The Actuary

The Actuary

by K T Bowes

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The Actuary by K T Bowes

A girl on the run. Two men trained to hunt. And an innocent caught in the middle.

Emma’s stayed successfully hidden for six years because of a promise. But when she runs into the handsome Russian by accident, she senses the game will take a disturbing twist. Rohan Andreyev always knew where she was. He just didn’t want to make contact. What he sees during their chance meeting gives him a reason to track her down and what she’s hiding forces him to get involved.

Someone else is watching. Someone with their own agenda. Emma is still not safe and she doesn’t know it. Rohan’s arrival confuses her and his news causes devastation. Because the help she’s waiting for is no longer coming and she has only one thing worth losing.

Readers say, “This was hard to put down.”

If you like strong, mysterious men and plucky, female sleuths, you’ll love The Actuary.
Download it today to get hours of sneaking chapters instead of eating, sleeping or working. Lose yourself in a small English town teeming with dubious risk takers and an Irishman you’ll never forget.

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BN ID: 2940152431100
Publisher: K T Bowes
Publication date: 10/25/2015
Series: Calculated Risk
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 27,865
File size: 1 MB

About the Author

The first time K T Bowes won a writing competition she was six and the sound of the applause as she went up on stage stayed with her for at least half an hour. Then when they presented her with a Jaffa biscuit as a prize the shine wore off and she palmed it off on her baby sister after school. She wrote in her teenage years because the local paper paid money to kids for stories and she subsidised her role as sales assistant in a chip shop with her writing. Married with four children, her work history includes a variety of roles from law enforcement officer to chief pot and bottle washer in a hospital. She gained a drawer full of diplomas and certificates over the years for her numerous jobs but the most unused one was an honours degree in English. Eleven years ago after getting on a plane with a rucksack, a suitcase and a one way ticket to New Zealand with her family, K T Bowes dusted off her degree certificate and began to write again.Seven years later and she'd produced three novels which were published first on the book site which must not be named here. A few years on and she's an international best seller with nineteen books published under the Hakarimata Press label and available in most online retailers. K T Bowes is still in New Zealand and still married, but the four children she crossed the world with have all grown up and started doing incredible things of their own. Now in their twenties, they all seem to be stuck in the tertiary system as eternal students but one day they might find their way out - although they aren't currently looking for the exit. She visits them there regularly and sends food parcels and money. She used to horse ride but kept falling off and breaking bones so now stays almost safely on the treadmill - almost safely because she has fallen off that too. Her constant writing companion is a ginger cat called Nahla who sleeps in her desk drawer and follows her everywhere, begging for her picture to go on Twitter.

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The Actuary 3.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I read this book a day an a half. I enjoyed this and i thinkyou would to.
Xkoqueen More than 1 year ago
The description of The Actuary by K.T. Bowes is more intriguing than most of the book. The book starts strong, but it then gets bogged down in detail. I was expecting a story line more like the movie, The Accountant, but The Actuary reads more like a soap opera with international espionage thrown in the mix. And like a soap opera, it is addicting. Filled with unlikable characters. The only redeeming character is Anton, and he is dead from the start of the book! Nicky the six year old sometimes talks as if he is 3, sometimes like he is a 16-year-old thug, and sometimes like a 40-year-old man. Emma, for all her complaining about the evil Alanya, likes to use the threat of physical violence to settle problems. Emma is supposedly college educated, but frequently her speech (and her son’s) is like a Cockney East Ender—and one who didn’t finish school at that. She pines for Rohan but desires male attention so much that she goes on a date with a stranger, Christopher. The mysterious Harley Man, who seems to have regular interaction with 6 year-old Nicky, is a bit creepy. Emma isn’t as careful a parent as she thinks since she has no clue her son is regularly speaking to strangers. Rohan proclaims his love of Emma but strings along Felicity in a little-too-chummy “friendship”. Christopher pursues Emma even though he knows she is secretly married to Rohan. These seriously flawed characters are perfect for a soap opera style drama. The secondary characters are the most interesting in the story. From the abused Mel, to the angelic Allaine, to the neighborhood enforcer, Fat Brian these characters are interesting and make Emma a little more human and introspective. Felicity and Alanya are stereotypical evil female adversaries. Alanya is such a stereotype that she is even the “evil stepmother” to Emma’s “Cinderella”. In terms of the plot, it was a long- winded story; I felt it would benefit from more editing to tighten up the story. The meandering and random additions made the book feel unfocused at times. For example, the addition of the auction scene was cute, but irrelevant to the overall plot. It added little to nothing to the story. I loved that the author made Rohan’s situation realistic. He came back from war with a lost limb and suffering nightmares. The author respectfully treated the topic of the vet’s lost leg, and made the character into a handsome hero whose disability didn’t define him. To me, this was a highlight of the book. Another highlight of the book is the author’s respectful treatment of women trying to get out of abusive relationships and start a new life for their family. A variety of socio-economic levels are found at the school Nicky eventually attends. The development of strong female friendships was a highlight of the book (even though it was not integral to the overall plot). Overall, The Actuary by K.T. Bowles was an okay read for me. I felt compelled to finish the story even though I didn’t find the characters or the plot engaging.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A little bit boring.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great read couldn't put it down