and lets it carry her from her home in Canada to a new life in London. But while she may have acquired a fresh start, she can’t shed her clumsiness, and this time it lands her not sprawled on the pavement but splashed across the tabloids. Overnight she goes from invisible to chased by the paparazzi, getting a firsthand look at life in the limelight. The Verdict... The Accidental Socialite is part comedy of errors, part life lesson. Paige is endearingly human, from tripping right into a famous athlete to a rather embarrassing incident during yoga, and she’s just as lost in the unexpected fame as most of us would be. From the surprise of being front-page news to stumbling her way through soirees with the rich, famous, and spoiled, every scene is a new (and not always great) adventure. But while the lesson may be that living in a fame fishbowl is no picnic, the story remains a light-hearted, fun read, with lots of laugh out loud and even a few cringe-worthy moments. And between the laughs, Paige learns who she is, what’s important, and what doesn’t matter so much after all. If you’re looking for something fun and generally angst-free, pick it up. It’s a cute read that will play out in your mind like one of those movies you hit up on girls night. ***FicCentral received this book from YA Bound Book Tours for free in exchange for an honest review. Even so, we're far too opinionated to let a freebie influence our thoughts or the contents of the reviews we post here.