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THE ADVENT of MODERN MAN-The Message In DNA by Everette Wampler

Description of Volume I and Volume II of THE ADVENT of MODERN MAN. Volume I is subtitled The Message In DNA. Which is discussed in a way you will not expect. This text is about Modern Man, what he can accomplish and his origin. God is discussed and his tool Nature. The tools Nature uses are Evolution and DNA. Of course Nature must have something to operate on with those tools and that is matter and biology.

I discuss many subjects. One is the Pleistocene-Holocene Transition or the warming of Earth from the last ice age. Volume I prepares the reader for Volume II in that it sets a president for thought outside the box. Both Volume I and II can stand alone. Volume I is an extraction of several chapters of the original text made necessary by the size of the subject noted as the subtitle The End of The Last Ice Age. I use an extraordinary large number of illustration in Volume II. Mainly graphs to convey the cause of Earth warming and other factors. The message in DNA is prime in Volume I as well as the creator of all of this, God. The source of all knowledge man possesses is from DNA.

Volume I is an extraction of sections several chapters from a manuscript that became 350 to 400 pages long when I started describing my research in astronomy and the end of the last ice age. So now you know the subject of Volume II “ The End of The Last Ice Age. “ This is also known as the Pleistocene-Holocene Transition or in my term the Warmup. A time when Modern Man warmed up for a far greater period of intellectual productivity Need I say more.

The message in DNA is prime, as it gives all the knowledge we currently possess. That is not the usual play on a message in DNA. I presents a plausable and credible theory of how that message(s) is being decoded, a sample of what they are and their decoding means. Some discussion is presented regarding message coding theory. I also discuss some aspects of Triple Helix DNA. Comparsions are made on certain aspects between double and triple helix DNA.

Volume II, The End of The Last Ice Age is also about Astronomy, Ice Cores, Sediment Cores, Oceans and their Levels, Snow Packs, The Drake Passage. The analysis of data which allowed me to identify the source of energy that warmed Earth during the Pleistocene-Holocene Transition. I call this the Warmup. And, this is the message in my DNA.

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About the Author

I am A Multi-Disciplinarian by nature and a Graduate Engineer, BSEE,
in Electrical Engineering. I studied electrical communication, radio,
computer and circuit design. Wireless was the the early name for radio and that has returned. But, television, radar, cell phones, home wireless networks all make use of radio frequency energy to communicate. The Message In DNA just came naturally out of this education. And, so did the belief in a God we cannot see and the source of information in DNA. I also discovered believers seeing magic in their religion. We must get rid of that. God is a God of laws, processes and order. Never magic! That's Volume I.
My major text, Volume II, deals with astronomy and the warming of Earth this last time and all previous times. I came to that study in 2008 when I saw an article in a paper discussing the demise of the Clovis People and the megafauna, the large animals living here in North America some thousands of years in the past. This led to my discovery of the energy source which warmed Earth out of ice ages.

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